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uhhh hi it’s your local loser here again but this time im full of love (pls excuse the lack of a banner im. lazy and i have writing to do hsjfdsj)!! over the past few monhs, i’ve made a Heckton of new mutuals nd i want to appreciate all of u because you all mean a Lot to me nd make my crocodile heart sing, so here goes!! (im sorry in advance if i mess up your notifs this got too long nd im the worst :(() 

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WOW  — just wow. I hit 1k followers just about five months ago and last night i actually reached that 2k milestone  🎉 I’m a little bit speechless, because i never thought that so many people would enjoy and love those shitty edits of mine and would actually want to talk to me about my fave characters, my life and literally just anything? It’s amazing and i’m beyond grateful for all of the support and appreciate each and everyone of you; especially my lovely mutuals. And even though all of this is still beyond me, i wanted to give the following people a big and plushy shoutout!
Thanks for following and i love you, guys!  💜

@banesfuture  💜
of course my sweet parabatai has to be the first person on my list that’s going to be mentioned  — i don’t make the rules. mags, you lovely human being. i don’t think i can put my feelings for you into words that actually make sense, but i’m going to try. you’re one of the most amazing people i ever got to meet and i’m beyond grateful for your existence. we’re basically the same person which, let’s be honest, sometimes creeps the shit out of us, but at the end of the day that’s probably one of the reasons why i love you as much as i do. you share my love for harry shum jr and don’t even get me started on necks and collarbones and all the thirst (yes, we need some holy water, babe.) you also share my love for poetry and prose and you’re one of those people i can talk to about literally anything. you talk to me about life changing decisions, drag me for my typos, encourage and support me to be the best version of myself, send me cute pictures of your kitties to cheer me up, send me funny memes and videos, bless my day with your beautiful selfies and most importantly you’re always there for me. and you always make sure that i never forget about that. i’m honoured to be your friend and i love you so much! 

●  @wonderchesters  💜
DAMN GURL is the first thing that comes to my mind when i think about you, brooke. you’re not only one of the most beautiful and sweet girls i have ever seen (please never ever stop sending me those gorgeous selfies!) but also one strong and genuinely kind and caring person. you’re like a little sister to me, except for the fact that i’m the vodka mom friend™ and your mom would probably kick me out within two weeks :’) i love that you speak your mind and how enthusiastic you are when you talk about the things you love. you’re so open minded, share my sense of humour and i can have those 3AM kinda conversations with you at any time of the day. i’m so so glad that you’re a part of my life and that i’m able to call you my fufe. i love you! … and don’t forget the fact that, if someone were to hurt you, i’d fly over to the US in a second to wreak vengeance for you c; #lol

@canislytherinthings  💜
where do i start when it comes to you, yael? god. i remember the day i saw that you followed me and how i instantly freaked out for a second and had to remind myself that i’m an adult and that we fangirl in silence c; you were and always will be one of the editors i admire the most. you’re so incredibly talented   —  and i’m not only talking about gifs and editing in general, even tho i always get those heart eyes when i see you posted another one of those gorgeous sets of yours. but you’re also seriously talented in cheering me up when i’m at my worst and you make me feel like i can talk to you about anything. it doesn’t matter if it’s just fangirling and fandom talk or those moments when my anxiety is rising and it feels like it’s crushing me down; you’re there. and i can’t tell you how grateful i am for that. you’re such a kind, strong and intelligent woman and you inspire me. i love it when you talk about your religion and traveling, share your personal stories and expierences with me and the fact that i can still learn so much from you. please, don’t ever change and please, take me to jerusalem and show me the city. i love you so much!

●  @jaceslewis  💜
you’re the cutest little bean on this planet, brie. thank you so much for instantly writing me when i posted your blograte  —  we might’ve never talked if you didn’t, because i’m a shy chicken and i seriously wouldn’t want to miss you and our conversations for the world. you have a thing for poetry, just like me and are a quite talented poet yourself (even though you don’t always see that yourself) and i’m amazed at how much talent and kindness you carry in your heart and brain. the second we started talking i knew that i had made a new friend, because that’s how you treated me from the start, even though we didn’t really know each other at the time. you’re such a warm and loving person and way too precious for my anxious ass; seriously. i love your honesty, your humour, your love for stephen king and the stories about your family (#zwetschgenknödel are the best 😉) and how you’re not someone who’s quick to judge others and always makes sure the people around you are feeling welcome and good. i know you tend to underestimate yourself and that we haven’t talked that much lately, but please let me tell you that you’re an awesome human being and that you can do absolutetly everything you put your mind to. you don’t have to hide your talents, mein mädchen. i love you!

