celebration of mediocrity

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been thinking a lot lately about how (for lack of a better word) ugly men are allowed to be, and still be seen as natural and human, versus the forced maintenance of femininity required of women to be seen simply as human and worthy of respect. we live in a society that celebrates male mediocrity and demands constant performance from women, and idk it just really makes me wanna scream


Florence Colgate has been named the most scientifically beautiful woman in the world. What are your thoughts about this??? Another example of white people celebrating mediocre beauty lmao. She’s beautiful no doubt, but she’s extremely plain as hell. I can find hundreds of girls who look like her at Forever 21. I can also name you white women who look 10x better than her. (Angelina Jolie, Kate moss, Victoria Beckham etc.) Oh, why am I getting Nazi propaganda vibes from this?

man i hate this running internet blast abt moms being bitter and angry re: cooking cleaning dishes laundry.. all the vines and the chat posts and shit. as if moms in this heteropatriarchal society dont deserve, don’t have every right on backpay to be bitter af abt what is easily identified as one of the most familiar and ubiquitous sexist phenomenons. keywords being “housewife”, "devaluing stereotypically feminine work", "the double burden of wage labor and housework", “clocking out just to clock in at home”, “normalized maternal excellence vs. celebrated paternal mediocrity”

why does this get a pass on the collective tumblr critiquing machine. it surely doesn’t deserve it

Confession: Charlie Puth, like Taylor Swift, is a testament to the overwhelming celebration of white mediocrity. C'mon na! I know Black Youtubers who are more talented. And, Meaghan Trainor? For real? Because a white bitch claims to be “bringing booty back”, we all of a sudden forget that Black people invented the acceptance and desire of the curvy body? Brick house, anyone? And don’t lie, I know y'all was at da club talmbout you was “all about that bass” like she didn’t copy that shit from yo Black ass. lol literally. If I hear “It’s been a looong day, without you, my friend” one mo gotdamn time…..I swear. This message has been brought to you by the triggering of an angry Black forced to listen to white mediocrity over the office radio…..Every. Muthaf*ckin. Day.

Nothing that has ever come out of Eminem’s mouth has ever resonated with me. But I also never wanted to kill my mom or brutalize my wife or celebrate white mediocrity or anything , so I may not be his particular fanbase. *kanye shrugs*

Carolina probably didn’t even get birthday parties. Or monthly allowances. Why should she be rewarded for existing? Numerous presents and an entire party all for the stunning feat of having been born. What a joke.

he doesn’t even attend her highschool graduation ceremony. What kind of parent celebrates mediocrity? You want to know what your reward is for not dropping out of highschool??? not getting disowned, that’s what

anyway time to go before the Portugal fans get more insufferable than they already were, I’m not going to be able to handle seeing anyone celebrate this mediocre excuse for a fucking team I hope whoever else gets to the final fucking annihilates Ronaldo’s leathery ass