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The paladins free a planet from the Galra Empire and head down to discuss a diplomatic alliance. They have some down time while Allura and Coran are in extensive negotiations, so they take to the streets of a beautiful golden and pearly city. It’s so weird though, how everyone just assumes Pidge and Shiro are a couple. *Everyone*

Pidge isn’t sure what’s going on, so she grabs Lance’s hand and then asks the nearest Alien if they think she and Lance are dating. They laugh and say of course not, they’re siblings. Pidge is so confused.

Later, at the obligatory ball/gala/celebration party, Pidge and Shiro “accidentally” manage to dance with each other and they discuss what’s been going on. It feels like all eyes are on them.

It’s only when they talk to Allura that they realize that their new alien allies are empaths. They just assumed the two were together because of their extremely deep love for each other.

Matylda Krzesińska as a pupil of the Imperial Ballet School

At the age of eleven, after three years with [ballet master] Ivanov, Mathilde joined the transitional class of Ekaterina Vazem, a former ballerina of the Imperial Theaters who taught slightly more complicated steps. Although Vazem was technically strong Mathilde did not feel inspired as she had learnt all these movements long before. Her interest began to wane. The turning point came in 1885, when the Italian ballerina Virginia Zucchi was engaged by the Imperial Theaters after her successes in Berlin, London and Paris. Zucchi´s Italian virtuosity delighted audiences in St Petersburg, who flocked to see her perform, but it was her dramatic gifts and wonderfully expressive arms that inspired Mathilde. At all costs she resolved to emulate Zucchi.

Two years later at the age of fifteen Mathilde joined the class of the Swedish Christian Johansson, chief teacher at the Theater School, who had once partnered the legendary Marie Taglioni. He was described by one pupil as “sturdy, with a powerful chest, grey hair and thick eyebrows, light-blue eyes, a small hooked nose and a short cut moustache and beard”. In the old tradition he always watered the floor from a watering-can to settle the dust before lessons. He was methodical and regular, accompanied classes on his violin, took copious pinches of snuff and had “extraordinary versatility, ingenuity and variety”. With the example of Zucchi and the inventiveness of Johansson, Mathilde attained a mastery technique, a combination of the grace of the French dancers, the strength of the Italians, with Russian spirit. School reports show that her marks for ballet rose to an average of 11 (”very good”) for aptitude, application and progress in the 1888/9 school year. In 1888 she danced in the anniversary gala to celebrate her father´s fiftieth year as a performer in Warsaw and St Petersburg.

Coryne Hall: Imperial Dancer

anonymous asked:

Can i just say how much i love your holiday aesthetics on how like different they are- not just with the colors but like the difference in culture and feel? Can you like explain your thoughts on each holiday?!!

First off- Thank you! <3 Seriously they are a joy to make and i’m kicking off more important things i definitely should be doing to make this one :3 But i love doing them! And to the next part- oh christ. I put things in pictures os i don’t have to word them but i’ll buzz word it out. 

So here Elemental Holiday aesthetics summed up:

  • Crystalline Gala: Refined celebration, Ballet dancers on grand stages, Ice dancing in congregations to violins and cellos, Beauty to be seen not touched, Children collecting snowflakes on tongues, Ice sculptures standing at every corner, Ball dancing slowly in the snow, Icy drinks and desserts enjoyed in private, Quietly blessing frost on windows.
  • Trickmurk Circus: Dark bold colours worn by all, Circus tops not marquee’s, clown make-up meant to charm and disturb, magicians and gymnasts filling the streets, Strong men and women with beards conspiring over drinks, Children giggling and whispering promising mischief, Circus music echoing night and day rippling chills down spines.
  • Mistral Jamboree: Flying kites at dawn, Floating parades, Singing folk songs round fires, Bunting of rags and rich cloths wrapped round trees, People breezing past one another to reach hill tops, Floaty robes and dresses to dance away in, Gleeful flutes and clinking wind chimes playing in the distance, Boating down rivers floating candles besides you.
  • Wavecrest Saturnalia: Fishing deep into the night, flower lei’s and seaweed skirts, Grand sandcastles decorated greatly, Greeting maven as kin and swimming alongside them, walking hand-in-hand down beaches collecting shells, Steel pan bands joyously giving life to crowds, Diving off cliffs with friends and foe, Trident jousting.
  • Greenskeeper Gathering: Helping farmers pick fruits in newly weaved baskets, Flower crowns on children dancing round maypoles, creating effigy’s from plants and lighting them on fire to ripen the soil below, Offering’s off giant vegetables, Large bands with lutes and guitars playing into the day, Kissing under mistletoe in doorways, The young and the old hedge trimming and creating topiaries together.
  • Brightshine Jubilee: Large masquerades welcoming different crowds to different doors, Poor dressing royally in donated outfits from richer people, Gold-dripping dancers, venetian masks and thickly painted faces, lighting circles of candles outside homes, Marigold’s in hair and sunflowers in pockets, Trumpets and horns announcing every arrival.
  • Thundercrack CarnivaleContrasts of the hard working and the never working, Science shows of ingenious inventions, Technology harnessing energy from the air, Night time carnival, Bright flashing outfits, Glitchy techno-like music bouncing underground in secret, Glowing jewellery and sparking boots, Power surge’s flickering neon lights.
  • Flameforger’s Festival: FIRE EATERS, Street barbecue’s for one and all, Burning passion from every soul, Jazzy people swaying in hidden rooms, Bellowing laughter and drumming music bouncing off walls, fireworks exploding through the air, Salsa dancing at night, People clothed in reds and oranges with large feathers and great trains. 
  • Starfall Celebration: Lovers, friends, and families all gathered to star gaze at night, Wishing upon every flash of light, Mages brewing together under the moonlight, Runes painted on walls and cheeks, Priests and Priestess’ chanting hauntingly to the Arcanist.
  • Riot of Rot: Disguising yourself as diseased and ill, Youth adorning dark masks and creating chaos, Loud punchy music played all around to make walls of noise, Protesting anything and everything, Anarchy in the streets but safety in homes, blood stained flags flying out every window.
  • Rockbreaker’s Ceremony: Gowns and crowns garnished with gems, Children playing with Marbles, Singing and mining down cavernous mines, Playing hopscotch in streets and jumping over cracks in the path, Exchanging rocks for ornaments, Couples skipping stones on water, Forging decorations in furnaces.

Jenna Ushkowitz attends the 4th annual Celebration Of Dance Gala, Los Angeles, July 19, 2014

Might this be one of Jenna’s best looks ever? She looked breathtaking in LA today, wearing a Theia gown and one of her staple Ashlyn’D clutches. Unfortunately, this gown is from 2009 and has long sold out, but make sure to check out the similar gowns we’ve picked out below:

Theia Long Black Dress with Beaded Halter Neckline - No longer available


Jenna Ushkowitz & Mark Salling | GLEE | 4th Annual Celebration of Dance Gala | Red Carpet