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“Billy-Ray Sanguine”

A brief bout with a razorblade cut me
I freaked out thinkin’ people didn’t love me
I watched closely as the you I knew forgot me
In letting go I am so proud of what I’ve done

Celebrating Samhain- Tips for the closet or low buget witch

My main goal when sharing the knowledge I’ve picked up over the years is to show other witches easy and simple ways to incorporate their practice into everyday life. In a world where young witches hide who they are and old witches have been caught up in the day to day struggles of a modern life, I want to inspire them to keep following the path in their hearts. So with that in mind here is my list of easy ways to celebrate the spookiest sabbat of the year!

1. Decorate your altar
  • remember it doesnt have to be large and extravagant. Especially if you are a witch with a low budget or a closet witch. A small shelf, a window sill, a hidden area of your bedroom closet, or the base of a tree in your yard or a local nearby park are all acceptable places to set up your altar.
  • you do not have to purchase decorations nor do you have to have a million candles, crystals, or decorative skulls. Witchcraft is a nature based practice, meaning you can feel free to decorate with items you find outside such as: dead leaves, acorns, corn stalks, squash, pretty rocks, ect.
  • all altars are beautiful, don’t get caught up scrolling through tumblr posts of “altar aesthetics” Big, elaborate, and beautiful altars are great, but that doesnt make a small and simple altar any less great.
2. Honor your loved ones who have passed on
  • Samhain is similar to the mexican “Day of the Dead” in the fact that we honor the spirits in the otherworld and remember our ancestry and heritage.
  • ways to honor your ancestors include burning a candle, taking a moment of silence, exchanging favorite stories from the deseased life with loved ones, or any other ways you personally show respect for the dead
3. Bake some Soul Cakes
  • these cookie/biscuit like cakes are really simple and easy to make and can be left as offerings at you altar, at the base of a tree, or at loved ones graves.
  • the simplest recipe I found only needs: 1 stick of butter, 1 ½ cup sugar, 1 ½ cup flour, and 1 egg. First mix the butter and sugar thoroughly and then mix in the flour and egg. Then you use the dough to make little cookies, put them on your baking pan, and cook them for 10-15 minutes at 350°
  • if you want to add more to your soul cakes you can also add: cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, and/or malt vinegar.
4. Prepare yourself for a new year!
  • Along with honoring the spirits of those who have passed before us, Samhain also marks the end of the seasons filled with life and growth. It is the beginning of a season that is dark and dead, but to witches that doesn’t mean anything negative! Its is our new year, and it begins quietly, peacefully, and from a truely blank slate.
  • Now is a good time to cleanse yourself and your tools. So you can begin your year as unburdened and refreshed as possible.
  • take some time to also reflect upon yourself. Congratulate yourself on all the amazing things you have accomplished and forgive your inevitable mistakes. Make peace with your year and open your heart and soul to the future.
I hope I was able to give some other witches out there helpful ideas for this Samhain. As always feel free to add more information and ideas I may have missed. Have a blessed day!

We took Lio to a barbecue last weekend and he did alright at first but was tired and nervous from a full day of travel, disrupted routines, and rain so I let him hangout in the car.

He proceeded to curl himself up into the smallest shape possible and fall asleep.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> i have very high standards<p/><b>Person:</b> hello i am either non-existent or living in another country far away or living a life where both our lives can't intertwine but that's okay we have the Internet and you can see me through pictures and videos.<p/><b>Me:</b> OH NO THEY'RE MEETING ALL MY STANDARDS<p/></p><p/></p>
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HTTYD books: first & last lines

anonymous asked:

When did she admitted about the pr thing 😂 i saw many new thing she confirmed she has stuff we will soon see that she's going to make an album write misic and work on her self great interview so proud i felt so close to her while reading the was so much emotions

yeh I felt close to her too reading it. But as to your first question… ummm… “someone like me, who is in the entertainment industry, which is a huge falsity of its own…” ,   “ …but I refuse to be put into the box of a puppet” , “the group’s image doesn’t really have anything to do with who I am as an individual, as I’m sure a majority of people can understand if they know me or the story of how we were put together on the X Factor” , “… regardless of how the brand has been created’, [on Trump:] “He’s a trained celebrity who understands how to manipulate people for profit” , “I had to abandon myself to be able to truly do this life of fame in the music industry”.

read between the lines - this interview was probably the most open L has ever been about her experience. The gist of it is ‘Yeh i signed my life away when I was 16 and have had be a puppet on a string for the sake of my career, have had to participate in a superficial and dishonest industry, have had no control over how my image was shaped and the role I had to play in the group… But that doesn’t correspond to who I am. I am this, this and this, and this is what I really care about and what I want to use my platform for and how I am going to take advantage of the situation I have been put in.”. That’s how I read the interview. It’s her talking about how she’s turning lemons into lemonade. Or this case more like dog-shit into lemonade. i really loved it.

