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DAY 3364

Malta                June 13,  2017                Tue 10:00 PM local time 

Birthday - EF - Ajay Supeda       Wed, June 14         .. and our wishes go out to Ajay for his birthday .. may it be celebrated with humour and happiness and with great aplomb .. from the Ef brigade …

Birthday - Ef - Anu Verma .. a little late but wishing you all the very best for the birthday for  the 14th of June .. with love .. from all the Ef ..

There is call for an early morning reporting tomorrow and so there shall be less here and more tomorrow .. this is quite clearly understood is it not .. thank you .. but before I leave I must acknowledge the power of the Ef, even beyond Indian shores ..

This be the moment at the premier of ‘The Great Gatsby’ in New York .. Baz Luhrman, that genius of a director, pointing out to the gathered Ef by the sides and telling them ‘he be the man’ ..

May I just say that had it not been for the thundering presence of the NYC and neighbouring Ef, this would never have happened .. when I arrived the screams and cheers from the Ef was so prominent that all present, including the massive media thought Leonardo de Caprio, the star of the film and of stratospheric stardom, had arrived .. Baz could not ignore the Ef .. and was just drawn to acknowledge them .. 

Thank you Ef for making me feel great .. the same happened at the Cannes Film Festival when GG was premiered there .. at the opening of the festival .. appreciated by all, even the French, when at the opening I was invited on stage along with Leonardo to say a few words to inaugurate the festival, and I spoke in Hindi ..

Good night .. shubhratri .. shabba khair ..

Amitabh Bachchan

The carrot cake by hbsj - K, WIP - Hermione Granger is spending a rainy afternoon in a crowded coffee shop, feeling lonelier than ever, when Draco Malfoy interrupts her. Dramione fluff that involves a delicious piece of carrot cake and a date in the muggle world planned by Draco, plus a Winters ball planned by Narcissa with Blaise and Pansy helping her! Draco/Hermione paring! Post-Hogwarts. Romance, humor and fluff.