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Last Updated: 22nd June, 2017
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One Shots
Last Hunt
Summary: You finally hunt down the monsters that ruined your life 4 years previously.
Warnings: Angst (I guess). The vaguest mention/description of smut.

Strength vs Skill
Summary: What woman wouldn’t love watching Dean working out in the gym? But something is really bothering you about what he’s doing.
Warnings: Language.

Night Time
Summary: Dean get’s bored while staking out a suspect’s house, and his hands start to wander.
Warnings: Light smut (fingering).

Still the Same
Summary: Dean comes across an old crush, and he finally gets a chance to be with her.
Warnings: Nudity, Implied smut.

Trials of Silence
Summary: A hunt gone wrong has life changing consequences for the reader.
Warnings: Angsty fluff. Deaf!Reader.

Laundry Day
Summary: Dean’s doing laundry, so why shouldn’t you steal his shirt?
Warnings: Smut, language. 

Stay in Touch
Summary: When the Reader goes on a solo hunt, her and Dean text on a regular basis.
Warnings: Fluffy Fluff to begin with… then… well, then there’s angst.

Same Road, Same Destination
Summary: Dean has the Mark of Cain. He and the reader have been in a relationship for a long time, but things start getting turbulent and the Reader has a decision to make.
Warnings: Angst, and some fluff thrown in there too. MOC!Dean

A/B/O Drabble
Summary: You wake up in bed alone, and you wonder whether you’ve made a huge mistake.
Warnings: A/B/O dynamics.

The Cat’s Claws
Summary: Life had always seemed a bit like a joke to you, how could it not with powers like yours? But when Sam and Dean inadvertently walk into your life, your past comes back to haunt you. The Winchesters just stumbled upon a very different case to the simple Vampire nest that they’d been aiming for.

Summary: You and Dean were inseparable, more or less had been since you were 18. There was absolutely nothing in the world that could keep you away from him, or at least that’s what you thought. With the Apocalypse rapidly approaching, Dean makes a decision that send you into a downward spiral, one you’re sure will kill you.
Other: Angst Series (further warnings given per part)

One Shots
One Step Closer
Summary: Both you and Sam are in a playful mood, so naturally he ends up tickling you.
Warnings: None. This is just a light-hearted fun one.

Silver Tongue
Summary: You’re an expert thief who likes to use her skills to earn her keep, when someone hires you to get ahold of something that the Winchesters are very fond of.
Warnings: Implied Smut.
Catch Me if You Can (Silver Tongue drabble)
Summary: You’re an expert thief who likes to use her skills to earn her keep, and you’ve just taken off with most of the Winchester’s possessions by stealing the Impala, much to Dean’s displeasure. Sam doesn’t quite know what to make of you.
Warnings: None.

Waning Light
Summary: The reader is struggling to cope with Sam’s declining health.
Warnings: Fluffy angst. 

Hanging Up
Summary: You and Sam have been sneaking around, not telling Dean that you’re actually in a relationship. When the boys decide to head out to a bar to celebrate the end of a hunt, you decide to have some fun with Sam.
Warnings: Slight smut, teasing, sexting.

Be Quiet
Summary: A vampire hunt goes wrong pretty fast, and you wind up in a tight situation with your boyfriend.
Warnings: Slight smut (handjob), language.

Consumed by Fire
Summary: You had one bad hunt over a month ago, and everything had taken a downward turn ever since. Even the boys start doubting your ability as a hunter.
Warnings: Angst.

Voluntarily Soulless
Summary: Sam seemed as though he were just like you: cold, cruel and very good at your job. Neither of you hesitated when it came to killing monsters. Dean, however, makes it very clear exactly how he feels about you.
Warnings: Angst. Language. Implied smut.

Summary: Sam’s been infected, and it’s only a matter of time before he turns Rabid. Nothing could possibly be worse than this situation, right?
Warnings: Language, angst.

Your Fault
Summary: Mother Nature is normally quite gentle with you, but occasionally you get months where it feels like your body is trying to self destruct. Thank god you’ve got Sam.
Warnings: Talk of periods. 

