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Lords’ reactions to MC’s pregnancy announcement
  • Nobunaga is proud of her, proud of himself, proud of the tiny little foetus they made together, SO PROUD HE CAN’T CONTAIN IT. He gathers the retainers and makes them party until dawn. Katsuie is in tears because he’s so happy (and incredibly drunk). Nobu sneaks out early with her because she needs to rest and he is going to make sure she gets ALL the rest.
  • Mitsuhide is stunned but so excited. His dream of having ten children is finally getting underway! He kisses her tummy and her lips and her forehead and her nose and her cheeks, he can’t stop, he just wants to shower her with love and affection. He’s so thankful that she’s in his life and in love with him and bearing his baby.
  • Yukimura is terrified. Women die in childbirth, what if that happens to her!? He tries to put on a strong face but he is so freaked out. He wants her on bed rest immediately, wants to carry her if she looks even the tiniest bit tired (actually, even if she doesn’t), goes to the medicinal shop in town and asks the herbalist for advice on how to take care of pregnant women. He is going to do his absolute best to make sure that nothing bad happens to her or their baby.
  • Saizo is… conflicted. But he sees how worried she is about how he’s going to react, and he just can’t have that. He puts an arm around her shoulder and kisses her hair and tells her you’re going to have to start making dango in bigger portions because he’s not going to share, not even with his own child.
  • Masamune is happy, but a little apprehensive. His relationship with his family is complicated, to say the least, and he’s a teeny bit worried about whether he can be a good father. Low-key hoping for a girl so that things won’t get worse with Yoshihime and Kojirou. Kisses her cheek and pulls her in close, rests his hand on her stomach, starts daydreaming about their future and tells her about it.
  • Kojuro is very pleased and satisfied. He’s always liked children and he feels like he practically raised Masamune and Shigezane, so he’s 100% ready for his own kids. Things might not always go smoothly, but they’ll be together and they’ll face their troubles together. He is so ready. They cuddle (he’s totally not tearing up at all), he can’t stop stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head. They start making plans for their new nursery.
  • Hideyoshi is ultra hyped! Puts a hand on her cheek and they just smile at each other for a moment before kissing. And then he wants to go and tell everybody the good news. They walk around the castle hand in hand and he’s grinning and everybody’s congratulating them and it’s perfect.
  • Inuchiyo is speechless. Like… really? Are you sure? It takes a couple of moments to sink in, but when it does, the smile on his face is the biggest ever. He grabs her, lifts her, and hugs her really hard before nearly dropping her because DID HE JUST SQUISH THE BUN IN THE OVEN? No, Inuchiyo. No. He wants to go and shout it from the rooftops, he’s so overjoyed that they’re starting this new stage of their lives together.
  • Ieyasu stares at her, eyes wide. Well… I guess even someone like you can catch me by surprise sometimes. She laughs and launches herself at him, he catches her and she wraps her arms around him. He’s a little worried that he won’t know how to be a good father, but he can’t brood about it when she’s smiling at him like that, her face mere inches from his own. He silently vows to give his child a life far better than his.
  • Mitsunari walks out. When she gets to the door and looks up and down the corridor, he’s nowhere to be seen. She fumes and frets and has driven herself into a frenzy when he finally reappears an hour later. These are books about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. We are going to read every one of them cover to cover. She grabs the nearest one and throws it at his head.
  • Shingen grins in satisfaction because that’s what he’s been gunning for all along. He pulls her close and kisses her, like hell yeah that’s my woman, always giving me exactly what I need. The Takeda clan celebrates late into the night. Kansuke brews a herbal tonic for her and pointedly says that he hopes she will be a better patient than her husband. Shingen roars with laughter.
  • Kenshin is really excited and immediately starts planning for the baby. The furniture, the clothes, the toys, babies need so many things! And he is going to find the most perfect things. Many, many perfect things. They hug, but before he can suggest they go out shopping, she says that they should tell everyone the good news! Especially Kanetsugu, he’ll be so happy for them!


  • ALL ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU. Nobuyuki smiles.

If I were to try and classify gijinka magic, in terms of origin point in cultures and such, I would pin my bets on Wind clans and Shadow clans as being the two cultures that really took the magic and developed it into something useful, and Wind dragons, generally being travelers by nature, would have brought and shared and spread the magic with them to other cultures.

Given the nature of nocturnes, I’d imagine the very first general shapeshifting magic was invented by them, or at least by the Shadow Flight in general. And it was originally developed as a trap, or an illusion. 100%, shadow-style gijinka magic is supposed to lure some sorry fuck into thinking they’ve found easy, squishy prey or some poor lost soul, and then all of a sudden, your tiny target is actually a 20 foot guardian, and you’re on treacherous ground. Alternatively, you make yourself small and flexible so that you can hide better, because who’s going to look for a ridgeback in a crevice not even wide enough to pass their shoulders?

