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“Burr you disgust me.”

For the Anon who asked me to draw a Modern AU, I don’t know if that counts but that’s a modern Angelica! Seriously asking me to draw modern AU is the best way to see the character with sidecuts and super eccentric looks!

I had no idea what I was doing when I was coloring this but I really like the result!

Also I apologize, it’s still rough around the edges and unfinished but I am very tired and if I don’t post it now I never will!

EDIT: OH MY GOD I’m so tired I completely forgot, I reached 200 followers today THANK YOU ALL I LOVE YOU!!!

anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcannon with warren abt going camping w/ him?

Yay!! my first celebratory request! thank you for sending this in:)

  • Doesn’t like going camping
  • has v pretty white wings he doesn’t want to get dirty
  • If you want to tho he will 
  • you have to set up camp yourself bc Warren is a rich boy who couldn’t tell an evergreen from an oak
  • tries his best
  • he tangles everything up
  • You give him the important job of finding kindling so he’ll get out of your hair
  • He hates sleeping on the ground bc it irritates his wings
  • It’s all worth it to him bc he loves the way you look in the light of the fire
  • he also likes ‘conserving body heat’ as he likes to call it at night
  • he spoons the crap out of you.
  • by the time you’re done you are both sore messes and you remember why you didn’t go camping often
  • but it was still fun and you’re glad you got to spend time with Warren out in the woods.

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xxxneonsoundxxx  asked:

Congrats on all the followers dear! Celebratory songfics? Could I request one using the song Open Your Eyes by Tha Los? Perhaps with a scenario where Koganei is trying to comfort his crush, who has just had her heart broken by another person.

My first request for Koganei! I just love that cat boy so much! Thanks for requesting, I hope you enjoy it! And thanks for the congratulations!

Open Your Eyes by Tha Los – Koganei

“Oh Koga, what is wrong with me?” you practically wail throwing yourself dramatically on your bed.

Koga would be snickering at your theatrical display but he knows you well enough to be aware this is no joke; you truly believe something is wrong with you because that idiot broke up with you. Koga already didn’t like him simply for the fact that he was with you and Koga wasn’t. Call him petty if you like, that’s how he felt though he tried to be as supportive as possible while stuffing down his own feelings to the balls of his feet.

I see you in the lonely place

How could you be so blind

You still regretting the love you left, left behind

But looking at you now, curled up in a fetal position, tears streaming down your face, he sees just how much he hurt you. Not one usually given to violence, Koga is startled by his intense desire to deck this guy in the face; or at the very least bribe Kagami-kun to do it. He shakes his head to dispel his irritation; you don’t need that right now.

I seen you go through the changes

Sitting alone each night

Are you expecting to find the love, love that’s right

Sitting on the bed, his hand lands on your shoulder, his grip firm but gentle as he murmurs, “_____-chan, there’s nothing wrong with you.”

Your eyes flick up to his face, pain smeared across your countenance. “Then why did he break up with me?” you whine. “I mean, I thought everything was going perfectly!”

Darling open your eyes

Let me show you light

Girl you never find a love that’s right

Koga grits his teeth and holds his tongue as his hand mindlessly finds its way into your hair to stroke comfort into your body. He sees your shoulders relax slightly from his touch, gratified that he can provide you some relief however minor.

Suddenly, he’s overcome with a rush of confidence to confess his feelings for you. He’s been caught up in waiting for the perfect moment but realizes such a thing doesn’t exist. There is no perfect moment to put a decade’s long friendship on the line by confessing deeper feelings. There is no perfect time to take the longing of his heart and pull it out into the open, to leave it vulnerable to your scrutiny.

There are times when you need someone

I will be by your side

I’ll take my chances before they pass, pass me by

But just as he’s about to open his mouth to do so, it occurs to him that now would be the absolute worst moment to do this. What if you think he’s patronizing you? Or that he’s using your weakness to his advantage? Could you ever think those things about him? The very thought makes his stomach flip uncomfortably and he has to hold back a grimace.

