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71 Klance pls

Keith waits anxiously for the blue and yellow lions to return. Coran had assured them that this space mall visit would be seamless, but Keith still worried. Last time they had just gone for some glass plates, and ended up stealing a cow and getting chased my the mall police. But Hunk and Lance had promised to stay together and keep Coran in line this time. Hunk wouldn’t go anywhere near the food court and Lance vowed not to swim in any fountains.

Keith was still skeptical. 

“Incoming”, Shiro sees the lions pick up on the castle’s sensors. The hangar doors whir and keith is bounding towards the entrance as the doors slide open. Hunk, Lance and Coran stride into the control room with victorious smiles.

“No problems this time?” Allura swivels on her chair.

“Absolutely none. I told you guys, we got this.” Lance brushes his sleeves and strikes a cocky pose with a smirk. Keith rolls his eyes. Why was he worried about this jerk?

“Here are those circuit routers you wanted, Pidge.” Hunk walks over and plonks the small equipment in Pidge’s lap. She looks up with a thankful smile. Her glasses glint in the artificial lighting.

“Excellent. I’m really excited about rover 2.0″ She enthusiastically unwraps them.

“I’ve got those new crystals for your control panel, princess!” Coran rushes over to Allura. His long legs carry him to her at alarming speed. He pulls out a clump of green crystals and slams them on the dashboard.

“Thank you, Coran. though you’ll have to help me install them.”

“Of course, of course! Also….” Coran’s moustache twitches with his knowing grin. He rummages in his pockets until he pulls out a delicate silver chain dotted with purple gems.

“I believe you requested something sparkly.” He begins to attach the bracelet around Allura’s wrist. She beams and holds up her hand to the light.

“Oh Coran! It’s wonderful!” 

“Nothing but the best for my favourite princess!” Coran proclaims. His bravado is knocked out of him when Allura sweeps him into a bruising hug. 

“Oh, that reminds me…” 

Keith’s focus is pulled away from the sweet scene at the sound of Lance’s hushed voice. It’s just the two of them left standing by the entrance now. Keith turns to see Lance digging in his own pocket. His thin brows are scrunched in concentration and he bits his bottom lip. His hands pat down his legs, chest and sides, until he feels whatever he’s searching for in his jacket pocket. He smiles.

“Here, I got something for you.” His voice is still quiet so only keith can feel. Keith steps in close. Something? For him? He tries to think of if he asked for anything. Maybe it’s a joke gift. Like scissors to cut his mullet or something. They’d both laugh at that. That’s what friends did right?

Instead, Lance pulls out a small metal object. He presses a button and a blade flicks out. He rotates his wrist in the light, which creates pearlescent rainbows along the knife’s metal surface. keith’s eyes widen.

“It’s made with some cool alien rendering technology. Coran will talk your ear off about it if you really want to know. I just thought it was pretty.” Lance huffs out a laugh. he tosses it to keith, who deftly catches it.

Keith admires the blade, the weight in the palm of his hand. It is very pretty, and compact so he can keep it hidden on him at all times.

“This is for me?” He exhales. 

“Yeah.” Lance steps close. He points to a mark on the handle. “I think that’s like a secret toothpick or something.” He laughs. Keith gently snaps the knife closed. His stomach flutters.

“…Why?” He asks again in disbelief. “Why did you get this for me?”

Keith… has rarely gotten presents before. If he was lucky, Shiro would be around on his birthday and would try his best to give him something before he left for christmas, but those were the only moments Keith could remember celebrating those occasions. Christmases were spent with family… which he never had. And birthdays were usually shared with friends… but those were also in short supply.

Keith can list all the gifts he’s ever received on one hand. 

“No reason,” Lance lazily shrugs with his hands deep in his pockets. His smile is lazy, and he hums some melody as he saunters off to his room. 

Keith bites his lip and smiles to himself. 

He sleeps with it underneath his pillow. 

Baekhyun Birthday Project: EXO’rDIUM in North America!

