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Upcoming mother’s day, please respect each other’s space.

Don’t go onto an abuse victim’s post and harp at them and saying shit like “well some people don have mothers!”

Don’t go onto someone’s post and guilt them into not celebrating their mother’s because you’ve had an abusive one. 

Please do not post negativity in the “mother’s day” tag. Let people celebrate their mother’s in peace, and allow people to talk about abusive mothers in peace. 

To my Dearest Regret, With Hope

Request: Listen. I’m legit bawling. I’m crying. My heart has been broken and scarred. You did that! I need a part 4 please or I might just die, M. Your writing is gonna kill me someday, you queen of angst, you. AND other sweet comments! THIS IS A PART OF THE To Newt, With Love series

Word Count: 2,627

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1   |   Part 2   |   Part 3

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Newt stares at the brick house in front of him, taking a deep breath before dipping his head and walking toward it. The leather case in his hand bounces against his right leg with every quick step he takes. He times his steps, falling into the same familiar rhythm as the creak of the neighbor’s porch swing.

Climbing up the three hole-ridden steps, Newt curses under his breath. He pauses at the top and sighs. It’s now or never.

The door slams open halfway through his third knock. He nearly smacks his mother in the face as he stumbles forward, but she just ducks under his hand and wraps her arms around his stomach.

“Erm, hi mum.”

“You finally remembered I’m alive!”

Newt rolls his eyes over his mother’s head. “I never forgot it. That would be hard with all the owls you kept sending.”

She steps away from him, leading him into the house. “How could I not send them? You never replied. I didn’t know if you were getting any of them.”

Newt pulls the door shut behind him as he steps inside. “I’ve been busy.”

“I know, I know,” Mrs. Scamander waves her hands, walking down the hall to the kitchen, “Your animals mean more than your own dear mother.”

“That’s not true.” He follows her, eyes trailing over the pictures of him and Theseus at various ages, hanging in rotting frames on the cream walls.

“Well, you aren’t very good at showing that, are you? Come in here, I just finished baking some biscuits.”

Chuckling at a picture of him and Theseus grinning ear to ear in front of the ocean, stacks of shells balanced on their sopping curls, Newt heads into the kitchen. It hasn’t changed much since he was young. The same dog and cat salt and pepper shakers sit above the stove. The same row of flower vases with the same nine vases are lined up on the far counter, like soldiers ready to march at any moment. The same wooden frames hold up the same moving pictures.

Well, almost all the same pictures. Newt tries not to see the different faces in three of the frames, changed courtesy of Theseus.

“How have you been, honey?” Mrs. Scamander sets a cup of tea and a plate of two bite-sized biscuits down in front of Newt.

“I’ve almost died five times since I last saw you.” He fights a smile at his mother’s frown as he bites into a biscuit.

She falls into the chair across from him. “Do you want to kill your mother? Merlin’s beard, Newt, didn’t I raise you better?”

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Boy Without a Car // Lee Mark


the prompt: can i request a scenario with mark lee where you’re is like special guest/host of this formal/special event and the grand entrance is a staircase, and upon entering, you trip and fall down the stairs (unfortunately while everyone is watching) and clueless hero mark lee is there to catch (more like cushion) your fall? please make it rlly fluffy^^

words: 1892

category: fluff

author note: i was gonna upload a second scenario but i got distracted watching rip vine compilations and now i need to sleep so pls enjoy this mork fluff.

- destinee

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  • Rosé: So you’re not into Jisoo at all?
  • Jennie: Jisoo? What’s so great about her?
  • Jennie: The way her smile lights up a room?
  • Jennie: How her hair is as soft as honey colored silk
  • Jennie: Or how her eyes are like a warm southern sea sprinkled with the rays of a golden sun
  • Rosé:
  • Jennie: I mean I don’t even remember what she looks like.
  • Rosé: You obviously like-
  • Jennie: Can’t you read between the lines, Rosé ? I OBVIOUSLY LIKE HER!



A Promise

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“Adam?” You called as your hand gently knocked on his bedroom door, your head close to the crack as you tried to listen for him. “Are you alright?”

“I…I’m not going!” His panicked voice could be heard from inside, and judging by the volume you could tell he was close by.

“What do you mean? It’s your birthday celebration, your mother has had everything planned for weeks!” You exclaimed, trying to understand why the little prince didn’t want to go to his own ball.

“I look absolutely ridiculous!” He whined.

