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Margaret Bergmann Lambert, Jewish Athlete Excluded From Berlin Olympics, Dies at 103
She was a dominant, German-born world-class athlete, but the Nazis said she had not qualified for the 1936 Games.
By Ira Berkow

From Education Intern Erin Penn: 

Athlete Margaret Bermann Lambert passed away on July 25th. She was excluded from the 1936 Berlin Olympics because she was Jewish. This New York Times article remembers her life. 

The JMM also celebrates Jewish athletes through various memorabilia in our collection - check out a couple of recent posts on swimmer Wendy Weinberg and photos of Jewish women athletes!

Final Swim

Written by: @historywriter2007  

AN: Here is my swimmer Peeta story…I actually planned on it being longer but ran out of time.  If there is interest and I have time I will follow up with a smutty part 2.  

Katniss moved effortlessly through the warm-up pool, she had completed her last race of the Olympics and now she could finally relax. Of her four races she had three Gold and one Silver Medal, she smiled to herself as she thought of the past week and what she had accomplished in her final Olympics. As she got out of the pool and headed to the changing area she saw him walking towards her, his blond hair was damp but still wavy and he smirked as his blue eyes met her gray ones.  

“Looked good out there Everdeen, how does it feel to be retired now?” He teased.

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The “oh NO, are you SERIOUS” Please Help Me Fix It! Post

Hello, Tumblr!

So, here’s the skinny: I lived with my sister in Houston for awhile. She moved to Australia for two years, and just got back. I still had some things in storage with her, for when I could get back to Houston.

One of the things I’d stored with her was a gift for my nieces’ Bat Mitzvahs. See, I’d collected various news articles and things from the years they were born, and my plan was to give them each a book on their Bat Mitzvahs about the things that happened the years they were born. Also in the box of unsorted articles I had some letters I’d written each of them the week they were born, and some letters following about different milestones they’d reached.

My sister mistook the box for a recycling box I’d forgotten to put out.

Much of what it contained was from 2008, and had been carefully set aside for eight years.

The letters can’t be replaced, although I can certainly start writing them again from now. But the news articles, the political buttons, the Olympics coverage, the movies … .

… Tumblr, can you help me?

Maya was born 30 May 2008. Sami was born 31 July 2012. I’m trying to re-accumulate news articles and “snapshots in time” of the years they were born. Do you have things, particularly old newspapers, that I could buy or have? From 2008 I’m particularly interested in Obama’s win and Hillary‘s and Sarah Palin’s runs (you don’t have to love either of them, but you have to admit it was a very landmark year to be a little girl in America), and from 2012 the Olympic coverage when Gabby Douglas took gold. ANY major news, however, would be awesome. Please note that in the spirit of “you’re celebrating today” I’m trying to steer clear of horrible, awful news, or at least to de-emphasize it (it’s not that I have an issue with “guess what, there was a big tsunami that year!”, it’s that I kind of want to avoid putting “hey, a beloved politician was shot!” on the first page, you get me?). I’d also like to emphasize any news about notable women in both years that I may have missed.

I still want to try to put together these books for my girls. Now more than ever, our history and legacy is important. I can’t replace what’s lost, but maybe, maybe, it can be fixed.

If you can help, please inbox me! If you don’t have anything relevant but you want to help, please REBLOG so perhaps your followers can see. And if you  you want to do something really fucking rad, could you perhaps write a short letter to one of the girls about how a piece of news affected you, since I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to replace all the news articles I lost? Yes, this counts if you were a teen or preteen in those years–the girls will be getting these books when they turn 13, so if that was your age, you’ll be giving them the perspective of someone their own age on those events.

Feminist Complaints vs Feminist Accomplishments Within The Last Few Years

Feminist Complaints (105): 