Hi guys! As many of you are aware, Exo will be coming to North American at the end of April! I am lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend, and I was thinking since it’s so close to Baekhyun’s birthday (May 6th) and many of us cannot attend his party, why don’t we make the tour special? I think it would be cool if we could sing happy birthday to him during the concert! As international fans we are not always given the opportunity to participate with events such as birthdays, so this could be a good chance for us to create a special moment with Baekhyun while celebrating the happy occasion of his birthday! Some information below:

  • We will start singing during the last ment only during Baekhyun’s speaking part. Let’s be respectful to all of Exo and not cut them off while they’re talking! We will start to sing right before he talks.
  • The last ment takes place after “Lucky One.” That is when we will begin to sing!
  • Because of the short notice and lack of funds, it is not possible for me to make banners for us to hold up, but it would be nice if we could all raise our lightsticks or turn on our phone flashlights to create a silver ocean for our Baekhyun!
  • We will be singing the English version of the “Happy Birthday” song (This may be obvious but! just want to clarify lol)
  • This project is aimed to take place at the Newark concert, April 25th. This is simply because that is the only concert I will be attending, and it’s not really possible to create a project for shows I’m not attending. BUT, if it’s a success, I encourage those who are attending the LA or Mexico City shows to carry on the project!
  • Please spread the word! On Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram - wherever you find home in the fandom. The key to this taking off is communication. Also, my friends and I plan on spreading word in the line the day of the concert, feel free to do so as well!

I hope that we can spread word of this project and create a special memory for Baekhyun! As we all know, he adores Aeris and even his birthday is an excuse for him to spend time with them, why not make it so he can celebrate his birthday with ALL of his fans? Even if you are not attending the concert, please reblog & share this so we can spread word!

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! As I said above, I will be attending the April 25th concert in Newark and I will be available at the venue that whole day, don’t be a stranger :)

“Pride Of A Lioness”

I stayed up… literally… all night… working on this. I had to get something out, to celebrate this momentous occasion, and I just did not have the hours in the day. Proud of the Netherlands’ accomplishment, proud of the state of women’s soccer right now. Proud, and excited about a lot of things at the moment, and may we bask in all of the orange glory! Gefeliciteerd Leeuwinnen!

5th Anniversary of Gravity Falls

Remembered Gravity Falls’ anniversary of it’s premiere on Disney Channel back in 2012. So of course I had to put something out to celebrate this momentous occasion literally started not but earlier yesterday and finished late at night.

But in any sense while I write this in the dead of night and eyes as heavy of sandbags, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO GRAVITY FALLS and thanks for all the adventures, memories, and great characters.

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It’s now 2017, which means The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind turns a whopping 15 years old in a few short months. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I want to create a memorial of sorts to share with developers and fans alike.

For that, I’m asking you to tell me what makes Morrowind special to you.

Is there some epic memory you have from your playthrough? Did you buy the game half a dozen times but never finished? Did you fail your exams playing into the late hours of the night? Did you meet your significant other in the community? Did it help you figure out what you want your career to be? Are you still, to this day, terrified of mudcrabs? Let me know!

You can share your experiences by emailing the project at MorrowindMemories@gmail.com, reblogging or replying to this post, or messaging me privately. If you are comfortable with it, please include a name or username and location along with your message.

I’d like to get as wide a sample of the community as possible, so please share this post with your friends!

A friend called on Valentine’s Day and said, “Guys, the manager of the Albertson’s grocery store up the street from you is renewing vows for couples in the store today. You’ve got to do it.” An email went out. And everyone (including a friend who was a costume designer) rallied. When our costume designer friend showed up at the house with attire for us, I reached for the tux and she slapped my hand. “That’s not for you,” she said. We had 40 friends in the produce section helping us celebrate the momentous occasion.

–Misha Collins

Excerpt from  MISHA’S Concise AutoBiography

Here it is! The time is upon us! We have officially entered the month in which Tangled Before Ever After and Tangled the Series will air! WELCOME TO MARCH 2017!

In anticipation of Tangled Before Ever After airing on the Disney Channel at 8:00 PM on March 10th, we’re going to be kicking off Before Tangled Before Ever After, a fan event further drawing the community on Tumblr together in celebration of this momentous occasion. We’ve set up a prompt a day for the week leading up to the Disney Channel Original Movie. To participate, simply post your art, edit, fanfic, gif, or whatever else you want inspired by the prompt, on Tumblr and tag it Before Tangled Before Ever After, BTBEA, Tangled Before Ever After and TBEA, as well as anything else you want, but this way you have the best chance of everyone seeing your work! (And if, for some reason, it’s not showing up in the tags, feel free to send me a link so I can reblog it.)

