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The phoenix
“Its a sign of fire and transformation. The Phoenix lifts our spirits up and up and we begin to recognize ourselves again.”

🌟What is your favorite tarot deck?

Personally, I like to switch it up and I recently discovered the “Animal Spirit” deck by Kim Krans. I feel very connected to these cards in particular because they all portray animals and every animal carries a different kind of energy with them. 🕯

Moon Celebrations

Here’s some ways to celebrate the different phases of the moon:

New Moon -  a wonderful time for launching a new project, meeting new friends, starting a class, or taking up a new hobby

Full Moon -  an exciting time for a big get together. Relationships blossom, everyone feels all hyped up. Toast the moon! Go to a big concert or event and live it up

Waxing Moon -  a great sorting-out time. Get together with friends, start some group projects, or have an evening in relaxing with close companions

Waning Moon -  a quieter time. Perfect for spending time with family, or on your own. Light a candle, burn some incense, reflect upon your life and plans