Domino’s pizza boxes. Science. Voting for Donald Trump. Fireworks. Lab Rats. Craft beer. Calling a “pantsuit” a “pantsuit". Bras. Architecture. Complimenting a woman on her cooking. Air conditioning. The word “too”. Tickling. Ski slopes. The alphabet. Disliking pumpkin-spice lattes. Preferring a woman shaves her legs. Emojis. Wearing camouflage. The phrase “hit on”. Saying “I love women”. The Declaration of Independence. Calling your daughter a “princess”. The nuclear family. Asking a woman about her tattoos. Fracking. Ads for salad. “Ladies’ night”. Glaciers. Long lines outside public women’s restrooms. Men grilling food. The animated film “Minions”. String cheese. “House of Cards”. Words with “man” in them. Speech improvement apps. The term “office mom”. Shoe compliments. Harvard University. “Boyfriend” jeans. The color pink. Hating the feminist “Ghostbusters” reboot. Spooning. Tampons. Asking a woman to marry you. The classic song “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”. Harry Potter. Indiana Jones. Asking a woman to smile. Calling a woman “sweetheart”. Telling a woman, “you look tired”. Comic books and graphic novels. Putting your arm around your girlfriend. Advertising for female consumers. “Mine shaft”. Slow motion. Complaining about political correctness. Not being a feminist. Farting. Interrupting a woman. A man saying he’s a “nice guy”. The derogatory phrase “go f*ck yourself”. Mentioning a woman’s role as a loving mother or wife before her career accomplishments in her obituary. The song “Blurred Lines”. The word “cupcake”. Witchcraft. Hollywood. The phrase “I will force myself”. The sitcom “Family Matters”. Professionalism. The word “ladies”. Complimenting a woman’s handwriting. Father’s Day. Men sitting with their knees apart. Running against Hillary Clinton. The word “cheer”. Clapping. Western Civilization course. Having to pay for a tampon. Finding purpose in motherhood. Not supporting Hillary Clinton for president. Man caves. The iconic TV show Seinfeld. Reports that a celebrity might be pregnant. A Target t-shirt. A prom photo. School dances. Telling young boys, “you need a haircut”. The word “bossy”. Opening doors for women. School and workplace dress codes. Amazon. Gender-specific bathrooms. A statue. Viewing Friday the thirteenth as unlucky. The phrase “too much information”. Calling Hillary Clinton “shrill”. Calling a woman “pretty”. The SATs. The “kiss cam”. The Olympics. Denying the mythical gender pay gap. Denying the mythical “rape culture”. Being pro-life. Being a Republican.

Feminist Accomplishments (1) (5) : 

Turning women into infantile, paranoid, narcissistic, deluded crybabies.

Maria Rooth celebrates her game winning goal in a semifinal game against the United States on February 17, 2006.

Sweden beating the United States 3-2 in a shootout in the semifinal at the Torino Winter Olympics is ranked by the IIHF as one of the top 35 most significant hockey events of all-time.

When asked to explain how his team completed the upset Peter Elander, head coach, said, “Goaltending, a good system and a lot of heart.”

The Most Inspiring Women Of 2016 (So Far)

Old and young, black and white, mothers and daughters, doctors and dancers - it is a truth universally acknowledged that women are awesome.

Well, unfortunately it’s not all that acknowledged hence the need for International Women’s Day - a chance to celebrate incredible women from all walks of life who inspire and astound the rest of the world.

Anyone you think we’ve missed? Tweet us at @YahooStyleUK

Words: Sophie Tighe

We’ve picked just some of the amazing women who have already used 2016 to smash glass ceilings, subvert beauty standards and stand up for their fellow ladies.

1. Victoria Pendleton 

Not content with winning three Olympic medals, Victoria Pendleton has got herself a new job. The former cyclist has swapped two wheels for four legs and has become a jockey. Just a year after the 35-year-old took up the sport, she’s due to ride in the Cheltenham Gold Cup next weekend. 

[Image Credit: Rex]

2. Lady Gaga 

Gaga has never been one to shy away from a worthy cause, as an outspoken advocate for the LGBT community or founding her Born This Way anti-bullying foundation to empower young people. In 2016, the 29-year-old turned her attention to the plight of rape victims. Gaga wrote the lead song ‘Til It Happens To You’ for ‘The Hunting Ground’ - a documentary investigating the alarming number of female students who are raped while at university in the US. The song was nominated for an Oscar and Gaga’s powerful performance on the night featured dozens of abuse victims joining her on stage as the audience at home were asked to join the pledge to keep women (and men) safe from sexual assault.  

[Image Credit: Rex]

3. Hillary Clinton 

As Donald Trump somehow manages to cling on to his Presidential campaign, all of America’s hopes for a toupee-free White House rest on one woman’s shoulders. 2016 should be Hillary’s year. The 65-year-old is the front-running Democratic nominee for President, despite strong grassroots support for her rival Bernie Sanders. In an ideal world, Hillary will get the nomination and ask democratic socialist Bernie to run as her VP. And Trump will go back to The Apprentice where he belongs.  

  [Image Credit: Rex]

4. Arundhati Roy 

As well as winning the Man Booker Prize in 1997 for her best-selling novel, ‘The God of Small Things’, Indian author Arundhati Roy is a long-time political activist. Since her win, the 54-year-old has used her fame to highlight environmental and human rights issues. Roy is currently facing criminal charges for contempt of court in her home country over an article she wrote at the end of last year criticising the imprisonment of a severely disabled lecturer who was accused of “anti-national activities”. These charges against Roy are the latest step in what some are calling “the suppression of intellectual and creative freedoms” that is quietly happening in India.  