  • Friday, March 3rd: Friends
  • Saturday, March 4th: Family
  • Sunday, March 5th: Best Day Ever
  • Monday, March 6th: I’ve Got a Dream
  • Tuesday, March 7th: Weapon of Choice
  • Wednesday, March 8th: New Adventures
  • Thursday, March 9th: Life After Happily Ever After

Feel free to participate all, some, or even just one of the days! No amount is too little or too much! If you have multiple ideas for a prompt, feel free to submit more than one thing! Submit early! Submit late! Just so long as it’s fun for you! Even if you live outside the United States and won’t have access to the movie on March 10th, we encourage your participation! (Please, though, no smut, since we’re encouraging people to look at the submissions for what is a family show.)

I intend to reblog everything with the tags Before Tangled Before Ever After and BTBEA, so we can always look back on this week of thrill and anticipation.

Have fun, everyone, and happy creating! WE MADE IT!

WOWOW!!! I can’t believe that there are now 540+ of you guys following my little studyblr! I am super thankful and would like to celebrate this momentous occasion with… *drumroll*… BLOGRATES!

Here are the rules:

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I would just like one movie about a single woman who decides to have a baby on her own just because she wants a child, so she either adopts or does the whole IVF thing and her friends are all supportive and great. She has a huge party to celebrate once the adoption papers go through or she finds out she’s pregnant, and she buys herself a weddings dress for this get-together that celebrates such a momentous occasion and there’s cake and people bring gifts and it’s just all around a really great celebration of love.

And this single woman never gets married, she never has a significant other, she is just totally fulfilled with her friends and family and kid.



Alright guys! I’m so excited!! 100 followers!!! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I am making a very special gift from me to all of you! In the form of a short! I will be writing a short story to celebrate this, and you can be part of it! I have 10 slots available for this story, and HERE’S HOW YOU CAN ENTER

-You have to had been following me before this event
-The raffle will last for 7 days
-To enter the raffle, simply reblog this post!
-Please do not spam your followers with constant reblogs. If I see that, you will be disqualified.
-At the end of 7 days, I will pull names from a jar.
-The more times you reblog, the more slips of paper will have your name on it. I.E. if you reblog 7 times, you have 7 slips of paper.
-The prize of the raffle is obvious, but 10 slots could be filled up quick.


mad love | | [ savitar ] pt. 2

a/n: I have decided to write a part two of mad love and @staringatademigod​ wanted it as well so after some idea bouncing, sammie and i have finally come up with this. Nothing major happens in this part like in the previous where reader breaks savitar out. Remember this is an au where Barry was never a good person and became Savitar when he was struck by lighting, also other characters have different roles in this such as Captain Cold is actually a hero rather than villain/anti-hero of sorts and Ronnie is alive and the police captain rather than Singh. Savitar and Reader have a similar story to Harley and Joker but rather much more healthier I think since Savitar isn’t as abusive as Joker would be. AH/N is your anti-hero name and YN/N is your nickname in case you forgot. Read part 1 here [ LINK ] first to understand what’s going on. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by winchestheart

            Relationship(s): Savitar/Reader, Leonard Snart & Savitar (rivals)


You lazily lounge on the deep red couch with your legs dangling off the arm as you flipped through the magazine before tossing to the side before hearing the door, you almost instantly perked up. Hoping that it was Savitar coming back after he said he had to take care of some things as the footsteps came closer, it sounded like his boots walking as you slide in a upright position, keeping your pistol that you made into your own in case you ever need to fire at someone. Your E/C eyes widen with glee as you ran when you saw that it was indeed Savitar with his usual grin as you both put your arms around each other before pressing a kiss on his lips. You, well as Dr. Y/N L/N would’ve never fall in love with someone such as Savitar but YN/N did while she was becoming known as AH/N after being spotted helping Savtiar a few months back.

“Sorry that it took me so long, it seems some people just can’t see my point of view on. .certain things. But don’t worry, I took care of them.” Savitar says while he grins, “I hope my goddess can forgive me by going to a party with me that is happening tonight,” He says before looking down to where your height was on him, “It seems Central City loves their little hero who calls himself Captain Cold and didn’t invite me, his biggest fan.” The brown-haired male says with a fake hurt tone to his voice while raising one hand to his heart while trying to also look hurt with his voice, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking YN/N?” He asks while he smirks at you, he loved you truly. Savitar never thought of love before he met you but you both lost each parent and he felt something that he couldn’t put his finger on that he also liked about you.