The Wind strand of gijinka magic would have been looked at as an ‘equalizer’. Bring all people to roughly the same dimensions of size, and in theory, this would help disperse certain prejudices and arrogances. For example, I can see larger dragons like Ridgebacks and Imperials and Guardians more or less writing off smaller breeds like Spirals and Fae, on account of, well, I could squash them with my foot, how much do their opinions really matter? But when you’re all roughly at eye level, give or take, perhaps it’s easier to look at another dragon and go ‘oh right. That’s a person.’ 

I’d also imagine that ‘true’ gijinka-ing is the Shadow-Style method of doing things. No horns, no feathers, no wings, no real signs of what your actual breed is, you hide all of it. Meanwhile, Wind-Style method is more loose with its transformations. You allow the horns and the feathers and the so forth because the magic is less about hiding yourself and more about finding common ground with one another. 

So if Beyonce chooses to abort those fetuses right now, it’s totally okay and not murder, right?

  • Dil; Will you marry me?
  • Tabitha; No. Say it like you mean it.
  • Dil; Tabitha. Sweet Tabitha.
  • Tabitha; I'm listening.
  • Dil; Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me?
  • Tabitha; Okay. I don't appreciate the sarcasm, but I'll do it.

I don’t talk about it a lot but I love Smilodon guys. Like a lot. I mean

look at this majestic motherfucker. 

And like, people think that Smilodon was basically just lions with long teeth but actually! no, not at all. Smilodon was a lot stockier than lions, because unlike lions who chase down their prey, Smilodon probably wrestled it’s prey to the ground, and possibly as a pride. Smilodons lack the long tails of lions, which means they aren’t as agile runners. There’s debate as to whether Smilodons were solitary hunters or not, but I personally think they were social creatures because we have the bones of cats who were significantly injured, to the point where they would not have been able to hunt, but who lived for years after the injury. This indicates at least some semblance of a pride, because that injured Smilodon had to have been provided food by another cat. 

And the way they killed prey was different from lions. Lions clamp down on the windpipe of the prey until they suffocate, but this requires both conical teeth and a jaw strength that Smilodon didn’t have. Smilodon had jaws that were about as strong as a large dog’s but not strong enough to do what a lion does. And it’s teeth weren’t conical, they were more like steak knives, thin in the front and back but broad on the sides, meaning they were pretty fragile if pressure was applied to the sides of the tooth and would have snapped if it tried to hold down struggling prey.

What they think it did was overpowered it until the prey couldn’t move, then used it’s teeth to cut the jugular, ensuring a rather quick, quiet death, which they could manage cause their jaws could open insanely wide. It’s unclear what their fur looked like, if it was patterned like in the above pictures, or not like a cougar.

One interesting thing is that Smilodon cohabited the Americas with humans for at least 2,000 years. Smilodon died out ~10,000 years ago, but humans crossed over into the Americas at least 12,000 years ago (probably earlier). It’s actually theorized that the introduction of humans into the region was a contributing factor the Smilodon’s extinction.

They’re just really interesting animals guys I mean

Ah? Ah, we’re back again. Sort of? 

Mun has been neglecting tumblr for a while now and she finally decided to come back to the blog,so that means more Homura content! If she can actually keep her promise… Oh well, she says she’ll try her best and I’m already excited for what the future has in store for us! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

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do you have any buddies lance and shiro headcanons?


