celebration liveblog

So shortly after I took that last photo, I headed upstairs to try and make it to a panel I was already running late for, and when I glanced down into the lobby again I noticed that the Kanan cosplayer had put on a trenchcoat and a Hera in a poncho had joined him, and you best believe I booked it downstairs again because–  Kanan and Hera from A New Dawn!!

Edit– This is their instagram!


I feel like this is one of the most underrated Viktor moments in the show, so I’m gonna talk about this for a second. This little speech right here exemplifies exactly why Viktor is as successful as he is, and it’s not just because of his skating. It shows that Viktor is tremendously self-aware too, much more than either of the Yuris, and I personally think that he’s the most self-aware character in the entire show. This is him, acknowledging out loud the cult of celebrity that exists in our society, that most people like to pretend isn’t there. This is him, acknowledging out loud that we, the audience and the fans, we’re important.

Because when you’re a celebrity, your story is not your own.

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Sam is gonna meet with the witch twins and they will teach him witchcraft stuff and be awesome together and he will get them some anti-possession charms and they will be good friends forever, and no one can convince me otherwise.


No, but seriously. Frankenstein, think about it. At some point Rai’s going to find out about how Westerners propose to each other and then you’re going to give Rai another hand-made piece of jewelry (ESPECIALLY IN A BOX LIKE THAT) and Rai’s going to look at it and say ‘Yes.’

Tao’ll hear about this and then decide that he’s taking care of the celebrations. ALL OF IT. He runs off before either of them can stop him. 

He’s disappointed when he finds out they’re not getting married, but somehow the date ends up being something they celebrate anyway.

nah but like i’d be an exceptional sabine wren given that 

  • i’m asian
  • i go to art school
  • am smol
  • will fight u

Some of the TCW/SWR cosplayers I met at SWCO- Part 1 (Part 2)

(I’m going to list who I know, and if you’re in these pictures or know anyone who is, let me know and I’ll add them!)

Thank you for taking a picture with me!