@mel-iorn  💜
it feels like i’m an open book to you, mel, but i love that feeling. when i’m talking to you i feel genuinely understood and most importantly safe. i don’t have to think about something twice when i’m talking to you, because i know i can be completely honest. you’re so open minded and i love that we share an interest and passion in other cultures and religions. if we could, we’d probably travel the whole world! i also love it when you send me poems and little texts that made you think of me, ramble in your tags and how we’re just on the same wavelength. you’re so unapologetically yourself (and that’s a gorgeous self btw!) and i admire that so much. even though we haven’t talked that much lately, it’s always a blessing to know and see you on my dash. you make me smile and i love you! (that’s a #leveup for our friendship, right? c; )

i want to throw puppies at you because you’re so perfect it frustrates me #absolutefaves  | |  blessed by your existence
➸ listed in no particular order

@simon-lewis  ✨ @mathewsdadario  ✨ @si-lewis ✨  @packleaderluke @pendovah  ✨ @schizoalec  ✨ @lghtwood-bane  ✨ @dimshums @magnusfray  ✨ @matthewdaddorkio  ✨ @alishawanwright  ✨ @magnusbones  ✨ @malecsbiscuit @lightwoodclan  ✨ @sunlightwood  ✨ @kathmacnmrs  ✨ @jacelghtwood  ✨ @alecsagitta @jacesbi  ✨ @thedownworld  ✨ @iconicbane  ✨ @itscuteust @highwarlockofbrooklyn  ✨ @ravsreyes  ✨ @shadowclarys  ✨ @madzie-bane  ✨ @matthew-daddario  ✨ @takemystrengthtoo @silvertons  ✨ @ahoyspn  @scottymccall  ✨ @archerwarlock  ✨ @barnessergeant  ✨ @simonlevvis @winterdaddario @nephilimagnus  ✨ @f-f-f-fight  ✨ @milkeas  ✨ @softshumjr  ✨ @jacewaylands  ✨ @msemeraudetoubia  ✨ @claryfightwood  ✨ @dearestalec @alectightwood  ✨ @shumbane @izzybabewoods @lukemagnus  ✨ @sunlesbianmaia @princemagnusbane  ✨ @abloodneed  ✨ @lewismaia  ✨ @simonlewis  ✨ @softdaddario  ✨ @themagnusbane  ✨ @matthewsjosh  ✨ @simonjace  ✨ @andorcassion  ✨ @jacelightwoods  ✨ @magnusandalexander @parabuttai  ✨ @victaj  ✨ @damnmalec @deamaia  ✨ @jaceherondalex  ✨ @thelovelylights  ✨ @alecblushed  ✨ @magicalmagnus @meliorrn  ✨ @alec-magnvs  ✨ @magnvbane  ✨ @warlock-magnus  ✨ @jazewayland  ✨ @su-pectrum  ✨ @glitternsass @capstevierogers  ✨ @alecmagnu  ✨ @magswoods  ✨ @forcesensitivebane  ✨ @herondaleclarissa  ✨ @jakesantiagos  ✨ @malecwings @fraywoodbane @aleclighdwood  ✨ @harry-shum @matthewbane @claryfire  ✨ @highwarlockkareena  ✨ @rrahl @latinalightwood  ✨ @daddarios ✨ @banemagic  ✨ @magnusizzy @softbanes  ✨ @nightfallgoddess @alexandargideonlightwood  ✨ @hoteldumorts  ✨ @raphaelsantiago  ✨ @meliorn  ✨ @malecshappiness  ✨ @shadowrld @bane–lightwood  ✨ @magnificentbane  ✨ @harry-daddario @amorverus  ✨ @magnuslightswood  ✨ @cclizzy  ✨

yixingminseokjongdae’s 1 year celebratory follow forever!

hello everyone!!! this lil blog turned 1 today and i really cannot believe it like i’ve been immersed in kpop for over a year now?? where has the time gone

anyways, i figured to celebrate i would make my first follow forever! i love all of my followers and thank you so much for making this past year with this blog amazing!

a special shoutout to my wife @wonshiks-tiddy and the other wonderful amazing friends i have made on this site @junyixinqs @chootys @merlionmen @animeotakupooh @kpop-loving-noona @deathbyvixx @whinytaekwoon @ah-theelementofsurprise @rapperravioli @jaellyhwan @honeyjaehwan i love you all

♥ bolded are mutuals, italicized are faves ♥

~# to e~

@1aeil @1eohyuk @2baekxing @2jhw @305heaux @93kihyun @abaekhyunblog @adventuresinkpop @ah-theelementofsurprise @amaxing-daes @amerikaikong @animeotakupooh @askvixx @baekshitbyun @bbh-l @bean-p @beepvixx @biasedwriting @bigseuegsobtob @callmeminseok @chained-up-taekwoon @cha-latte @changkinet @changkyunned @chenclusive @cherishyixing @chnseok @chootys @curlyheaux @dayafterdae @deararchimedes @deathbyvixx @doyouta @ethereal-baek @exodusandchill @exomascot @exomoodboards @eyesonxiu

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if i missed anyone let me know! but for real, i love all of you and thank you for making my kpop tumblr a wonderful place ♥

I hit 300 followers this morning :D So in celebration of that I decided to make my first follow forever! This is to thank first of all my dear friends who have supported me and who have helped me though all this time! And also to thank all of these amazing blogs whom I love with all my heart and who have helped my blog with all of their amazing edits and posts that I reblog from them! Please go check them out because they are talented! 

