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Mozu and Ryoma marriage headcanons?

  • It’s considered a scandal not just because Mozu is a peasant but because her village was claimed by both Hoshido and Nohr (being situated where it was) and so she could be Nohrian Scum 
  • While Oboro can’t be the official dresser for Mozu, she is the one Mozu goes for all advice anyway- Oboro makes sure her friend is taken care of and knocks Ryoma’s socks off at the wedding
  • The wedding is a large affair, of course, but Mozu and Ryoma have a smaller celebration with the close knit family and army (they both prefer it- but mostly it reminds Mozu of the weddings back home)
  • With their wedding they both also promise to work towards closing the gap between classes and leading towards the end of classism in general (much to the chagrin of some of the rich and elderly)
  • Their honeymoon is short but incredibly sweet

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Bolt and Himawari naturally don’t like all the negativity about their Mum, because they benefit from her knitting quite a lot! Personalised gloves, scarves and wooly hats? Yes please!
And Hinata I’m sure would teach them how to knit themselves.