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An early birthday for my precious son, KEITH, if I could shower you in as much lover as much possible because you deserve. 

Happy 20th, Pokémon anime!

I can’t believe my birthday falls on the same day as the anniversary of my favorite series - It has been such a constant part of my life since the beginning and the main reason how I got into Pokémon in the first place.

Thanks for all the fun memories and here’s to many more!! ✨✨

Humans Are Weird

Okay so I wanna make my own ‘humans are weird’ posts cause I love that this is a thing and I wanna make my own before it diies out.

Okay so like what if aliens don’t understand celebrities being treated as dieties? Like they would probably see all the merchadise and photos and news coverage and fanclubs that accompany celebrities and might understand it the same way they would with religion. Like an alien sees a bunch of posters of a celebrity in a human’s room and asks about it and then the human says

“Oh them? That’s (insert celebrity name here)! They’re amazing! I’d be soo excited if I ever got to meet them. 

The alien would proably think that meeting the celebrity was some special privilige only granted to the few that the celebrity deems worthy and that’s why humans freak the fuck out whenever meeting a celebrity. 

So like imagine that an alien, with the understanding that celebrities are beings with very high influence and power in society, met a celebrity.

Like an alien was visiting earth and then miraculously saw Beyonce on the street. The alien would only know how to react in terms of how they see crowds react on tv and how humans talk about celebrites

The alien would probably bow down and then say “Its truely an honor to meet you! I understand you have great influence in society! If it is not too much trouble, your majesty, would you please write your name on a piece of paper?”


Ash and Pikachu embark on their 20th big-screen adventure in Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! Check out the teaser trailer, preorder tickets, and learn how you can celebrate with some very special Pikachu! http://bit.ly/2eOLv3H

bittyholtz celebrity AU

(((because i can’t ever have great writing ideas for normal pairings or situations that people care about)))

anyways AU where holster is a famous singer-songwriter, he’s probably got a Grammy at this point, and oh man he’s definitely considered a heartthrob (I’m picturing like the musical equivalent of lorde and the teen sex icon equivalent of shawn mendes) and decides he wants to take time away from his career to go to college (which is why he’s 22 as a sophomore just like in canon)

he’s very open and social at samwell and even lives in a dorm as a frog so he obviously gets a ton of attention for a while but samwell is small and soon everyone who cares has met him and is just kind of used to it so he can just kinda live his life (except during Tour Season but we’ll put that aside for now)

right at the outset of holster’s frog year he meets and befriends ransom and they really hit it off. best bros. legendary pong partners. ur platonic drift-compatible favs. this is how holster comes to be an honorary member of smh, gets his hockey nickname, and he really Finds His People in the haus. when ransom gets dibs to the attic the next year, he invites holster to share it with him bc it’s Big and holster is a Friend so it’s not like any of the other smh people would object.

enter one eric r bittle. smol gay baker boy who comes to samwell for hockey, ya ya we know that part. the gag is, he’s a HUGE adam birkholtz fan. how can he not be tbh the boy has the voice of an angel and he’s HOT AS FUCK. (and he doesn’t use gendered pronouns in any of his songs so for all anyone knows he could totally be queer which isn’t a lot to go on but bitty can always hope)

holster doesn’t go to the smh games cause he’d get mobbed and he doesn’t wanna take attention away from the teams successes (and he doesn’t know much about hockey anyway). which is why it’s not public knowledge that he’s connected in any way to smh. bitty comes to samwell not really expecting to get to see adam around much. maybe he’ll get the chance to introduce himself sheepishly and say “I’m a big fan” but that’s It

fast forward to bitty’s taddy tour. he gets sidetracked and loses the group as he tends to the nasty kitchen. he’s in the middle of putting his pie in the oven when none other than Adam fucking birkholtz comes home, headphones in, singing some new adele song or something idk, and drops a couple groceries on the counter before going upstairs. bitty is SHOOK and when shitty pops his head into the kitchen to ask what’s up, why is bitty not with the group anymore, bitty just says point blank out loud “sorry i just remembered that im Really Gay” and then hurries out of the haus so he won’t pass out on the nasty kitchen floor

anyways this got WAY longer than i was anticipating and i really wanna write a proper fic of it SO im ending this headcanon here bc im gonna write the shit out of this later toodles

What does KR couples do when they are dating

Couples in KR show that they love each other by doing something different-matching their outfits it’s a way to tell the world that they are in love

Wearing ring on forth finger is clearly symbol of love

The place that couples go on date

Han river

Music concert

Sports game, arcade



Acting like a married couple is normal in KR couples

Celebrate special day


Taking a sweat selca after the date

Carrie Fisher’s Birthday

Dear Carrie,

Today would have been your 61. birthday. I miss you deeply and it makes me sad that we can’t celebrate this special day with you. But you will always be my role model and daily inspiration and I’ll never forget you. Thank you for everything. I love you.

The force will be with you. Always.

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So happy Carrie Fisher day everyone!

Sun in the 5th: protector of children and celebrates childhood as a special period in an individual’s life. actively validates children and promotes them to freely express their identities and creativity. children see a father figure. 

Moon in the 5th: resonates emotionally with children and receptive to their emotional needs, encourages children to convey emotions, imagination and kindness. children see a mother figure.

Mercury in the 5th: connects with children, emanates genuine youthfulness and playfulness. teaches children to be open-minded, animated, ever-questioning and to speak their minds. children see a young sibling figure.

Venus in the 5th: appreciates children and understands how to relate cohesively with them as to accommodate to their needs. advocates to children fairness, creativity and wholesome love. children see a big sister.

Mars in the 5th: defender of children, fights for their right to self-expression and understands the strife of childhood. readily shows children to be spirited, active and independent. children see a big brother. 

Jupiter in the 5th: radiates a jubilant nature to children and preaches to them the importance of “right and wrong(ethics),” exercising the mind and charity. children see a teacher.

Saturn in the 5th: recognizes the lonesome, cautious and withdrawn child. Respects children and vows for their safety and to be providers of support. instructs children to honor patience, perseverance and civil principles. children see a guardian figure, a wise mentor. 

Uranus in the 5th: the liberator and spark of inspiration for children. energetically advocates to children to practice inventiveness, progressiveness, impartiality and togetherness. children see a friend.   

Neptune in the 5th: the divine savior of children. psychic receptivity and sensitivity of children’s needs as to safeguard their welfare. expresses to children the importance of dreams, mercy and universal love. children see a personified sanctuary.

Pluto in the 5th: the wayshower of children. spiritually resonates with the misunderstood and emotionally disturbed child. seeks to empower children, motivates them to embrace change, inner discovery and to critically analyze everything. children see a guardian angel, a psychic therapist.