All I Ever Was
Summary: A hunt goes wrong, and you’re left with only one choice.
Warnings: Angst, suicide. 

Beyond Stressed
Summary: Sam can’t find the book he needs, and it’s driving him insane. You know him well enough to know that he won’t get anywhere while wound up, so you decide to intervene.
Warnings: Light smut (Blowjob)

Imagine Sam’s Hands…
Summary: Sam can work wonders with those hands…
Warnings: Light smut (Fingering)

Imagine Sam’s Mouth…
Summary: Sam can work wonders with that mouth…
Warnings: Oral Sex (female receiving)

Turn of Events
Summary: Breaking down in the middle of nowhere was not how you intended to spend the night. When a stranger shows up and offers help, you’re a little unsure how to react.
Warnings: None.

What Feels Right
Summary: You’ve had to move in with the boys due to a demon problem. After growing close with the younger Winchester, Sam starts wondering what exactly you’re hiding from him.
Warnings: None. 

Summary: The reader has passed out in the library when Sam stumbles over her.
Warnings: None.

Do the Deed
Summary: With a large assignment due in a few days, the reader is busy toiling away in the library, her roommate offering unwavering support by staying by her side. Who knew an amusing mistake and light-hearted banter could change so much?
Warnings: Talking about sex? Lots of euphemisms… 

Better than Porn
Summary: Dean takes his baby brother to a strip club for his birthday, and one particular dancer catches his eye. His crush isn’t helped by the fact she turns out to be one of his best friend’s cousin.
Warnings: Nope!

7 Years
Summary: As a child, your Mom made you leave the house you were staying in in order to try a be a ‘normal’ kid. That was when you first met Sam Winchester. Throughout the years, you both weave in and out of each others lives, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Perhaps fate is trying to keep you away? Or maybe it’s trying to keep you together?This Cannot be Happening
Summary: The reader had a drunken one night stand after going to the bar with her friends, but then she realises she slept with the last person she ever wanted to see. But when Sam refuses to leave her in peace, she’s forced to face her past head on, and she’s not sure she likes where things are heading.

The Eyes of Ra
Summary: Sam and Dean arrive in a town where the bodies of students start turning up, an unusual symbol grotesquely carved into their flesh. As the body count starts piling up, the boys receive help from a local Librarian.
Other: Described Reader (for the sake of the story)

Cinnamon Skies
Summary: Sam was bitten. Sam was bitten, and he ran, leaving everything behind in order to try and control his… condition. His job, his name, his brother… everything. He ran right into you. A small town, workaholic of a Vet. But no matter how much he tried to leave it behind, his past is starting to catch up with him; and you get caught up right in the eye of the storm.

A Dog is a Dog
Summary: The Boys’ hunt gets scuppered by the fact another Hunter beat them to it, but she doesn’t hunt alone.

What If?
Summary: Sam Winchester is the King of Hell. You are a Hunter. Once upon a time he had been your world, right up until he left for Stanford. He broke a promise and so you left to live your own life, away from the Winchesters who had taken you in and never looking back… until you are captured by Demons and brought before the Boyking.

Sister Reader

I’m Ignoring You
Summary: You’re the Winchester’s younger sister and, after your dad has been missing for 3 weeks, your eldest brother Dean makes a decision without you. (This is also part of the Pilot rewrite).Warnings: Language. 

Cry Wolf
Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Warnings:Angst? Maybe?

Sister!Reader Rewrite
Pilot - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Wendigo - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

To Kill a Winchester
Summary: The Phoenix is a hired hand, an Assassin that, for the right price, will track down and kill whoever, or whatever, you want. During a particularly busy week she receives a new contract and a price that she couldn’t turn down. But what she doesn’t quite understand is how difficult it is to actually kill a Winchester.

A Werewolf’s Guide to Life
Summary: So, you’ve just been bitten? Then you are freaking LUCKY you ran into me. Yes, I’m like you. Yes, I’m a werewolf. No, I’m not a monster. And no, neither are you… not now that you’ve met me. I’ll teach you the basics, and the complex. Life for a Lycanthrope is tough and dangerous; but I’ll guide you through it using my own experiences. Welcome my Werewolf’s Guide to Life.

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