I love all of you! Thank you for making my time on tumblr so amazing! 💕💕

(Mutuals=bold) (I’m so sorry if I forgot someone :c I tried my best to include everyone!)


@acciolunalovegood, @aguamentj@b-ellatrix-black@cavldroncakes, @cedricdiggory@cedrjcdiggory@charlieweesley@chochanng, @chocolatetoads@chvchang@delacouvr@delaqour@domlnique@episkcyy, @euphemiapottcr@fleurrdelacour@flurishandblotts, @foreverjily


@ginevraparkinson@ginevraspotter@ginnyweaslcy@helgvhufflepuff@hermionesmenacinglook@herniones@hmionegrangr@holey-george, @holy-snitch@hoqsmeade@howlingremus​, @hp-positivityproject​, @itsmagical@jamespottuh, @jesperfaehey, @jilys@katie-bell@leejcrdans@leekycauldron@lilsevans@lilyevcnz@lilypotthr@loonyxgood, @looonyluna@lumox@lunalovey,


@madameskeeter, @mcgonnagal, @mcgxnagall@meraudurs,@ministryofmaqic@mollywealsey@nerville@njmphadora, @oblviqte@padfootd, @porpentincgoldstein@potters-wheezy, @pxnsypctter, @queenis@quidditchplayer@ravenclawwtower@ravenclw@reguluslocket@remusluvpin@resilientandunbroken, @rosevtyler,


@salazarslytherin, @scamandersnewt, @scourgify, @sirjsblack, @siruisblack, @slughcrn, @softpatil​, @thunderbjrd@tjnagoldstein@tonksnymphdora@tonqs, @trjwizard​, @txmriddlx

So I have just reached 500 followers and I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for following me and sharing and just being a badass/awesome fandom !! I’m not really good at those type of stuff…So please know that I appreciate each and everyone of you and you have all made my journey in this fandom a complete and utter delightful / amazing / exciting experience ! 

I’d like to give a special big fat thank you to my dearest @magnusandalexander (I fucking love you my dear <3), @sfjessii (I fucking love you too Jess ^^lol), @sharona1x2, @peachyjellybean, @theallpowerfulone, @warlocks-nephilim, @magnus-cat-eyes-bane (for always, always reposting my art <3), @pesetaer, @mauniverse, @banescanary, @alec-s-arrows, @magnusbaene, @ofiasay, @featherpheonix, @highwarlockkareena, @alexander-darling, @capitanhardycandy, @raph-bane, @fara1903, @softmagnuslightwood, @blondini-the-new-houdini, @le-morte-d-arthur

If I have forgotten people in the list, I do apologies in advance…But know that I am grateful to each and everyone of you ! <3

Thank you all again !!! =D

Dear future husband,

I’m looking forward to the first day I’m going to wake up beside you and be able to call you my husband.

I’m looking forward to all the little adventures we’re going to experience - even when this adventures will only be our daily life because every moment with you is extraordinary.

I’m looking forward to the mornings I can kiss you awake and bring you breakfast to the bed.

I’m also looking forward to the mornings I’m allowed to give you hope and strength for your working day.

I’m looking forward to kiss you good bye when you’re leaving the house and welcome you back with dinner at the end of the day.

I’m looking forward to the moments when you’re telling me how great your day was. When you’re talking passionately about how much you love your work and I’m going to join your joy.

But somehow I’m also looking forward to the day when you’re telling me how difficult and exhausting your day was. Because then I’m going to try giving you some comfort and love in a hug. And I’m going to massage you until you feel refreshed again.

I’m looking forward to the all the days we’re going to have dinner together and thank our Lord for blessing us with all those good things in our life.

I’m looking forward to spending evenings cuddling with you under a million of blankets and to kiss every fiber of you.

I’m looking forward to the nights I’m allowed to kiss you good night and telling you how much I love you while I’m praying to God to bless you.

I’m looking forward to the first day our newborn won’t let us sleep and we’re quarreling about who is getting up.

I’m looking forward to nurture our kids with a love that is based on Christ.

I’m looking forward to sitting around our Christmas tree and playing on the guitar while you and our kids are singing along.

I’m looking forward to hide some Easter eggs for our kids and also surprising you.

I’m looking forward to wondering with you how our kids could grow up that fast.

