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5 × 9 What Happened, What’s Going On
5 × 11 The Distance

I am going to lose my mind for the remainder of the time TWD is on air, because our OTP is so wonderful that the moments they are on screen TRANSCEND and exceed my expectations. There has never been a couple who–just by gazing at one another or holding hands–has slain me like Richonne, which is a testament to the raw, organic beauty of this couple. Of course, I LOVE every Richonne moment since they became canon. But, it is a necessary process to pay homage to and CELEBRATE special pre-canon moments right now.

5 × 9: So many horrible events have taken place. TF has just lost Beth and Noah’s dreamy old neighborhood is in shambles. Clearly, Noah is distraught–for obvious reasons. BUT, my dear, sweet Rick Grimes only has eyes for Michonne. Rick is beside himself with how to comfort his love. He physically touches her a couple times in this episode. The touches happen so fast, one might miss them if they blink. But, they’re there. And, these touches signal Rick’s desire, want, and love. I’m sure he was hearing the “Don’t you ever touch me again” refrain from his initial encounter with Michonne. The quintessential climatic Richonne moment in this episode is when Rick proclaims that TF will go to Washington. The looks Rick and Michonne exchange take my breath away. I argue that in this moment they are professing their mutual love and intimacy with a look.

5 × 11: “We need this, so we’re going; all of us,” says Michonne.
“Yeah, we’re going,” Rick replies.

Rick doesn’t believe or CAN’T believe in or trust the prospect of Alexandria, because of everything TF has been through. Every gate, EVERY new community they have chanced upon has ended in turmoil and bloodshed–Woodbury and Terminus are fresh in his mind–herein lies “Feral Rick.” But, as Michonne keeps eloquently expressing herself, “We need to stop. We can be out here too long,” Rick is obliged to acquiesce though he is still struggling.

Rick: “That’s what Bob was trying to tell me back at the church. What to risk, when it’s safe, when to let someone in. The rules keep changing.”

Michonne: “They did for me.”

This superb dialogue and intimate moment culminates with Rick closing his eyes to take in the sounds of Alexandria, as they drive up to the gate. He hears laughter and children playing. Michonne reaches over, places her hand on his hand, and asks if he’s ready. And, Grimes family 2.0 gets out of the car and steps across the threshold of their future.

I honestly believe that Richonne naysayers have never known or may never know HEALTHY, LOVING relationships. I’m not being melodramatic. Every miniscule detail of Rick and Michonne’s relationship–every disagreement, question, conversation, joke, hand-hold or kiss–IS A RELATIONAL EVOLUTION, BLOSSOMING AND OVERFLOWING WITH THE “QUIETER LOVE” MENTIONED BY C.S. LEWIS IN HIS WRITINGS. They are LOVE, HOPE AND COVENANT.

Tumblr! Black History Month is here, and we have some stuff in store to celebrate and honor the achievements of the Black community past and present. There are Answer Times to celebrate Black voices in entertainment and modern civil rights, weekly themed round-up posts to showcase Black excellence found everywhere, video interviews with celebrities and activists, a special Black History Month explore page updated daily with the best BHM posts from all of you, and custom stickers based on the top tags surrounding Black culture on Tumblr in 2016. Take a peek:

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We’ll be rolling this stuff out all over the place on Tumblr, but the Black History Month explore page is live right now. It’s filled with stuff made by all of you, and it’s already pretty great on day one. Happy Black History Month, Tumblr.


Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 6 – Victor prompt – Communication

Bonds Silent Communication

Something I’ve always loved about these two is the sheer amount of silent communication we see shared between them. Even though, contrary to a lot of other things, this is actually something that can be captured in still frames, I felt it would do the scenes more justice to see them in their full glory. So in a first attempt for me to explore new territory, have a gifset dedicated to our favourite couple in celebration of VictuuriWeek 2017. Special guest appearance of their rings in most of the shots. :D

There are times when not speaking can scream louder than any words.

The One With The Interruption
  • *221B*
  • John: *knocks on Sherlock's bedroom door*
  • Sherlock: *in a sexy voice* Come iiiiin. I've been waiting for youuuuu.
  • John: *enters* Hey, I was just wondering- *shouting* for God's sake! *backs runs out in horror* what the hell are you doing?
  • Sherlock: *following, pulling on a dressing gown; annoyed* What does it look like? I was- I was taking a nap.
  • John: *averting his eyes* Since when do you take naps in that position? *groans* tPlease tell me you weren't waiting for me...
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Don't flatter yourself. I'm seeing someone from work *thinking* I'm seeing a woman from work!
  • John: *impressed* That really fit Hopkins woman?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Sure.
  • John: *quickly* Well, in that case, just give me a second and I'll be out of your hair. I'll just get a jacket and when I get back, I don't want to know anything.
  • -knocking-
  • John: *grimaces* Maybe that's her... *approaches the door*
  • Sherlock: *panicking* Okay, umm...
  • John: *opens the door*
  • Sherlock: *relaxes* It's just Grant and Mycroft...
  • John: *frowns* I thought you two were at dinner?
  • Greg: Well, we were! But Mycroft was talking so loudly on his phone they told us to leave.
  • Mycroft: *texting* I had to talk loud because that awful music was loud!
  • Greg: *frowns* It was important.
  • Mycroft: *sighs* They'll be other meals, Gregory.
  • Greg: *narrows his eyes* You'll be lucky.
  • Molly: *entering, happily; flipping a bottle of champagne, giggling to herself*
  • Molly: *sees everyone; suddenly shy* Oh...um... *grins widely; falsely excited* I'm so glad you're all here! My lab finally got new scalpels!

Title: The Edge of the Stars
Author: casuallyhl
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Where: ao3
Word Count: 16k
Rating: N/A
Status: Complete
Summary: Louis laughed. “You think you can convince some random guy to want to go out with me?”

“Oh baby,” Jay chuckled. “I can convince all of the UK to want to go out with you.”

Meet the Parents AU where Harry is the man of Louis’ dreams, and it’s up to Jay to convince him to date her son.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8977837 


As we are sure you guys know, ASTROs 1st year debut anniversary is one day after the release of their special album. To celebrate the special album and our 1st year with ASTRO, it would be nice to give ASTRO the gift of 1 Million views on their new Music Video before their 1st year anniversary ends! So we call out to all Arohas or simply anyone who likes ASTRO to work together and stream and share this music video as much as possible! Let’s all work hard to show our boys how much we appreciate them!


Nick: I’m so glad that I could hang out with you tonight, sweetheart.

Judy: Me too. (giving him a smile)

Nick: You know, A lot of amazing things happened this year. I became a real police officer, and I also fell in love with a bunny. though it’s hard to predict what’ll we be confronted with next year, I’m not afraid since you’re by my side. 

Judy: So do I. (Hugging Nick’s waist)

Nick: Happy new year, Judy…

Judy: Happy new year…

(They shared an long, affectionate kiss with each other.)

Happy new year, guys! I can’t even believe that today is the last day of 2016. Everyone seems to be excited about the New Year’s Eve Celebration. But I, in contrast, have to face the exam… I’m like TT ~~

Anyway, I wish all of you can have a great time celebrating this special moment. Furthermore, I also look forward to the year packed with possibilities and surprises. ^U^ 


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