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Supermoon, New Mexico, by Sherman Hogue, BLM 

Woodrat Mountain, Oregon, by ‘flypfeiffer’ BLM Oregon Flickr photo group

Beck Lake Mountain Biking Area, Wyoming, photo by Nancy Patterson, BLM

Wisconsin Islands, courtesy of BLM Eastern States

St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Idaho, courtesy of BLM Idaho

External image

Pine Forest Range Wilderness, Nevada, by Bob Wick, BLM

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona, by Bob Wick, BLM

Sacramento River Bend Outstanding Natural Area, California, by Bob Wick, BLM

American Basin Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Colorado, by Bob Wick, BLM

Delta Wild and Scenic River, Alaska, by Bob Wick, BLM

Axolotl Lakes, Montana, courtesy of BLM Montana-Dakotas

Valley of the Gods Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Utah, photo by Andrea kachulus, Robert Leaver, and Bob Wick

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Here’s to 2017! Whether it’s exploring the outdoors with friends and family, or taking a moment of solitude to enjoy the silence, we wish you a year full of fun and new adventures!


#TravelTuesday to the stunning Indian Creek Canyon in Utah

Fall brings some of the best weather and temperatures to enjoy Utah’s Indian Creek Canyon.  Sandstone cliffs attract rock climbers from around the nation while visitors interested in a casual stroll can discover petroglyph panels that are in hidden locations, or found at the more obvious Newspaper Rock panel.  Visitors who enjoy connecting with nature can find several primitive campgrounds that have limited facilities but unlimited scenery.  Tall cliffs and towering red-rock formations that seemingly defy gravity surround one in all directions. They include the iconic “Sixshooters”, two buttes with tall spires that have served as must-have backdrops for countless photographs, so don’t forget to bring your cameras!

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM