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Follower Art Raffle!

A few days ago I reached 1000 followers and I just want to say again how happy I am to share my passion for FE with all of you guys. It’s worth celebrating I’d say!
I already mentioned I’d do a raffle/giveaway when I reach 1000, but I was unsure about the prize. I’ve decided now though: I’ll be randomly picking 10 followers from those participating in the raffle and draw you a sketch of your choosing! It can be FE or something completely different, it’s your call! For this you’ll need to have your ask box open so I can contact you. ^^

So how to participate:

  • You must be a follower (Please don’t follow and join just to get free art and then unfollow after the raffle is done. This is for my lovely, supporting followers)
  •  1 like = 1 entry, 1 reblog = 1 entry!
  • I’ll be picking the winners on 25th(next Wednesday) in the evening and inform them asap!

What you can get:

  • 1 sketch with a subject of your choosing. It can be a single character or a couple, but I won’t do more than 2 in one!

One last time; thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the positive notes, sweet feedback and your enthusiasm to send asks!

MoC HaoQi Box got here!!!

*squeeing commences*

Bags and boxes!!

Cute shoes!!

SD sized houndstooth pants… they’re a little busy lol

I should have positioned these eyes better…

An Egg..?


(His temporary name is totally gonna be Egg tho lmao)

I also got a ton of promotional pictures which are gonna be used as celebrity photos in my YoSDs doll room :D


First of all, I’m honestly so thankful for each and every one of you and that you chose to follow me, I can’t believe there’s more than 1000 of you now bkjdhsddf
So to celebrate it, we’re doing blogrates and headcanons! But first of all, I’d just like to include my fav blogs that I’m following always & forever, every single one of these cuties deserves all the love ♡♥♡♥ (bolded are friends & favs) in no particular order because the abc is hard

@kaspbrats @eddierichietozier @reddie-for-death @eddiekaspbraked @eddiesrichie @notmyfricnds @staanuris @mike–hanlon @kcspbraks @kasprak @wolfhardsgrazer @wyattghouleff @richietozzzier @paper-boats-floats @darknesswithrainbow @edsrich @richietozivr @polaroidreddie @gazebo-party @80srichie @richietoziersglasses @incorrectitquotes @ready-for-reddie @lxsersclub @eddiekasp @gazebhoes @werewolftozier 

if i left anyone out i’m so sorry? shout at me in my askbox so i can include you
Send me an ask with your favorite headcanon or AU idea and I will probably go off and scream about it add my thoughts to it and rate your blog


☆ you must be following me (i’ll check because i’m petty lmao)
☆ reblog this post so others can join
☆ send me an ask with a headcanon or au idea, if you don’t want to do that then tell me about your day/ask a question/whatever you want really, the point is always to interact!
☆ if this doesn’t get notes we all forget it happened ok
☆ format is under the cut 

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I’ve just turned 22 and decided to draw some Shinsengeese on such occasion :’D Best way to celebrate one’s birthday, hehe. They don’t want to let me go and feel at home in my mind… I’m really grateful to everyone who follows me, talks to me, discuss different things (stories/tea/geese/etc), likes and comments my drawings :> It’s truly precious and inspiring, guys. I’m also interested in what you follow/started following me for, so tell me if you feel like it :>

[ Happy Birthday, Ariel! ]

Today was a special day. Guests had already begun to arrive to Ariel’s first birthday party, celebrating her turning five years old. She’d come home from Pre-K a little early to get ready for the party, and now she was front and center, chattering away with the other kids as they arrived and handing out party hats and kazoos.

There were pink, gold, and mint colored balloons and party favors everywhere. There was a table low enough for the kids to help themselves to treats, and there were burgers on the grill outside. A hamburger-shaped piñata hung out in the backyard, and there were several games scattered throughout the yard as well as inside.

Ariel Wingstrom was five years old today, and looked every bit a princess in a yellow chiffon Belle dress they’d gotten just for her birthday. Instead of slippers, though, she wore a pair of sneakers, just in case she decided to show off some skateboarding skills on the sidewalk that led to the shed out back, or if she planned to outrun everyone in a game of tag.

Gentry was grateful for the help he’d gotten from his friends to pull this together at the last minute, and he was definitely having a good time. He looked up after snapping a few photos. Thanks for coming,” he said, smiling at the dad that approached. It really means a lot to us both that you could make it.”


ok so i just got my laptop back and only for a week, and im nearly at my next hundred followers which is. completely and utterly unbelievable. it’s amazing and i can’t express enough love i have for you guys who somehow follow me. so, to celebrate me getting my laptop back and my almost-milestone, i thought i’d try my hand at blogrates! (which i hope won’t flop)


  • mbf this mess of a girl💞
  • reblog this post (likes count only as bookmarks!)
  • shoot me an ask with at most 2 of the below, and maybe a little bit about your day?
  • 💫 for a regular blograte, ☁️ for a blog compliment, 💦 for an aesthetic blograte, or 🔥 for a fandom-based blograte!
  • blacklist ‘steph does blogrates’ if you don’t want to see this

formats for the blogrates are below:

regular blograte💫:

url: not my fandom | pretty cool | i like it | it’s so good i’m jealous | i want to steal it omgg👀

icon: not sure what it is | it’s nice | it’s quite pretty | it’s downright gorgeous | hooooly your icon is g o a l s

theme: not my type | it’s alright | really pretty | dazzling | i’m in love

posts: not my fandoms srry | really nice | quality posts | your posts are GOALS | your content is absolutely perfect 

overall: you’re amazing but just not my type | a great blog overall | absolutely stunning | i am so in love | you’re literally perfect omg 

am i following: not yet but you’re really wonderful | i am now | how was i not following you before | yeeesss ofc | is that even a question YES FOREVER AND EVER

aesthetic blograte💦:

season: spring | summer | autumn | winter

nature: earth | grass | trees | flowers | waves | lakes | mountains | fresh air | clouds | breeze

weather: sunny | cloudy | rain | storm | thunder | lightning | humid | blizzard

space: galaxy | nebula | supernova | stars | asteroid | planet | black hole | moon

fandom-based blograte🔥:

book: the last olympian | six of crows | city of heavenly fire | a court or mist and fury | clockwork princess | mark of athena | empire of storms | lord of shadows | cinder | ignite me

female character: annabeth chase | inej ghafa | isabelle lightwood | cress darnel | juliette ferrars | tessa gray | nina zenik | aelin galathynius | emma carstairs | feyre archeron | cinder linh | piper mclean

male character: magnus bane | percy jackson | carswell thorne | kaz brekker | jem carstairs | will herondale | chaol westfall | dorian havilliard | ty blackthorn | jason grace | rhysand | jesper fahey

ship: percabeth | malec | kanej | warnette | herongraystairs | solangelo | wesper | wolflet | kitty

species: human | demigod | shadowhunter | fae | warlock | witch | grisha | vampire | werewolf | cyborg

continuing the lazy chibi theme from last year! but this time with my aged up designs =D/

there have been rough spots in this fandom, but despite that, i am not sorry i joined :D i’ve met a lot of great people and made some very good friends, and tbh i’d go thru hell for you ppl :’D so i’m glad to spend another year enjoying and celebrating miraculous with everyone ;0;/


The only one who can win against me is me!: Victor’s B-Day Special

An almost 2-month late update to:

Parts 1-5 of this Young!Victor -> Yuuri <- older!Victor comic series.

Happy Birthday, (both!) Victors! <3 May your days be filled with lots of Yuuris <3