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Money Money Money Money…MONEY!

anonymous asked:

As a celebration for your handshake event w/ Haruppi, how about posting your most fave pics of our favorite Fairy? ;)

We still don’t know if I’ll really be able to go, after all… I might die the day before taking the plane, or the plane might explode because of a terrorist, or it might crash on the ground… You never know (yes, I’m still freaking out :D :D :D)

But, I’m gonna post those pics anyway ‘cause WHY NOT???
(I’m totally gonna post them in order according to my Haruka folder so like from number 1 to number 257 I’m gonna choose which ones I like the best DESPITE I LIKE THEM ALL OTHERWISE I WOULDN’T HAVE SAVED THEM OMG)

(↑also known as “the one where she looks like a kitten”)

(↑also known as “the one where she’s wearing Sakura’s leather jacket” – you don’t believe me? They either have got the same IDENTICAL jacket (which still is super gay) or it must be that Sakura gave it to Haruka because in this very handshake event-day they were wearing the same. faching. jacket)

(↑also known as “Haruka sweating while wearing Katsuzetsu’s costume is my sexuality”) 

(↑kitten again)

(↑and every other single shot from this magazine, I’m not kidding, but can’t post them all or this is gonna become 3km long) 

(↑also known as “the one where she totally really looks like a princess”)

(↑also known as “the one where she looks like an aristocratic person anyway”)

I’m not kidding, there are like other 100 pics I’d like to add, but like I said, there are TOO many and this would become too long HAHA 

Also, let me just–

Sorry, they were in another folder…
The last one is legitimately my all time favorite Sakuruppi picture EVER. I’ll never get tired of looking at it. EVER. 


She’s an angel!!!

Singer Stevie Nicks, along with 27 Medal of Honor recipients, was honored in Washington DC last evening at the USO-Metro’s 33rd Annual Awards Dinner.  Nicks was acknowledged for having spent the most hours visiting combat-wounded servicemen and women. The award was presented to Nicks by Cpl Vincent Mannion-Brouder who was in a coma for over a year.  Nicks has stayed in touch with Mannion-Brouder and his family over the years as he continued his stunning recovery.

As part of USO Metro’s Celebrity Handshake Tour, Nicks also donated hundreds of iPods she personally programmed with music to the returning vets who she spent time with during their recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Medical Center over several years.