Apparently, he doesn’t do so very well because you catch the change in his expression, feel the tenseness in his body he wasn’t even aware he was displaying.

“Koga? Are you ok?”

Momentarily distracted from your own pain in favor of inspecting his obvious discomfort you lean up on your elbow, your proximity making Koga’s heart skip two beats before racing like a jack rabbit. Your gaze has him locked in an unbreakable hold and he doesn’t know what to do. His throat feels raw, the effort to speak so difficult that he merely takes in a shaky breath, exhaling it slowly to mingle with yours.

“Koga, you’re scaring me, what’s wrong?”

“______-chan,” he begins, voice low and gravelly, very unlike his usual cadence, “what…what do you see when you look in my eyes?”

“Huh? What do you mean?” you ask confused.

His hand cups the side of your face, his touch sending an unexpected shock coursing through your body that makes you jump in surprise but you don’t pull back. If anything, you lean involuntarily into the embrace of his palm. “Can’t you see the way I look at you?”

Oh darling, there is a light that shines

Special for you and me

You need to look at the other side, you’ll agree

Koga’s eyes are burning feverishly, so hotly that you want to look away but you don’t dare because you know this is important, this is something huge and significant happening and you don’t want to miss it no matter how much it scares you. But why are you scared? This is just Koga, your best friend. The guy who makes you laugh when you’re crying, who helps calm you down when you’re struggling to get through homework and projects and tests, the guy who works so hard for his team but always makes time for you, the guy-

Your thoughts cut off abruptly, eyes widening as the realization of just who you’re looking at finally hits you. This isn’t just Koga.

This is who you’ve been looking for and all along he’s been right in front of your face the whole time.

Darling open your eyes

Let me show you the light

You may never find a love that’s right

You lean forward, lips barely touching his but the contact snaps the thin thread of control Koga has been clutching to. He surges forward, knocking you flat on your back once more, his body half covering yours as his lips caress yours firmly in a sultry kiss. The hand on your face trails to the back of your head, gripping your hair as he nips your bottom lip.

Your mouth parts instinctively but you feel him hesitate, unsure he should go on.

“Koga,” you whisper, encouragement, you hope, lacing your tone.

The message gets through and he dives back in, this time with no pause, tongue rolling against yours sending heat throughout your body. You clutch at the back of his shirt, a slight moan escaping making your cheeks erupt in flame.

He releases your lips, but keeps his forehead pressed to yours, both of your breaths coming out in short, sharp pants.

When you finally open your eyes, it’s to find him staring down at you, a placid smile on his face.

“Is it safe to say, you can see me now?” he asks and you nod, pulling him down in a fierce hug.

“You’re all I want to see from now on,” you confess and he tightens his grip.

Maybe now was the perfect time after all.

whoa, celebratory request time!

so this happened:

I cannot believe that over 2000 of you follow this blog. I never expected it to happen. I’d like to thank you all for following and reblogging, and sticking in here :).

and I figured that an occasion like that calls for celebration. I’ll fill the requests of first 10 people who will leave them in the askbox.

now, a few rules:

  1. one request per person. and pls, don’t be an ass and don’t leave one request from your profile and second one on anon, okay? 
  2. I’ll make gifsets or capspams. (pls, don’t ask me for graphics, I suck at them. I really do.)
  3. and I guess that if someone requested a fanmix, I could make one as well.
  4. you can request anything you want, as long as it’s connected to River. you can request gifs from a certain scene, or your favourite moments, or something inspired by a song/quote, something inspired by wibbly-wobbly challenge, hell, even AU. anything you want. just take under consideration that if something is a bit more complicated - an AU gifset for example - it’ll take me a bit more time to complete. 
  5. just please, make your request as specific as possible. 
  6. once your request is filled, it’ll be posted on this blog. I’ll either tag you or send you a message to let you know it’s done :). 
  7. if I fail to make what you requested, because for example I’ll run out of ideas or someone else already requested it - I’ll contact you and you’ll get to choose one more time. 
  8. I think that’s it. so if you want to request something, now it’s your time :).