  • Once the team has time to like.. take a break… Lance immediately starts catching Shiro up on everything he missed during his year of captivity. Well, okay, Keith gets to handle all the ‘personal’ details about Shiro’s family and stuff but Lance owns the CORNER on all the celebrity gossip, shitty political situations, and newborn memes that occurred during the past year.
    • Shiro: Oh my god, (insert celebrity couple) is having a baby???
    • Lance: I KNOW right, nobody saw this coming!! Man, that baby is gonna look so GOOD.
    • Shiro: I want to be that baby
    • Lance: Same hat
  • They’re often paired up because of the whole short vs long distance fighter thing so they go through a Lot Of Weird Missions together to the point where whenever something bad happens they’re both just. Nonplussed.
    • Something catastrophic: (happens)
    • Lance: Aw shit… It’s Tuesday, isn’t it.
    • Shiro: Terrible Tuesday strikes again :/
  • Lance is shown to be pretty emotionally savvy so whenever Shiro starts to feel overwhelmed in a situation Lance immediately acts as a distraction and draws all the attention while someone gets Shiro to a safer place.
  • After a couple months in space Lance cools his hormones and becomes less flirty with every breathing thing, but by then Shiro trying to rein him in has become sort of an inside joke between them
    • Lance: Okay okay okay. How about I get to flirt with three aliens on this planet because I did so well in training last time.
    • Shiro: Three aliens? Yeah, right. You can flirt with one alien, but if you use a really bad line I’m allowed to drag you away.
    • Lance: But you always drag me away!!
    • Shiro: Because all your lines are bad lol
  • Lance assumes that Shiro must be REALLY POPULAR w the everyone due to the whole ‘ace pilot, personally chosen for the Kerberos mission’ thing, so he goes to him for advice and Shiro is just like (sweats)
    • Shiro: Um. Pick-up lines? Yes. I know many. I keep them in, in my pocket.
    • Lance: You keep pick-up lines… in your pocket? Like, in a book?
    • Shiro: Y… yes……
    • Lance: ………….
    • Shiro: …………
    • Lance: Dude, me too!! :D
    • Shiro: Oh god I can’t do this.
  • Lance cries real tears the day he realizes that Shiro has absolutely no game. Mainly tears of sorrow for Allura though LMAO
  • Speaking of which… The ribbing. 
    • Lance: So, how’s your courtship with Allura going? Have you managed to hold hands yet?? ;) ;) ;) 
    • Shiro: Real funny Lance… you know I’m not ready for second base yet :/
  • Shiro doing basic/normal chores around the Castle and Lance (+Hunk) acting as his hype-men in the background. Yes Shiro, fold that fucking shirt. KING OF LAUNDRY.
  • I think that… Shiro really, really relates to Lance’s homesickness. Because all the younger paladins, they got ripped away from home within maybe 15 minutes. But Shiro? Yeah, he signed up for a mission in space… But not for a year in captivity. The only difference is that, as the leader, Shiro can’t afford to look back. But he can try to help Lance, and maybe cope through him.
No Control | Chapter Thirty


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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Aside from some news outlets reporting on the fact that Harry and I were seen together again in London over the weekend and reported sightings of us together in LA, as well, there’s not a big deal made out of the whole affair. I’m sure the fans are losing their minds online, but I stay well away from that, and I advise Trevor to, as well, even though I know his nosy ass will probably still be hunting on Twitter and Tumblr for some discourse. 

My life returns to normal when Monday comes around. I go to work at my normal time with only a little bit of jet lag to show for it. I manage to get a nap in in one of the on call rooms just after lunch, though, and it makes everything a bit better.  

Harry keeps in contact with me over the week, making sure I don’t need anything and the baby is doing okay. He throws around names every once in a while, too, which I think is kind of cute. He sometimes stumbles upon ones that I take into serious consideration. Trevor is all smiles when I tell him Harry and I are discussing names, so he doesn’t have to keep threatening to take the birth certificate forms from me in the hospital. 

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I figured out what the song lyrics are that are tattooed on Sal's arm in honor of a friend who died. It's Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" - We've come a long long way together Through the hard times and the good I have to celebrate you baby I have to praise you like I should. Just FYI for anyone who was wondering!

Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

EXO Reaction To Learning Their Wife Is Pregnant

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Reaction Masterlist

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Could you please make exo reacting to finding out their wife is pregnant?

Xiumin: *suddenly unable to do anything because too many thoughts are exploding in his head. He wants to scream and shout and dance and cry and hug you all at the same time but with so many competing impulses, somehow his body won’t do anything. Nevertheless, his eyes convey his surprise and happiness perfectly.*

Luhan: Wait, what did you just say!?! I’m gonna be a father? We’re gonna have a baby? Oh my god, is it a boy or a girl? Oh my god, oh my god…We are going to be parents!
You: Luhan, I just got the test back today, we won’t be able to know the gender for a few more weeks!
Luhan: We should drink to celebrate! *You shoot him a look* Oh right! We should have cake to celebrate, you can have that right?
You: Yes, I can have cake.

Kris: Oh my god, we’re really going to have a baby?
You: It looks like that…But it is still possible I have a miscarriage or something. *You had a tendency toward worst case scenarios*
Kris: well, if that happens, we can just try again ;)
You: How supportive and appropriate of you.
Kris: I tried. So do you when the baby is due? The gender? How do you want to do this? *And he continues with the nonstop questions.*

Suho: NOW I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO BE A FATHER!! And the boys can stop saying that we haven’t actually done it! Now’s there proof!! ….Wait, why are you laughing?
You: They thought we haven’t done anything?
Suho: Hey! They said I was far too motherly and caring to get you to do that or to let you get me to do that. Hey! You can stop laughing!
You: But we’re married!
Suho: I said that, they continued.
You: Maybe you shouldn’t let them do that. *he just sighs before you to go out to celebrate*

Lay: We’re having a baby…We’re going to be parents…Are you ready for this?
You: I’m not sure any one is ever really ready for their first kid but I mean, we still have months left before I’m due.
Lay: And this means I have to move the studio stuff out of the spare room?
You: Yes, considering we actually have a studio in here.
Lay: Ok. *takes you in his arms kissing the top of your head* Don’t worry, I think we’ll be good parents.

