celebrities caught out

Being a celebrity does not automatically omit you from societal obligations, like following the rules laid down by governmental and state bodies.

Celebrity status does not excuse stupid, dangerous or illegal activities you commit, or are a party to; nor does it omit you from responsibility for the actions, and consequences.

I don’t understand why people don’t get that.


Being a celebrity basically makes you the popular kid at school.

To continue the metaphor, if you punch a teacher in the face or steal say, a projector (I’m not sure why you would want to, but people do random things all the time), that popularity isn’t going to stop them from dragging you to the Principal’s office for punishment.

Because you’ve gone against school rules… and no amount of popularity should be able to exempt you from it; you’re as equal as anyone else in this scenario.


Currently, everyone’s up in arms about Beiber… some that he’s finally got what’s coming to him; I, personally, was hoping he might see it as a wake-up call to grow up and realise that everything has a consequence. Others are crying and raging about him being called out for his illegal behaviours, because he apparently ‘doesn’t deserve it’.

If a cop pulled anyone over in that particular scenario, they’d do the same thing; you’d be arrested, incarcerated (until bail was posted/you were released to parental custody/they determined you were no longer under the influence/whatever the specific legislated process is mandated in this scenario), and then summoned to court to face a judge and/or jury for trial.

BUT… this isn’t the first time the world has defended a clearly-in-the-wrong celebrity simply because they loved them/admired them.

Gossip mags are FILLED to the Brim with cases of celebrities being caught out doing wrong things; and always, their fans respond with a mixture of 'finally, maybe now they’ll see sense’ or 'oh no, poor baby, you obviously didn’t do that!’

Look at the Chris Brown/Rihanna debacle; he was clearly in the wrong, but his fanbase defended his violent assault on her.

Yet, if the bloke next door or your best friend’s boyfriend, perpetuated the same level of harm to their partners… what would your reaction be?
There wouldn’t be a 'poor baby, you didn’t mean to’ reaction, that’s for damn sure… you would be furious at them, shocked perhaps, believe that the police had every right to arrest them… etc.


In any case, although this is not the first (or most likely not the last) scenario where a fanbase has completely disregarded the seriousness of a crime/situation their favourite celebrity has found themselves in…

The point is, it’s a very dangerous mentality to have.

'It’s okay because they’re a celebrity and we love them’ just won’t hold up in court.

honestly sick of the culture of trying to catch women slipping up not looking their best… like all those pictures of female celebrities SHOCKINGLY caught walking out the door in a T SHIRT AND JEANS with NO MAKE UP ON!! or all the “Kylie Jenner is a catfish” jokes like shut the hell up women are allowed to exist without first putting together their best outfit and painstakingly perfecting their makeup and hair so you can enjoy ogling them more