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Imagine Nick’s daughter, Zara, letting it slip that he likes you

(A/N: To Anon, sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoy. Only 4k so a bit on the short side than usual but hopefully, you all still enjoy it. Had to take a half an hour break from writing though after hearing SENSE8 is getting a special! Needed to celebrate!) 

Imagine Nick’s daughter, Zara, letting it slip that he likes you

“Well,…um…you aren’t who I was expecting,” Nick commented as he opened the door which consequently revealed you standing on his doorstep.

“Who were you expecting at this time?” You smirked, leaning casually against his doorframe.

“The pizza guy,” He nodded, seriously.

“But you’re more glad to see me, right?” You grinned, playfully.

“Did you bring a pizza?” He asked seriously.

You hit him with the files you were carrying in response.

“I’ll take that as a no,” He quipped as he dodged the final sing you took at him.

“Are you going to let me in?” You sighed, shaking your head.

“Depends,” He dragged out, leaning against the doorway you just pushed off from and folding his arms, “Tell me what brings you to my apartment at this time on a Thursday night?”

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Unplanned - Prologue

A/N - The first chapter to hopefully a good series that you will all enjoy. <3

When Y/N is asked to be Cody’s, a friend for two years, girlfriend and she should stop working and separate herself from her work. Will this cause conflict between best friends and will something unplanned happen?

Word Count - 951

‘Zara, are you ready? You asked your partner and best friend.
‘Yeah, hold the door for me, will you?’ She asked as she came out her room, still putting her shoes on and carrying two boxes. You waited for her to pass you before you closed and locked it.

You had run outside to your car to grab the last box and remaining decorations. You turned around and bumped into something hard, you fell back but the thing you bumped into reached out and caught you.
‘Sorry.’ You said as you checked everything was okay.
‘It’s okay, are you, all right?’ A deep voice said, you looked up and saw Cody.
‘Yeah.’ You replied smiling slightly.
‘Can I help you?’ he asked. You shook your head and started walking again.
‘No, I’m good thanks. Only got a small walk to go.; you told him as he caught up with you.
‘Well at least let me walk you there.’ He suggested and you smiled but shook you head.
‘You actually can’t come where I’m going.’ You said slowly. He stopped and looked at you.
‘What?’ He asked, taken a back.
‘Cody, you’re not allowed into where I am.’ You stated to him.
‘How? What?’ He asked in disbelief as you know his name and you were telling him where to go.
‘I know who you are and I’ve been hired for today by Jeff.’ You said to him as you made it to the door.
‘Why?’ He asked as he jogged to catch up with you. You chuckled slightly.
‘You’ll see.’ You said to him as you opened the door. He was going to say something but you cut him off.
‘Bye.’ You said with a cheeky smile as you closed the door and locked it from the inside.

‘Hi, Y/N.’ Jeff said over the phone.
‘Hello.’ You replied.
‘Is everything okay?’ He asked.
‘Yeah we’ll be done in 20 minutes if you want to start gathering everyone and make your way down.’ You suggested as you stepped back and looked at Xara and your work.
‘Okay, we’ll be down soon. I’ll text you?’ He asked.
‘Of course.’ You agreed and hung up, focusing on the final touches.

You and Zara stood at the side, watching the cast and making sure everything ran smoothly. You turned your attention to the large group of people that had gathered around the cake.
‘Ladies, gentlemen, woflies and the supernatural.’ Jeff said and the cast chuckled.
‘I’ve had the best six years of my life here. Creating new memories and friends. I want to thank everyone one of you who has been in the show, no matter how long or short.’ Jeff said smiling. You smiled at Zara, knowing the party was successful.
‘I also want to say thank you to, two amazing people who managed to pull this wonderful goodbye party off.’ He said as he pointed to you and Zara, you both smiled and waved. Your eyes connected with Cody’s as the group clapped. You smirked at him.

Zara and you watched as the crowd got smaller, your cheeks hurting from how many times you had to smile and be thanked for the party. Once the group had dwindled down to a few people you and Zara started tidying up the mess.
‘So this is what you were doing?’ The familiar voice said as he came up beside you.
‘Yeah.’ You said, smiling, as put the rubbish in black bags.
‘It was great. Thank you.’ Cody said as he walked beside you.
‘Thanks.’ You said to him as you lifted more rubbish. Cody reached in front of him and picked up rubbish putting it in the bin.
‘You don’t have to help.’ You said to him.
‘I think I should.’ He replied.
‘No need, this is part of my job as well.’ You told him as Zara signalled that she needed your help.
‘But I feel like I should, since you pulled this off.’ He said standing in front of you.
‘Okay.’ You sighed.
‘You finish this bit off, I need to go.’ You said to him as you walked over to Zara. When you reached, her she gave a silent scream.
‘OMG!’ She said quietly, looking at Cody.
‘What?’ you asked her confused. That was the difference between you in work, you didn’t easily get start struck and saw celebrities as themselves but Zara, well she fangirled all the time.
‘Cody’s talking to you!’ She said as she grabbed your arm tightly.
‘I know.’ You said shaking your head slightly.
‘So…’ She said as she waggled her eyebrows. You raised your eyebrow in return.
‘Have you gotten him number?’ She asked you. You shook your head.
‘No.’ You said turning around to go back but she turned you around.
‘Well, you should. I mean, he’s hot and well he’s him.’ She said to you. You smirked.
‘If you like him so much, you get his number.’ You told her walking away.
‘Y/N!’ She said as you walked away, you turned and she mouthed ‘number’, you raised your hand to your ear and mouthed back ‘what’, where she just sighed and looked defeated. You smiled and turned around, nearly bumping into Cody.
‘We really need to stop meeting like this.’ He said with a chuckled and you smiled back.
‘Yeah, I know.’ You replied back.
‘Can I give you my number?’ He asked and you could Zara squeak, you shook you head.
‘Why?’ You asked. He looked up.
‘Well it’s my sister’s 21st soon and I was thinking of having a surprise party for her.’ He said and you nodded, handing him your card with your number on it before getting back to work.

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“Hope is hugging me, holding me in its arms, wiping away my tears and telling me that today and tomorrow and two days from now I will be just fine and I’m so delirious I actually dare to believe it.” - Shatter me