I was think about the meal in s11 with a pregnant reader if you can 😂

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“Uh, (Y/N)?”

You ran your tongue against your bottom lip as you eyed the massive scoop of potatoes that plopped onto your plate. Convincing yourself there was still enough room on it for some of more turkey, you shifted towards the serving utensils when you were called once again.

“(Y/N), hellloooo!”

Stopping midway, you glanced over you shoulder at Claire, “Yeah?”

“You, uh, going to leave any for the rest of us?”

Deadpanned at her comment, the carving knife clattered onto the ceramic tray. You eased back into your seat, your gaze not leaving hers. “Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am eating for two,” you remarked as you rubbed you swollen belly.

The awkward tension at the dinner table thickened as the standoff continued. You could see Claire calculating her next words.

“Alright, guys,” Dean coughed and broke the silence, “Darling, I’m sure Claire didn’t mean it in a harmful way.” His voice slightly shook in apprehension. You were nearing the end of this nine-month hell hole, and he was doing everything in his power to keep your raging hormones in check.

“Actually, I did,” Claire exclaimed and threw her hands into the air, “Sorry Dean, but I’m not going to sit around and let your wife turn into a whale because you’re too afraid of getting torn a new one.”

“Oh, we’re going there,” Sam muttered and fidgeted with the napkin on his thigh.

“I - I am not turning into a whale!” you stammered, “And Dean isn’t afraid of me! Right honey?” 

Dean’s eyes grew wide when you directed all your bubbling rage onto him. Anxiously he glanced between your death glare and Claire’s sneer, completely drawing blank as to what to do.

His lack of response fueled your outrage more. “Well fine!” you threw your napkin on top of your full plate and quite quickly managed to push yourself out of the chair, “I’ll just go somewhere else to eat where I won’t be such a bother.”

At that you stormed out of the dinning room and slammed the front door behind you. “Oh crap,” Dean mumbled as he clambered out of his seat and began to run after you, “Wait, babe! It’s cold out there, you at least need your coat!” Claire couldn’t help but giggle as a second slam vibrated through the home.

“Ah,” Jody sighed as she continued to dive into the feast before her, “I love holiday get togethers.”