Baekhyun: You: Byunnie, I’m pregnant. 
Baekhyun: haha, very funny, just because the condom broke last week…
You: No, we’ve stopped using condoms and I’m actually pregnant.
Baekhyun: Oh my god! You’re not kidding! You’re having a baby?!?! I’m going to be a father!?! This is all real?!?
You: Yes, and I’m tempted to smack you. We talked about having kids…And we’re married now… This is as good a time as any… It’s better to be a little younger, right?
Baekhyun: I don’t really know, but wow, we’re going to be parents! *finally getting over his shock* 

Chen: *The two of you had been trying for a while, and had begun to discuss trying IVF when you started feeling different and you didn’t get your period. You went to the doctor to confirm but still waited before telling him, waiting until you were a few weeks along and the chance of miscarriage was much lower. When you finally told him he couldn’t believe it*
Chen: We’re finally going to be parents, I’m so happy! When can we know the gender?
You: I am going in for that next week.
Chen: I can go with you, right?
You: Of course, and I’m sorry for keeping it from you. We’ve just been trying so hard and I didn’t want to get your hopes up to miscarry again…Now the chances of that are lower.
Chen: I understand and it’s ok. We’re finally starting a family!

Chanyeol: *overwhelming excited, definitely in reaction king mode* Oh my god!! We have to tell everyone! Oh my god! Beakhyun should be the godfather! Oh my god! And your sister the godmother! Oh my god! I have to call my parents! They’re going to be grandparents! And then your parents! We’re having a baby!
You: Chan! Slow down! At least so when you call they can understand you! 

DO: What!?! We’re having a baby!?! We only just stopped using protection?
You: I guess I was ovulating at the time, but yes! I’m pregnant! 
DO: Oh my god! Do you think we should move into a bigger place? Closer to a park? Start getting things? 
You: Slow down, I’m only a few weeks along and I think here is fine. We have a couple spare rooms…This is the home I want to bring our baby home to…
DO: Alright, how can I suggest we move after that? *he says returning to his calmer demeanor and holding you in his arms, one of his hands on your belly*

Tao: You: Tao! We’re going to be parents!
Tao: What are you talking about? We’re already parents? We’re Candy’s parents!
You: No you big idiot! I’m pregnant! 
Tao: Oh!!! *procedes to scream and freak out, clearly ecstatic* We’re having a baby! Candy, you’re getting a brother or a sister! Do you know when you’re due?
You: Between eight and nine months from now.
Tao: Right! I figured that! But that’s ok, when are you seeing the doctor? Can I go with you?

Kai: *After the initial excitement and happiness had worn off and you’d fallen asleep, suddenly doubt began to invade his thoughts…* Can I be a good father? I’m still so young and busy… Can I even be there enough to support the way I should through this? It’s not going to be easy…But even though it’s scary, I love her and I want us to have a family…and if I try as hard as I can, I think I can do this…It’s not like either of us is doing this alone, we have each other…*And with a look at you sleeping beside him, a sense of resolve, determination takes him over. He was going to be the husband you deserved and the best possible father to your child*

Sehun: *Admittedly, Sehun was just drifting off to sleep in your shared bed when you decided to tell him, all he really processed was you saying “I” and “baby”*
Sehun: hahaha, very funny. Yes, I’m your baby and I am also trying to sleep.
You: No, Sehunnie, listening to me…*you rubbed his back and he finally looked at you in dark of your bedroom* I’m pregnant, we’re having a baby.
Sehun: *his face immediately went blank as his eyes got big. You didn’t see color drain from his face.* But we’re still so young… I’m still so young… I’m just a baby, how can I be a father to a real baby? Are we ready for this? Am I ready for this?
You: Sehun? Say something… *You said in an incredibly quiet voice. You expected it to be a shock to him but… You needed to be able to rely on him, too*
Sehun: So…we’re going to have a family, and there’s going to be a tinier version of us around?
You: Yes, something like that…
Sehun: We’re going to have a family.
You: Yes! 
Sehun: *without any warning, a smile burst out on his face. He liked the idea of having a family with you. That made him happy. He immediately grabbed you, pulling you against him and whispered in your ear* We’re having a family.