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☆.。.:* a collection of moments tht make junhui, junhui! .。.:*☆

there is a lot i want to thank you for. the list is endless. to keep things simple, thank you for your optimism, your selflessness and your determination. you’ve taught me a lot about what it means to be happy, what it means to be kind and even persevering, which are things i struggle to teach myself. your innocence is beautiful as well as the gifts you share.

so happy b-day junhui lov u lol. drink lots, contact ur fam, have a nice nap, i will still be supportin u when u wake up!! ♡

the pull of the tides (m)

↳ surfer au

pairing: park jimin | reader
genre: fluff, light smut
word count: 12,513
description: The expanse of the deep blue sea has always drawn you in. Each ebb and flow of the tides never ceasing to take your breath away. And now, a boy with hair as light as the morning sun and a smile just as bright does too.
author’s note: i dedicate this to @workofteaguk ‘cuz look girl, it’s finally here! and i also dedicate this to @jamlessness because you told you have yet to write a jimin fic so i wrote one for the two of us! okay, and @wonhopes too because i subjected her to read over this thing kjddghsjdkh <3

also, bless this post for the inspiration!

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When you were young, you begged your parents to take you to see the beach. This was your family vacation suggestion every year. All because you wanted to feel the sand between your toes and slip between your fingers and to watch each grain land right back where it was meant to be. And much like those grains of sand falling away from you, those trips seems to go by, and eventually they ceased the older you got.

Since then, being a prime age of twenty now, you’ve long since yearned to return to the beach town you’ve come to know and love for more than its seaside views.

With school out for another few months and nothing but time to kill, you’re actually more than ecstatic to take up a summer job at Bang’s Snack Shack. It’s directly across from the shores, and the view is absolutely amazing. You can see the way the sun reflects against the waters when it’s high up in the sky and when it goes down. The rays of orange and yellows bounce off the blues in a pretty swirl with small dots of people enjoying the waves on long boards. Each of them practically floating as the blue hues carry them across the vicinity until they’re in the safe confines of the wading area.

You enjoy the sight of surfers though you’re definitely no surfer yourself. You just find their ability in skimming the waters on a long piece of polished and colored wood amazing, especially when they’re at the peak of the waves build-up, and suddenly they’re coming back to the sands with bright eyes and grins to match on their sun-kissed skins. There’s just something beautiful in their enamored states, and although you can never truly understand it, you’re happy to witness it with your own two eyes until a customer snaps you back to reality.

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anonymous asked:

I /almost/ turned in my Klance fan fiction instead of my assignment to one of my teachers

LMFAO you’re veryyy lucky that was an “almost” situation…. some of us aren’t quite that blessed…….

this ask may or may not have unlocked a tiny chapter of my cringey backstory so now it’s story time. (i’m so sorry lmfao)

about a year ago, i was putting the finishing touches on a paper for an art class… it was the last assignment of the semester and VERY important. also around that time, i had recently discovered the magic of a silly little swimming anime known as Free! and quickly fell into makoharu hell. therefore, at some point i wrote a short little fanfic about them and saved it away on my computer/AO3 never to be thought of again. 

the art paper was due at midnight and i finished a tiny bit early by like 10pm, so i sent the document and ran off to make celebratory rainbow cupcakes (they were fuckin rad and i highly recommend)

after my first batch of cakey delights came out of the oven, my phone buzzed and told me i had an email from my professor. “wtf, it’s like 11pm” i asked myself….. but then i read the email and died inside.

it read:

“good evening! 

i received your email, but i’m confused. you’d told me that your paper was going to focus on the italian painter taddeo di bartolo, but all i’m seeing is haru and makoto being oblivious to their feelings. 

please send the correct document before midnight, thank you.”



“your story was cute but i’m more of a rinharu girl, myself”


Fic: A Different Kind of First Time

Summary: Sequel to my fic “Just Once,” but can be read as a stand-alone. Phil has only ever had casual hook-ups in the past and so has never had sex without a condom. Now in a relationship with Dan, he experiences it for the first time.
Word Count: 4.5K
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Smut, Established Relationship, Smut, Fluff, Smut, Romance, Smut, Barebacking, and some Smut
Author’s Note: Quite a few people started following my blog after my last 2 or 3 fics were posted, and those fics were all very fluffy, with only hints at the things that go bump in the night. So scroll on by, little lambs, if you don’t want to learn some fun new vocabulary words. I promise to post some non-smutty fluff again soon. (Also, this fic is dedicated to Gilove2dance, who suggested the idea in a comment on “Just Once” on AO3.)
You can also read this fic on AO3 here

A Different Kind of First Time

Phil couldn’t seem to stay focused on anything today. He’d tried working on ideas for a new video, but just couldn’t keep his mind on topic. He settled on the sofa with his laptop for a while, trying to answer some tweets on Tumblr, but couldn’t think of anything clever or silly to say. He and Dan had gone out separately this morning, but Phil had gotten home first and Dan’s prolonged absence was driving him a bit mad. He made himself a cup of coffee and sat again on the sofa, one leg jiggling up and down in agitation.

When he heard Dan’s steps on the stairs, he sat up a little straighter in anticipation. When Dan unlocked the door and came in, Phil greeted him with a big smile. Dan blinked for a moment, then smiled back, closing the door behind him.

“What are you so happy about?” Dan asked suspiciously.

Phil shrugged, looking away, then smiled a sort of little private smile to himself before meeting Dan’s eyes again. His attention was caught by the pink box in Dan’s hands. “What’s that?”