“Oh it can’t be that bad, come on out and let me see.” You ordered, stepping back so as to avoided getting knocked over.

And a smart move on your part because not a minute later the large wooden door swung open, and you could see the little boy pouting with his arms crossed.

Adam’s face was caked with white powder, blocking out all the lively color from his face. You could see two bright circles of pink colored rouge spread all over his cheeks, along with various drawn in beauty marks.

His coat was bright blue and adorned with intertwining patterns all over it and a matching waistcoat, his cravet had several layers of ruffles and you thought his chin might disappear.

But the pièce de résistance was the powdered wig resting on his head. It had several curls along the sides of his face and a small bump at the front of his head.

“Why is it so itchy?” Adam asked as his hand went behind his head to scratch at his neck. “It feels like it’s going to fall of my head.”

You couldn’t help but snort. “Wait till you see your mother’s,” You told him, walking up to brush down his coat. “Now what is all the fuss about?”

“I feel stupid, why can’t I wear my normal clothes?” He asked, as if he didn’t already know the answer.

“It’s your birthday celebration, the entire court has arrived to celebrate!” You said, fixing the ribbon at the back of his wig. “After all, you only turn ten once.”

Adam squirmed out of your hold and turned away from you. “I don’t care, I’m not going.”

You had to hold back the groan as you tried to find a way to reason with him. “Oh come on, you’re parents would be so upset if you weren’t to show up, I can almost hear your mother crying now.”

He turned his head to look over his shoulder. “Really?”

You met his eye and silently nodded your head. “It would break her heart.”

You heard Adam sigh and you thought it was the end of it until he suddenly grabbed onto your hands.

“But you will dance with me won’t you?” He asked with wide eyes and a smile.

“Oh, I can’t go.” You told him, watching the smile slide off his face as his brows knitted together.

“Well, why not?” He demanded. “Your father will be there.”

“My father’s a musician, he’s permitted to be there. I’m not allowed to be among the rest of the court, it wouldn’t be proper.”

“I’m not going unless you are too.” Adam said, folding his arms again.

Deciding there was no other way, you rolled your eyes and groaned. “Fine! But you have to make your entrance on your own. Then you can explain to your father why I’m there.”

The bright smile returned to his face as he took your hand again. “Okay, but you have to promise not to leave me alone.”

“Of course, I’d never.”

You slowly undid the ribbon from your bonnet as you sunk down onto the floor, leaning your back against Prince Adam’s door. “Adam…are you in there?”

As expected, you greeting silence, something that lingered around the entire castle. The sky was gray to match the mood, and rain pounded against the windows.

Regardless, you knew he was in there.

“Please talk to me,” You said, turning your head so your ear was pressed against the wood. “Your mother wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

Losing the Queen was the most tragic thing to happen to the castle. Everyone felt the great sense of greif and tragedy that came with the news of her death.

But no one felt it has hard as Prince Adam.

You sniffled and rubbed at your eyes with your sleeves. “Hey, remember your birthday? You made me promise not to leave you alone? I intend to keep it.”


Your eyes snapped open as your whole frame jolted forward, but a pair of arms stopped you from going to far.

Once your eyes recovered from their sleepy haze you were met with the face of Lumiere.

“Why are you asleep in front of the Prince’s door?” He asked as he picked up your bonnet and handed it too you.

You slowly nodded. “I told him I wouldn’t leave him.”

Lumiere smiled softly as he looked up at the door. “These kind of things take time, I think for now it would be best if we left our Prince alone, at least for now.”

You looked down at your hat. “Do you think that will help him?”

“At least for tonight, we can check on him together tomorrow.” He said, tapping the end of your now.

“For now,” He started as he lifted you up into his arms. “Let’s get you to bed.”

You silently pulled on the skirts of your dress as you walked the usual route to the Prince’s chambers, Mrs. Potts was following along beside you looking just as solemn.

You’re eyes landed on the familiar door and you reached out to knock it. “The court awaits you, Prince Adam.” You said with a blank tone.

“Just a moment!” You heard Cogsworth call out.

Your hands folded infront of you as you waited for the door to open, moving whenever it did to allow the company to exit the room.

You and Mrs. Potts both curtsied whenever the Prince came out of his room, however you kept your gaze focused on the carpeting.

“Good evening, (Y/n).” You heard him say to you.

Mrs. Potts gently tapped the lower part of your back and instantly you met his gaze, forcing a small smile at him. “A very good evening indeed, Prince Adam.”