You listened with content as he talked before realizing what he meant, you heard of this on the news while flipping through channels on the tv. Captain Cold was a celebrated hero in Central City and everyone adored him because he put ends to Savitar’s plans of becoming god and other such things. Because of him, Savitar never got his way and that in way made the speedster rather angry at it. “That we go crashing the party as VIP’s since you are his biggest fan?” You suggest if it was Savitar thoughts of doing at the party as you seemed to have the right answer as he nodded his head.

He started to pull you along with him, “I think we need to get dressed up, after all we want to look our best when we are making our entrance. Oh, how I can’t wait to see his expression when we come to celebrate the momentous occasion with you on my side doll.” Savitar says as he turns to you, “Now let us go get ready.”


You twirled around as Savitar smiled at you while you looked simply stunning in F/C high neckline dress that had silver designs on your upper body. Your heels clicked while you walked as you soon stop so you could link arms with him, your hair was done in a simple matter, nothing too fancy as you pursed your lipstick lips into a smile as you followed Savitar into the building as it was done up fancy for the occasion. “Oh, I bet the Captain will be so surprised when you announce that you came here.” You giggle as you ooh and ahh at things while Savitar grinned at your excitement.

The proclaimed god wore a simple suit even wearing a tie just to put it all together, oh he was excited to play cat and mouse once again with his rival. He grabbed two drinks from a waiter as he handed one to you, “Now. Remember to be quiet until I say otherwise YN/N because it won’t be a surprise if we yell out that I’m here, okay?” Savitar purrs in your ear when he pulled you close for a moment as he looks at you while you nod to understand him before both of your eyes focus on the police captain of the CCPD or better known as Ronnie Raymond went up to do a small speech about the hero of Central City. His fiance, Dr. Caitlin Snow dressed in a strapless periwinkle mermaid dress with her hair up in braid bun so you could see her diamond earrings clearly from her ears with a matching necklace around her neck as she stood right beside him.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman, it brings me joy to see you all well this evening. Tonight we are here to celebrate our beloved hero who has saved this city countless times from the speedster called Savitar. This is our thank you Captain Cold,” Ronnie says as he speaks at the podium, “I don’t know what would’ve happen to any of us or to our beloved city without you.” He carries on more to his speech for a little while as Savitar himself was getting tense from the negativity spoken about him. “Now without further or do, please give a warm welcome to our man of the hour.” The police captain says as he finishes before stepping aside with Caitlin so the other could start doing his talk.

You could see how upset the brown-haired was beside you a reach to rub his shoulder affectionately as he turned his head to you while you gave a smile. You leaned over to give a peck, “Go, go tell him.” You assure him before the male nods and walks away in the crowd, pushing people if he couldn’t get through. That, of course caused commotion as everyone soon back away when they realize it the speedster as he formed a smirk on his face.

Savitar chuckled a little, “Aw. No need to be scared everyone, I’m just your friendly neighborhood Savitar. Don’t you miss me?” He turns to see people’s faces before gazing up at the cold themed hero, “And you, Captain Cold. My old friend, it’s so nice to see you but where was my invite? I was so heartbroken when you chose not to let me come to your celebration party, do I not matter? Is it because I’m Savitar?” His smirk fell flat while his face turn to a scowl, “How touching, everyone here other than my beloved YN/N loves you. You made everyone turn against me, Captain Cold! And now, you are going to pay the price for every single worthless person in this room other than my goddess.” Savitar says in disgust, “Everyone says I’m a monster, let’s see how much they are right shall we?” He remarks before chaos erupts and screams could be heard.

According to Facebook, on this day 7 years ago, I had a slurpee. I now feel obligated to have another just to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

Conversation with a Fish

My 21st birthday was in early-mid March. I was in Cleveland Ohio for a week. During that week my husband decided to help me celebrate this momentous occasion by taking me to the Aquarium. It was a lovely experience. I fed stingrays, got a manicure from some shrimp, and got to talk to this fish! More specifically, the big whiteish pinkinsh one pictured above. He didn’t move much at first so it was easy to focus on him. I said hello. Very quickly I get a reply.
“Not interested.” He began to swim away.
“Okay not a problem,” I tell him.
“Wait, you heard me?” He stops swimming and looks at me.
“Do you have food?” He began to swim upwards and wiggled around.
“No, sorry.”
“Not Interested.” He stopped moving up and swam away.
I nodded my head and went on my way.

