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So I was stalking Henry Ian Cusick’s Twitter this morning to hunt for potential Kabby hints, LIKE YOU DO, and realized that THREE PEOPLE I FOLLOW - akachankami, nicoleclowes and brittanias - all got personal shout-outs from him about the amazing fan art they made.  So my first thought was all Proud Mama Bear, like, “AWWWW!  I KNOW THEM!  LOOK AT THOSE COOL THINGS THEY MADE THAT IAN IS TWEETING ABOUT!  SQUEEEEEE!”  And then my SECOND thought was an evil cackle about what would happen if I was like “HEY IAN, LOOK AT THE THING THAT I MADE” and it was just links to all my Kabby smut.

Where to begin….

First off, I do not post private pictures/videos/etc. of Eddie on Tumblr. Nor should you because it’s not the right thing to do. Please do not do that. Everyone is entitled to their privacy, including celebrities like Eddie Spears. Supporting him means respecting his privacy.

Second, You may ask yourself, “Do you want personal pictures/videos/etc. of you posted on Tumblr for the world to see?” –Of course you don’t.

Third, You may ask yourself, “Anything on the internet is up for grabs.” The answer is no, not everything is up for grabs. This may include pics you find on Google Images, Statigram, Lakoko, screenshots you got off of Youtube, personal Facebook profiles (that you should not be accessing in the first place)….you get the picture. These pictures do not belong to you, thus, you cannot post these.

Fourth, You may ask yourself, “It’s too confusing what/what not to post?” I, myself, was once in the same boat but here is a good rule of thumb: If it is in someone’s house/backyard, it is private. If it is a celebrity hanging out with their friends at a party, it is private. If the provenance of the picture is questionable, it is private. If a picture is on a beach, etc., it is private. If it is not a professional photo shoot quality picture, it is private. That clears it up! :-)

Fifth, this one ties into the latter one. You may ask yourself, “But the paparazzi take photos of celebrities all the time.” That may be true but celebrities are not happy about these photos. They are invasive. We live in a celebrity culture where we are thirsty to know all about celebrities because of reality t.v. and want to be reassured that they are just like us. Don’t worry. They are. We are all humans sharing this planet. We are all entitled to personal space and privacy.

To further expand on this, the influential 17th Century English philosopher, John Locke, even illustrated how essential the right of privacy is to human beings that can be applied to our daily lives. As impressed as Locke would be with the modern camera, he would not have approved of personal photos of celebrities and other citizens surfacing around the internet. Check out An Essay Concerning Human Understanding to learn more.

Sixth, If it is private, do not blog on it. It is that simple.

I think that is about it. Let’s support Eddie by upholding his rights to privacy as well as ours. I will always be a devoted follower of Mr. Spears and I am very proud of what he has accomplished. :-)

Never ever expected to be corrected by a celebrity but it happened anyway.

I replied to this tweet by Darren Hayes earlier,

I didn’t mean article really because it’s the Salvo’s official statement but it was too late when I realised.

Anyway, just got this direct reply:

I love Darren so much but right now I feel like I just got told off :\

Also, that’s the second time he’s direct replied to me. Wonder why he doesn’t just tweet me openly like everyone else? Not complaining, just curious.

C: I know the “I hate black men” thing is popular for black women to say,  but the black men on the internet are not the black men in real life. Like… y’all complain about these (non) celebrities and twitter personalities but… they’re just as fake as the others. THey post stuff for followers/attention. Like…. y’all just be odee. Black men have been trash asf to me: DL ex, MIA dad, stupid niggas who bullied me in HS/MS/elem. school, but this thing black folks do about “not supporting black men” and “boycotting/protesting”.😒😒😒😒😒  gtfo. You would do nothing and go nowhere if you ACTUALLY did that. You can’t live on IG businesses alone. Everyone doesn’t even have access or the ability to do that. Hell half of us ready to boycott and “not support black men/whoever” don’t have the access to do that. Y’all just say dumb shit to make yourself feel better. And miss me with the “lol this person is self hating, etc comments. I live in a white supremacist society. 😒 I got better things to do to survive than boycott nate parker and walmart or mcdonalds or whatever. 🙄