However small we are, we should always fight for what we believe to be right. And I don’t mean fight with the power of our fists or the power of our swords…I mean the power of our brains and our thoughts and our dreams.
And as small and quiet and unimportant as our fighting may look, perhaps we might all work together…and break out of the prisons of our own making. Perhaps we might be able to keep this fierce and beautiful world of ours as free for all of us as it seemed to be on that blue afternoon of my childhood.
—  How to Speak Dragonese, Cressida Cowell

time to mention all the blogs in this picture, so let’s get going. keep in mind that these are only the blogs that have a pony/dragon OC in their discription. sorry if your OC isn’t in here :/

11-white-dragons was the first to follow me, thanks for sticking around :D
asksweetiestringsblog i still remember you but i’m rather sure you went
ask-jamesheart you good sir are an amazing musician! sorry for drawing you so bad but i had to include you just to say that
tennetgears a unique OC i must say, keep working on drawing ;)
ask-lumineeblue can’t say i’ve met you, but you decided to follow me for some reason so that’s cool 
kitty-kitty-azu you had a cute blog, to bad you stopped after you started :/
askbananapie YUS BANNANS
thebookofeclipse i can’t believe you went offline as well ;_;
kisarathefilly also offline, but perhaps you’ll find this some day regardless
ask-commander-shield-scales yes you, why are you still here! you should be drawing right now!
fingrprints2 holy shit you stuck with me for a long time, thanks for that!
ask-keystar perhaps the most hybrid pony i’ve seen in my life. also i drew you wings backwards… sorry ‘bout that
askwriterstarthings gosh that ponytail is cute :3
ask-thunder-cloud cute OC to bad you don’t draw him often
indigocards trust me you don’t want to know how long i took to draw that hat
shadowfoxsilver i’m pretty sure you and keystar are friends so i put ya together :D
hawaiipon watch out where all that alcohol goes
ask-rye-dimar-dragon phew you’re a hard dragon to draw O.o but you’ve been supporting me since the start so thanks! a lot!
askdarkstorm4522 not so on for alicorn OC’s but whatevs, at least we have the same music taste
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phoenixcrashbolt WHY ARE YOU EVERYWHERE? (your OC is litterally everywhere o.o)
asktheadventurousmare watch out for thos helicopter blades, they’re sharp
ask-arthenityandfriends your design is so cute!
adventuresofshortcircuit are… are you still alive?
ask-speer-and-axel i asked for a picture or discription of your OC but didn’t get one, so i just used your profile picture :/
askhoovesandfeathers you’re a good friend, i really wanna talk more :o
coaldust-the-strange TRAINS, TRAINS EVERYWHERE!
ask-widget are you a robot? can you bake me a cake?
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ask-drak why u no draw anymore, your art was epic!
ask-private-applejack sorry rarity isn’t on that piece of paper, plz don’t shoot anyone…
askdivebomb i’m still laughing about the fact that it took me ages to figure out you had a pony blog xP
ask-duskandholy hope you get out of feeling stressed and such soon ;)
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ask-silver-pallette what is your OC holding in that avatar??
Apocalyponies look at these scars!
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ask-arc-bolt-the-wise can i boop ur nose?
jedi515 the force is strong with this one
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pixthepixel GAME OVER DUDE!
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ask-discorded-princess-luna i’m afraid i could only draw luna i gave her inversed eyes though
oceanspray-replies so are you a fish?
ask-the-awkward-fillies well… this is akward
ask-acepony kindof a strange talent for a pony but i won’t ask questions
l-m-wub that gorgous music though, i put you with the other amazing musician

and that’s it for the list filies and gentlecolts, the size didn’t fit perfectly so the last panel doesn’t connect xD i don’t care fuck it!
story updates will be coming out again, hopefully the story can finally improve from it’s current state (boring and really uneventfull)
thank you all for dropping by!

Two Steps - Part 3

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone’s having a good week. Here’s part 3 of Two Steps. I know this one is kind of involved timeline wise and there are little bits that are referenced in the past that come up again in the future so things can get confusing so I’m going to TRY to put the links for all the parts at the top of every part. We’ll see how that goes. 

Part 1   Part 2

Part 3:

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