You absolutely hated the kind of person your prince had grown into, the rest of the household felt in your pain, but you had grown up with him. And to see him as the vain and selfish person he turned into was enough to make you distance yourself from him.

Lumiere and Cogsworth followed after, and along with Mrs. Potts they started off the ballroom.

You made way to follow but Adam held you back, a confused expression on his face.

“Is something troubling you?”

It a took a bit of effort to hold back the scoff, but then again you weren’t surprised. He was never expected to apologize for anything, so rarely ever realize when something was wrong with those around him.

“Nothing, my prince.” You said as you looked him in the eye again. “Just tired is all.”

Prince Adam nodded before holding his arm out to you. “Accompany me?”

You slowly interlocked your arm with his. “If that’s what you wish.”

“I know this ball is intended for me to choose a wife, but I really don’t have those plans in mind just yet. Would you mind staying close by to me during the night so I have a quick get away?”

You turned your head slightly to look at him with a nod. “I made you a promise didn’t I?”

You were abruptly awoken from your sleep by a light knocking on your door. It took a few moments for you to truly work up the energy to pull yourself from your bed to answer it.

The plan was great expect the moment you stood on your legs you had to fall backwards onto the mattress.

During the ten year curse you were stuck as a painting aisle in the main drawing room. You had made wonderful friends with Belle while she was in the castle, often being the one she vented too when her relationship with Adam was becoming too much.

And you were much grieved to see her go after the curse was broken, but you knew all about her dream to travel the world and go on adventures. Something living in a grand castle as a Queen couldn’t really give her.

Pushing yourself up again and holding your arms to steady yourself you immediately went to answer whoever was visiting you so late into the night.

Upon opening it you had to restrain yourself from jumping back whenever you came face to face with the Prince himself.

“Adam?” You asked, opening the door fully. “What are you doing here?”

It had been several weeks since the spell was broken, but seeing his normal face again was something that still managed to surprise you.

Regardless of his previous deposition, you still found him remarkably handsome.

He was in his nightshirt, though the ends were tucked into a dark pair of trousers. And his long hair was brushed back at the front, telling you he had been running his hands through it a great deal.

“I’m having a rather hard time sleeping,” He told you quietly, his eyes focused solely on his fidgety hands. “And this thunderstorm really isn’t doing much to help,” He said with an breathy laugh.

Finally, his eyes met yours, and you saw the true fatigue swimming at the brims of them. “Would you mind if I stayed in here with you?” Adam asked as he looked up. “I remember whenever my mother passed away, I used to have a lot of night terrors and talking with you always helped me feel better.”

You were perplexed for a few moments, it had been years since even came to your door let alone asked to stay the night and talk.

“Of course, come on in,” You told him as you made to retrieve him a blanket. “You must be freezing walking around like that, it gets so drafty in the castle during storms,” You tossed your warmest blanket around his shoulders. “Here, I’ll light the fireplace and-”

Adam stopped your talking whenever he placed his hands in yours. “Slow down for a second, and relax,” He told you, taking the blanket and placing it on you instead. “I’ll light the fire for you.”

You silently agreed and sat down on one of the armchairs sat closet to the fire, watching as the warm glow from the fireplace lit up the room.

“What’s been keeping you up?”

Adam sat back and kept his gaze away from you. “Lots of things going on in my head at the moment,” He said quietly. “Mostly how awful I treated throughout all of this.”

“Oh, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle-”

“But that’s not the point,” He cut you off as he turned to face you. “You I still can’t understand how you found it in yourself to still be a good friend to me whenever I was so horrible to you,” He stopped for a moment as he recollected his thoughts. “You were always there for me, just like you promised.”

“Well, I’d really be lying if I said there weren’t times I wanted to scream at you in frustration or throw a few things in the direction of your face.”

Adam broke out in a chuckle. “I’m rather glad you chose not too,” His head tilted slightly as he continued to look at you. “Now that things are back to normal I want to be the one that’s there for you when you need me. I’d like for us to become close again.”

You smiled at him. “I’d like that too.”

Adam reached up and grasped your hand in his. “It’s a promise.”

Had to Give You Away (Lin/Reader)

Summary: Lin was the foundation on which you built your life, until he wasn’t anymore.

Note: My last fic of the year. I have an inbox full of cute prompts waiting to be filled, so naturally I wrote a depressing divorce fic that literally nobody asked for. Happy New Year?

You can find Part 2A here.

You can find Part 2B here.

Word count: 4634

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