celebrating my name change

So this past Saturday, I threw a small party to celebrate my fiancée’s name change being official. Afterwards, my mom was helping me clean up when she came across the paper I had written the Wi-Fi password on for our friends and asked me why I gave other people a private password.

I explained that when you have friends over, it’s polite to give them the Wi-Fi information so that they don’t have to waste their phone data. She was kind of surprised and I realized that it’s funny that people accuse “millennials” of lacking manners and etiquette when really, we have just evolved a different kind with modern times.

I started thinking more about “modern etiquette” and wondering what else would qualify.

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I choose my first name change after a celebrity I really looked up to and it just didn’t work out for me and it felt like I was just looking for a name to change to because I hated my dead name. But I feel really good about my name (new name) named after one of the only male figures I look up to and people always make jokes about naming myself after him and sometimes it makes me feel invalid but I know in my heart that I’m valid so 🌹🌹it’s all good

I called myself after a drag queen and then a league of legends character at one point so fuck what ppl say lmao it’s your name


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Seb thinking he's not good enough makes me feel sad. I think part of the reason why he has a huge following is because fans relate to him a lot. I know I do, especially with the part about not feeling American enough and wanting to change my name.

He’s the most relatable celebrity ever most of the time I forget he’s famous because he just walks around in sweatpants looking lost and tired and he stutters in the middle of sentences and laughs at his own jokes and walks into walls and he’s just?? so normal?? that’s what makes him so great