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Happy Birthday, Xiumin!!!


This little fluffball is literally the sweetest thing and we are so blessed to have him!

I feel like in a lot of ways, Minseok is underrated. He is an amazing dancer, singer, rapper, actor and the high-note king. Minseok said before that he thinks not having a talent is probably his talent, and honestly that’s probably true. Because he can do anything. So although he doesn’t have a talent that really stands out like the others, he’s talented in all kinds of ways, which ultimately might be even better.

I really want to tell him that he shouldn’t push himself so hard. He always goes on a diet and tries to get skinnier but honestly he’s fine as our little Baozi! That’s what makes him adorable. He always tries to be perfect in any situation, but I really want him to take it easy. Everyone makes mistakes, no one can be perfect. Fans will love him for him, so he should just be himself.

Thank you for being our lovely and cute Xiumin and for working so hard. You are truly amazing.

Plus all the Xiuchen 😝

I wish you a very happy birthday! And for me you are still 27, not 28 😉

There are some birthdays coming up that we’ve never celebrated on the show before that are going to finally be celebrated. It’s Oliver’s. Why not? It’s not going to be what you think it’s going to be, though, as is our standard.
I accidentally came out today

So, the story goes as following: me, my parents, and a wife+husband family friends were celebrating the wife’s birthday.

For dessert, we had something topped with raspberries, and for those who wanted, almonds.

Wife: “Stone, you don’t like almonds, do you? I just have this feeling that you don’t.”

Me: “You’re right, I’m not very fond of almonds.”

Which is when my dad pulls a pun. A really shitty pun. Based on me being a lesbian.

See, in Swedish, almond is “mandel” while “man del” can be translated as “man part”. So my dad. My dad…

Dad: “She doesn’t like ‘man part’ either!”

And I just fucking lost it. I couldn’t stop laughing at my dad’s shitty pun on me being a lesbian. I mean, I’ve suspected that he and mom suspected the whole “not straight” thing, but… Oh boy, did not expect that!

Wife: “Oh, well, you hasn’t decided on that, has you?”


Me: “Yes, I have.”

Wife: “Oh, that’s fine then.”

and then they made a joke that I needed to find some ‘woman part’ instead.

sdfghjk I’m still laughing about it, omfg. I wish everyone else could have an equally funny/nbd coming out as I did.

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All I wanted for this DLC was a cute route where we could celebrate Zen's birthday and be romantic af and maybe throw a few pranks in here and there but no we had to have this weird as hell high on drugs experience lmao.

Yeah poor Zen. I was really hoping for something sweeter.

Instead it was like following Zen the white rabbit down the damn rabbit hole and Saeyoung the Cheshire Cat just fucked with my mind the whole time

Swing Dancing

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 750
Warnings: Fluff.
Challenge:  This was written for @wi-deangirl77‘s Follower Celebration and Birthday Challenge.  My song was “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera.

Authors Note: This was meant to be smutty to go with the song but I’ve written so much smut today that I just don’t have it in me to write one more sex scene so I went with fluff. I’m sorry !

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April - Fandom Birthdays

Heya everyone!!!

Here are your Fandom Birthdays for April - please add them to your personal calendar and send these lovely people some love on their birthdays…..

- April 18        @yryssss
- April 21        @lgtwinkie99
- April 22        @jcc04220
- April 29        @coal000

I know it sounds weird, but even if you don’t know the person, let’s spread a little love. It’s always great getting messages on your birthday!

Anyways, if you would like to be added to the calendar or would like to be tagged in the future, please send me a message and I’ll happily add you.

Have an amazing weekend xx

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I was going to make a wasted gif out of Amethyst’s marvelous falling but apparently my gif generator isn’t working.

So gems either actually have stomaches, or Amethyst is just exaggareting.

Steven i don’t think magical alien rocks celebrate birthdays.


oh my god is this what this episode is gonna be

i’m so fucking down for that.

Also Amethyst is like, just sitting there in the background and… dying

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Isn't there supposedly a super sad end

I think so but I haven’t looked too much into it like why. I’m not a huge Zen fan but it’s his bday like this should be a DLC about happy times and celebrating and also birthday sex like…not Jumin high on fucking catnip and Yoosung being eaten alive by birds like Cheritz why are you like this why did you do this.

Two ovulation smiles today. I was going to use a cheapie strip but they’re apparently incredibly expired. By about 7 months. So I didn’t cross with one of those.

Gonna do some BDing before celebrating Deans birthday (was yesterday) with our friends and going to see Logan! I’ve got preseed and we are going to try that. This is the first time I’ve actually surged and not just had “high fertility” for weeks so that’s pretty exciting!!

Adjusting the tracking apps today I guess.

Also I just started watching Good Girls Revolt and am loving it!

Okay Garnet looks absolutely adorable with this cape.

How are you going to traumatize her, Steven?

I mean i’m sure Garnet can’t fit in these and that’s just making it even funnier oh my god

Pearl is so fucking traumatized oh my god Steven.

Yeah, finally someone spoke up.

Steven’s enthusiasm is great, but he is basically making them enjoy something which they don’t even understand, without asking whether they want these parties or not. Birthdays are fun as you are young but once grown up it just becomes uninteresting and useless to celebrate your birthdays.

I don’t know where Steven is going here, but this might be a good oppurtinity for him to learn that not everything is fun and games.

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We really should celebrate birthdays together though that would be fun...

No, no. I think you should celebrate your birthday with your family and friends. Not with a stranger like me. But I will wish you a happy birthday of course !



Today we celebrated Miyoko’s 7th birthday by having a little birthday party. Her birthday isn’t until March 27 but we thought it would be great to celebrate today with a Minnie Mouse Fashion Show. Miyoko and her friends got to wear pretty dresses and walk down the catwalk. Her friends seem like they had a lot fun walking down the catwalk and dressing up. I’m glad Miyoko enjoyed herself and I can’t believe how big she’s getting :(. By the way, thanks for all her friends for coming, (especially the triplets: @reevespieces. You know their like best friends lol)