WOW!! 500 Followers morning cuppa

I can’t believe it and I really don’t know how it happened.  I come back from camping to 500 followers on my Tumblr account.  Especially since my account is mostly about Peter Capaldi and all of his roles we have enjoyed.  Thank you.

So to celebrate this momentous occasion here are a few GIFs that I have created.  Share, take, and enjoy no crediting is necessary.  

Good Morning and Kissy Kiss My Dear Followers
Have a lovely day and once again thank you.

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I don't know if you've seen new little conversations that happen when you log into game. RFA are talking about holding small party to celebrate first anniversary in them, and here's my request. How do you imagine this party to go? You can do however you want

I loved reading those little conversations when you first log into Mystic Messenger! This is such a cute idea, I’m glad that someone requested something like this! Also, we’re going to pretend here that V survived after everything because that man deserves to be a live and happy! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^

  • It had been one year. One full year since your life changed by joining the RFA
  • To celebrate the momentous occasion, the entire RFA decided to throw a party in celebration of this joyous day
  • The members all agreed to organize the party since you were their stellar party coordinator who needed a break
  • Knowing that you were attending a casual party hosted by the RFA, you had no clue what to expect which made the process more fun
  • You pulled up into the venue area, a fancy banquet hall that had a long hallway that led into the party room
  • When you got to the main party room, you were expecting chaos but instead heard the laughter and voices of all the RFA members
  • You saw Zen smirk as he showed off his muscles to a very impressed Jaehee who had sparkles in her eyes and a very jealous Yoosung who was going to start going to the gym
  • Seven and Jumin were having a discussion about who was the better cat: Long Cat or Elizabeth the third, both of them debating their opinions like they were in court
  • And it warmed your heart to see Saeran and V both holding their drinks as they casually talked to each other about V’s upcoming art gallery
  • Seven was the first one to notice you and excitedly told the others that the party could officially begin
  • The night was filled with many fun events, it started off with karaoke and you were surprised to see that not only Zen had an amazing singing voice but they all did
  • Next, Seven split everyone up into teams for a scavenger hunt as he giddily read off the pairs
  • Team Seven and Zen were too busy talking about whether Zen or Elizabeth the third was the better looking one
  • Team Jumin and Yoosung didn’t make is far since Jumin didn’t understand how the clues worked and kept questioning every decision Yoosung made
  • Team Jaehee and V really didn’t try and chose to talk rather then hunt
  • Team You and Saeran were the winners as you both held up the items victoriously
  • Next was V showcasing the hundreds of photos he’s taken throughout the year as everyone reminisced about the past
  • Seven and Yoosung were looking for embarrassing photos of Zen to sell on the internet
  • Jumin and Jaehee were complimenting V’s skills as they sifted through the photos
  • You and Zen helped Saeran find some photos with him included, plus Saeran grabbed a black marker and scribbled over some photos with Seven in them
  • By the end of the night, Seven dragged you to the center of the room and handed you a drink as the other gathered around for a toast
  • “Alright listen up everyone let’s make a toast to MC! We’re going to go around in a circle and say what MC has done for us and why we all love her so much!” Seven exclaimed as the others agreed
  • Yoosung started by saying “I love MC because of her cheerful personality and helpfulness! She’s an amazing friend and I’m so happy that she joined the RFA!”
  • Zen was next and said “Her smile is something that helps us all get through the worst of times. MC’s positive attitude is contagious and I love having her around!”
  • Jaehee then said “She’s the very best friend anyone could ask for. MC is always willing to listen to our problems when we need them and her kindness knows no bounds.”
  • Jumin stated “Having MC around is always enjoyable. She has a very kind heart and the RFA wouldn’t be as fun if she wasn’t apart of our group.“
  • Seven smiled saying “MC is the best party coordinator ever! She’s brought us all together and all of our lives have gotten so much better thanks to her!”
  • V nodded as he added “I’ll be forever grateful to MC for willingly joining us. She’s had such a positive spirit and I know we’ll hold many successful parties because of her.”
  • Saeran was last to shyly say “I really didn’t think much of MC at first but I really admire her now. She’s the only sane one out of all of you and I’m glad that she’s here.”
  • You felt your eyes water with tears as you heard everyone’s sincere words as you finished off the night by saying “Thank you all so much. Here’s to many more years of being the RFA!”