Dan grinned. “Do you know what today is?”

Phil frowned in thought. “Um … Thursday?”

Dan rolled his eyes. “It’s Tuesday, actually, but that wasn’t what I meant. Today is our three-month anniversary … so I got you something.” His smile was a little shy as he offered the box to Phil. Phil opened it to find a cupcake with red frosting inside.

“Can I eat it now?” he asked with childlike enthusiasm, and Dan nodded. Phil took the cupcake out of the box and took a big bite. He groaned in pleasure. “Red velvet!” he mumbled with his mouth full.

“I know it’s your favorite,” Dan replied, looking pleased that his gift was so appreciated.

“Do you want a bite?” Phil offered, holding the cupcake toward Dan, but Dan shook his head.

“It’s for you. Because you’ve made me so happy these past three months.” His face was going a bit pink.

Phil set the cupcake down on the coffee table, heedless of the crumbs falling everywhere, and went to Dan, taking him in his arms and kissing him softly with lips sweetened by icing. “Me too,” he said quietly. “So happy.”

Dan stepped away and coughed. “We’re such saps,” he complained, but his pleasure at the attention was obvious. “Now what were you smiling about when I came in?”

“Can’t I just be happy to see you?” Phil asked, looking a little nervous. Dan instantly became suspicious again.

“What’s going on?” he demanded.

Phil went back to the sofa and sat down, his leg starting to jiggle again. He picked up his cup of coffee and took a distracted sip. “It’s been three months,” he said hesitantly.

“I know,” Dan replied. He gestured toward the crumb-strewn coffee table. “Hence the celebratory cupcake.”

“Well, um … you have to wait three months for an HIV test to be really accurate…”

Dan stiffened slightly, figuring out where this was probably going.

Phil continued in a rush, “So I counted back to the last time I had sex with anyone else, and I went and got tested after three months, and I got the results today, and I’m totally clean. No HIV, no STIs, nothing. Totally clean.” Phil glanced up at Dan’s face.

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voltron high school au !!

so me n @pinacoladamatata made this au one night and it got out of hand so,, here u go its a good time

  • Shiro is the cool ta/assistant hockey coach who sees the space crew hanging around and gives them guidance bc they have so much potential but omg kiddos if u could just,,, work together and apply urself,,, do it for shiro he wants whats best for u 
  • Allura is the v tall and beautiful transfer student who gets straight As bc she just never sleeps ((the mom friend))) always ready to fight lance
  • Coran is the drama teacher who is Eccentric and is always yellin
  • Lance is such a theater kid lets be real lol. 
  • He always tries out for the lead role but he overplays it so bad so hes always getting the supporting role but he doesnt mind that much bc he has his theater family!! Lance KILLS it at musicals tho he’s such a good singer

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Shelter from Your Storm (Part 10)

Blindspot fanfic.

(Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 |  Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9)

Well, there is a Christmas chapter planned for this story, but we’re not there yet. Turns out I am kind of busy in December. And I am somehow surprised by this every single year. :)

So instead, I give you a fluffy, gratuitous Star Wars reference, because it is my headcanon that teen Kurt Weller escaped from reality to a galaxy far, far away. (Back me up here, @kate-dammit-run!) And also because I was still flailing over Rogue One when I wrote this.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas if you celebrate, and peace & joy & tasty cookies if you don’t (or just prefer cookies). Thanks for being so lovely & supportive of me and all the fic authors out there.

Updates will resume sometime after my hordes of relatives depart & I get to spend a full 24 hours in my jammies…

Jane woke up at her usual time, before the alarm on her phone went off, and stared confused into the pre-dawn darkness. The faint light coming in through the windows was on the wrong side of the room. And then the previous day came rushing back at her.

She sat up and scrubbed her hands over her face. She’d gotten married. To Weller. And he’d sat up watching tv with her until he’d been almost asleep on the sofa beside her. She’d had to nudge him with her elbow to send him off to bed.

And she’d fallen asleep right away and slept all the way through the night with no nightmares.

It might be harder than she’d expected to keep herself from getting too comfortable here.

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Today Prussia made celebratory cupcakes because the world did not end after leap day. They were bird shaped and it took a while to make them all. It was hard but it was all worth it to celebrate the not end of the world. He went around delivering them to all of his friends and confusing them since no one was exactly sure why he made cupcakes.

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"Mycroft Holmes that is not the least bit funny," Greg said when he entered his office and found the British government down on one knee. "Of course it isn't funny Gregory, I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I want the world to know that I'm yours and you're mine. So please say yes to my proposal of marriage," Mycroft told him. "Yes, Mycroft I'll marry you," Greg said smiling. Later that day Sherlock and John showed up at the crime scene with celebratory cupcakes.



It’s been a pretty wonderful and productive Friday.

I put on a fun outfit, had brunch with Sarah, went to the mall, got celebratory anniversary cupcakes for Kev and I (they got a little smushed on the way home, and the rounded out my day with Zumba with Joel!

I thought I might just take it easy today but when my plans to sleep in to at least 9:30 were ruined by me naturally waking up 3 hours before I decided to have a pretty productive day. All that’s left in my day is dinner and attempting to make a cool 4th of July themed cake for Kev’s brother. Fingers crossed it doesn’t end up on Pinterest fails.

Today felt like Saturday so I’m very much looking forward to Saturday # 2 tomorrow!

Also, I really enjoy watching Beat Bobby Flay lately but get irrationally angry every time Bobby Flay wins!

Hope you all have had a lovely day!