I’m looking forward to the days we’re going to look at each other - married for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 years or longer - and thinking we’re loving each other even more as on the day we exchanged vows.

I’m looking forward to all the days we’re going to spend together until God decides our time is over.

I’m looking forward to our life knowing that it’s going to be one big celebration and you’re the greatest gift.

Darling, I love you now and forever.
future wife

Hey y’all! So I just hit 1.5k that’s insane and to celebrate I’m spreading some love for my favorite blogs. All of these blogs and the people behind them are supes quality and I’m love them! Thank you everyone!

Mutuals are bolded

Favorites are italicized

Special shout out to the loves of my life: @alienrumi, @branstarrk@elektramurdck, @goodqueenalys, @jeffrey-winger, @jyneros, @luisadoliveira, @lukeskywalke, @meerareeed, @mindykahling, @natashabucks, @sassamyblake, @stevenrogered, @theonbaejoys@tuathxde


@arimartell, @arrmiehammer, @aryaestarks, @beavesaintmarie, @bellhound, @bhucewayne, @bisansastarks, @bruceewayne


@darevocado, @darylvdixon, @direwolvess@elizabthturner, @forsimplicityssake, @frankskastle


@grahamewill, @greyjoyvs, @historicbellamyblake, @irxswest


@jaimelainister, @jaimelanniser, @kategecko, @kingslaier, @ladyrosvolio


@manbunjon, @margaerytyrelle, @mercuryfish, @octanakin, @ohbrienne, @proinsiascassidy


@queeenpersephone, @queensleigher, @roslin, @sethkates, @skeffjinner, @soapieturner, @sutttonbrady


@vieverdeen, @weasleyrose, @wildlxngs, @wonderwowan, @youaremyworldlois


¡Happy 67th Birthday Arsène Wenger!

“Arsene totally changed Arsenal. The way Arsenal play football. And i think when he does finally leave, i’m sure is gonna happen, people will realize that Arsenal’s name around the world is respected as a very good football, class football and the manager has to take all the credit for that”.

hey guys! i reached 1.1k followers  today so I thought I’d whip up a follow forever to celebrate! but first,  i wanted to thank all my lovely followers and mutuals who i love and appreciate, i really love you guys! please let me know if i forgot you; favs are bolded

A - F

@aeryastark @ahdromeda @ashara @aslyium @bbrienne @bellhound @bensolcs @brandonstark @briennister @burningnights @carriefiser @casterlyrocks @cerseilanniser @cerseilennistre @daeneris @daenerya @daenerysjon @daenerysn @daenevys @denerystargaryen @drcaryss @drxgonstone @emilieblunt @expelumos @flntwood 

G - L

@goldstiens @greyjoyvs @greyjoyys @hermionevgranger @horcrucxs @houselannister​ @jaimclannisters @jaimelanniser @jaimelannistre @jamielamister @jessicallange @joanna-lannister @kylcsrey @lahnister @lannistcrs @lennister @lordsnow @lordstark  @lupins  @lyanastark 

M - S

@manbunjon @marystewart @meerareeed @mermaeids @minyardx @myreclla @nevvilleslongbottom @njmphadora @obartell @odairannies @ohmargaery @ohmelisandre @padmaspatil @pagfoot @perksofbeingafanboy @petyrs @princessdany @riverrunn @roosebotlons @rosetylecr @ryastrk @sansaeris @sansastarkr @snowsfall @stormborn @strawars 

T - Z

@targaryvns @thehound @theon @tommenbaratheon @tyrehl @tywinlannister@undomiels@valramorghulis@vxders


Best Advice?

Don’t compromise one for the other and you can do both fantastically, and some days you’ll do both horribly. As long as you’re happy and give your family the love and attention they need, it all sort of falls into place. 


the best day of my entire life. i love you so much, @taylorswift. i love you more than you will ever know. i’ve loved you since i was 7 years old, and there will never not be a day where i’m not thankful for you. i’m forever proud of my 7 year old self for deciding to buy your very first album. since then you’ve gotten me through everything. every single thing. every bad day i’ve gotten through because of you. whenever i was going through something rough, i turned to you and you helped without even knowing. i never thought i would actually be able to hug you and meet you, nevermind have you know who i am. i wouldn’t be here anymore without you, and i wouldn’t even be close to the person i am today if it weren’t for you. so many pieces of who i am and how i choose to treat other people, ive learnt from you. t, thank you so much for this day. i will never forget it for as long as i live. thank you for being here for me when no one else is. thank you for being the only constant in my life for the past 11 years, the only one who’s kept me going. thank you for being you. thank you for everything that you told me that i will never forget, and thank you for all the hugs. thank you for being more like my best friend than just some huge celebrity. i love you forever, i promise you, okay? see you again soon, please? thank you, taylor. i love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know.