Aaliyah is overrated? Really? Whats the big deal about Aaliyah? Seriously?
Some of you are way too young to really appreciate Aaliyah so let a real grown up break it down for you.
Aaliyah was the original Princess of Hip Hop/R&B/Pop way before Beyonce, way before Rihanna and we all know she was way before Ashanti came out of nowhere claiming herself to be. (Not hating on any of them, its the truth).
Aaliyah was the Black Britney Spears, without the scandals. She could truly sing, dance and act. She was a triple threat. Oh she modeled as well for Tommy Hilfiger and Roc A Wear, so she was a quadruple threat.
She was the epitome of class, grace and she was the home girl to many rappers and singers such as Jay-Z, Timbaland, Lil Kim, DMX, the list goes on.
Jet Li sung her praises when it came to performing with her on their action flick, ‘Romeo Must Die’, that has to say something!
“Ya’ll are just hyping her up because she’s dead” - GTFOH with all that. Have some respect. Whether she died at 83 or 23, she will be missed. You have to admit that music will not be the same without her. That’s why artists like Ciara and Keri Hilson try to emulate her.

Hope I taught someone something here. If not, you are a lost cause. Let her truly rest in peace and let’s celebrate her, not complain because you don’t understand true talent when you see it.



When the sun is bright
I still think of the moon
Everyday of my life
I still think of you
When the night is cold
I still reach for the dream
That one day I will hold
What I lost in between
These hands of time
That go on and on
The melody of your heart
In every silent song
That I hear whispered
On silver rays of light
I still think of the moon
When the sun is bright

by Rashad Haughton

For Aaliyah
Happy Birthday 
RIP Babygirl