[Image Credit: Rex]

5. Amber Rose 

Amber Rose refuses to be defined by the men in her life. The 32-year-old model has used the fame she gained from dating musicians to highlight the grossly unfair double standards of sexuality that see women branded as ‘whores’ for behaviour that would get a man a pat on the back. Rose’s Slutwalk was a public protest over oppressive societal norms that tie women’s clothing to their likeliness to be sexually assaulted. Last month, Amber was slut-shamed by Tyrese Gibson and Reverend Run who espoused the antiquated view that a woman dressing a certain way is asking to be raped but Amber shut them down immediately: “If I’m laying down with a man butt-naked and his condom is on, and I say, ‘You know what? No. I don’t wanna do this. I changed my mind’ that means no. That means f**k no. It doesn’t matter how far I take it or what I have on, when I say no, it means no.” #slay.  

 [Image Credit: Splash News]

6. Beyoncé

Over her nearly 20 year career, Beyoncé has often been criticized for not adequately acknowledging her black heritage - from her bleach blonde Rapunzel weave to her relative silence over numerous issues facing the African-American community. That was until ‘Formation’. The star of her latest musical video is undoubtedly the black woman. From her ladies getting in formation to Queen Bey herself, the highly politicized video has clear nods to the black victims of Hurricane Katrina as well as the Black Lives Matter cultural movement. Sceptics argue that Mrs Knowles-Carter image is so controlled that it’s hard to see any real integrity in this one music video. But her performance at the Super Bowl complete with Black Panther-esque outfits and a not-so-subtle allusion to civil rights pioneer Malcolm X left no-one in any doubt over Beyoncé’s stance on the state of African-American rights in the US in 2016. 

[Image Credit: Splash News]

7. Jenny Beavan 

Few people outside the film industry knew who Jenny Beavan was until Stephen Fry called her “an old bag lady” at this year’s BAFTAs. For the record, Beavan is a multi-award winning costume designer who created the wardrobes for movies including Sense and Sensibility and Mad Max: Fury Road. Beavan won her second Oscar in 2016 for Mad Max and accepted her award wearing a studded leather jacket, stating: “The only thing I would like is for my outfit to have a positive effect on what women feel about themselves. You don’t actually have to look like a supermodel to be successful.” 

[Image Credit: Splash News]

8. Harnaam Kaur 

When 16-year-old Harnaam Kaur decided to stop shaving her beard, she probably didn’t realise that she would become the face of a new kind of beauty. Last year Kaur joined the #effyourbeautystandards movement, opening up about the polycystic ovarian syndrome that leads to her excess hair growth. This year, the British beauty made history when she walked the runway at the Royal Fashion Day for jewelry designer Marianna Haratunian. Kaur posted this pic on Instagram: “I grew up being told i was too fat, ugly, and disgusting to even model. I was told i’d never walk the runway. Jokes on my bullies.” 

[Image Credit: Instagram/harnaamkaur]

9. Kesha

Kesha’s very public battle to escape a record deal that would see her forced to work with the man she claimed sexually assaulted her has been at the forefront of music news in 2016. The 28-year-old bravely took her case to court to seek an injunction with her record label Sony against working with producer Dr. Luke, whom she says repeatedly drugged, sexually assaulted and verbally abused her. Since her initial request was denied, numerous celebrities have come out in support of the singer including Adele, Lady Gaga, Lorde, Demi Lovato and Lena Dunham.  

[Image Credit: Splash News]

10. Tsai Ing-wen 

In January 2016, Taiwan elected their first female president - Tsai Ing-wen. The LSE educated politician won in a landslide victory that marks a new era for the self-governing country as her Democratic Progressive Party come into power in May, which won’t sit well with the current Communist leaders in nearby China. 

[Image Credit: Splash News]

11. The Coxless Crew 

In January 2016, these four women were the first all-female team to successfully cross the Pacific Ocean. After spending 257 days at sea, The Coxless Crew docked in Cairns, Australia on January 25 looking rather pleased with themselves after setting off from San Francisco nine months earlier. Makes our biannual trip to the gym look rather feeble. 

[Image Credit: The Coxless Crew]


“Women, despite their gold medal athleticism, are still objectified, sexualized, and defined by how attractive they are, not by their athletic prowess.”

In 2012, Wendy Fox created a poster depicting all the women who took home gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics. Now she’s ready to do it again, with a poster and a book dedicated to the amazing women who win gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The illustrations will depict each athlete in uniform, arranged by height, with information about their sport, country, name, basic measurements, and the event for which they took home the gold.

Fox hopes these images will provide positive role models for young women, encourage funding and recognition for women in sports, celebrate physical and cultural diversity, and promote physical health and an active lifestyle. “There is way too much media emphasis on what the female body looks like,” she says. “I want this project to celebrate what the female body can do. I would love for girls to look at this project and discover a sport that’s for them, especially a sport that they didn’t know existed, and for them to make a conscious shift in what their bodies are capable of.”

Help her bring this timely and uplifing project to life here.