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hello hello ♥ my birthday’s in a month and i thought it’d be fun to celebrate it here as well so let me present to you: my first tumblr awards!!

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Highlight Thanks BTOB For Their Support And Shares Hopes That Both Groups Do Well

Originally written by J. Lim for Soompi.

Earlier today, BTOB stated that they were honored to be going head-to-head with former labelmates Highlight, and Highlight has responded with equally kind and supportive words!

Highlight held a showcase on October 16 to celebrate the release of their new mini album “Celebrate,” as well as their 8th anniversary as a group.

When asked how they feel about making a comeback on the same day as BTOB, Yoon Doo Joon said, “Being able to promote alongside a group we care about and are friends with is a great joy, in our opinion. We’re grateful for the words of support they gave us. I hope we all do well and have a great time.”

He continued to add, “We can’t help but be aware of our results [on the charts] because they’re used as a measure of success. I think all of us and our fans are hoping for good results for this album.” Yoon Doo Joon concluded with, “The dice has been thrown. Our biggest goal is to make great memories with our fans.”

Highlight returned on October 16 with the release of their new mini album “Celebrate.” Check out the music video for their title track, “Can Be Better”!

Hi everyone, I had a dream that was good probably. It was pretty normal compared to how I usually dream. Anyway, I was at a club for fancy money people in the VIP section among other rich famous well-musxled celebrities. Among them was Arnold Shwarzenaergarg (sp?) whomst says to me with that stupid mouth “pepole sad yu wah fahnee luking but yowr at least a 6.5 in queer metrics” and Murdock Niccols, yes that one, chimes in and says “eat shit you old tosser” with a British accent then says some more stuff I can’t understand because I’m not fluent in Ancient English and I laugh really hard because I have become aware that my sleeping brain is making up fake words that sound English but with a British accent and calling it “Ancient English” and I laugh so hard I glitch and clip through the club and ragdoll after hitting an invisible barrier then YOU DIED shows up dark souls style. Shout out to my buddy @chibibox for inspiring this bullshit.

Highlight Shares Their Secrets To Being A Long-Lasting Idol Group

Originally written by J. Lim for Soompi.

During their press conference to celebrate the release of their new mini album “Celebrate,” as well as the group’s eighth anniversary, the members of Highlight talked about their secrets to being a long-lasting group.

Yang Yoseob began the conversation by saying that he believes that it’s important to put the team before yourself. He said, “I really connected with a statement ‘No one is bigger than the team,’ I think someone in the German national soccer team said this. That statement doesn’t just apply to soccer, it can work for any sport or even idol groups as well.”

He continued to add, “If you are a member of a team, your love for your team will naturally grow if you always have the mindset of putting the team before yourself. I think that’s the secret to being a long-lasting group.”

The idol concluded with, “We’ve been together for eight years, but we have so many more years left together. We keep learning more and more about how to work as a team as the years go by, so we’ll probably have more to share the next time we get asked this question.”

Yoon Doojoon also stated, “We want to sing for a long time, as long as we can, really. We have such great seniors who have been singing for a long time and have paved such a great road for us to walk down, so we hope to be a group that improves upon that road and makes it even better for our juniors.”

Highlight made their return on October 16 with their second mini album “Celebrate.” Check out the music video for their title track “Can Be Better”!

Harry Potter being raised right, by Sirius Black who just ‘fuck rules, Moony, I’m not letting my Godson live in hell’ because he managed to transform into his animagi form and escape the scene of the crime before he got caught, and took Harry before Dumbledore said anything. Him technically being an Honorary Potter, still gives Harry the protection from Voldemort, while at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Him carrying a baby Harry, who just started speaking, his first words being, ‘Dada’, which makes him start to cry and ‘no, Harry, he’s not here. It’s only Padfoot and Moony now.’ And Harry giggling, because he’s only an infant, and is innocent like that.

Harry being sent to Neville Longbottom’s grandmother’s place during full moons so Padfoot can take care of Moony.

Harry when he’s 2, and can only call them ‘MoonMoon, and Pa'foo’ and laughing when they play Hide And Seek, and Moony just found Padfoot and Harry sleeping on the couch, Padfoot protectively draping his paw around Harry, in his animagi form, and Harry clutching onto the fur happily as he sleeps.

Moony and Padfoot buying a toy broomstick for Harry when he’s 4, and he learns to fly before he can walk, but, 'Its only two feet about the ground, Moony, relax.’

Harry finding the portrait of the Black Family tree, and seeing Padfoot blasted off of it. Harry getting angry, and drawing Padfoot back onto the portrait, with 'Padfoot’, with his crayons, and putting 'Moony’ next to it, and later covering all the other people in his black coloured crayon. 'I’m covering them up.’

Moony and Padfoot telling Harry the truth about his parents when he’s 7, because 'He’s old enough, Padfoot, and he needs to know what really happened. We’d be no better than those Dursleys if we didn’t.’

Harry understanding completely, crying a bit, in the middle of the night, but making sure no one heard him. The next day, Harry asks about his parents, and what they were like.

Harry getting small things that belonged to Lily, that Moony and Padfoot got from the house, and kept for him, including a picture of James and Lily’s first kiss, and many small muggle items she had from when she was small. He also got a sweater that belonged to James, which was from his Quidditch Practicing days.

Moony and Padfoot teaching Harry small jinxes and counter Jinxes when he’s 8, and Harry sneakily using a jinx on Padfoot because it was a prank war, and every prank war means at least one man having pink hair.

Harry when he’s nine, and being prepped on everything to do with Hogwarts, and how to get away from trouble, and which teachers to avoid or go to in the school, if Harry can’t contact Moony or Padfoot.

Harry being 10, and waking up in the middle of the night, to see Moony and Padfoot sleeping together on the couch, Moony putting his head on Padfoot’s lap, while his hand is in Moon’s hair, as he was playing with his hair before he fell asleep. Harry giggling, because 'Moony and Padfoot are in loveeee~’ yet neither of them deny it.

Harry getting his letter to Hogwarts as soon as he turns 11, and Moony and Padfoot’s throw a small party to celebrate, inviting Neville as well.

The three of them going to Diagon Alley, and many people greeting Harry, and Padfoot boasting about it, while Moony laughs.

Harry getting to meet many kids who might meet him at Hogwarts, including Ddaco Malfoy, and Padfoot growling when he sees Lucius, and says 'they’re a bad sort, Harry, keep away from them,’ but he didn’t listen, and being the small outgoing kid he was, he went to say 'Hi! Are you going to Hogwarts too?’ And Draco, actually being surprised and smiling awkwardly because his father was talking to the shopkeeper, at the corner of the room, so he didn’t know what to say, and he nods. Padfoot smiling because Harry looks happy, and Moony thinks that maybe Draco might be different.

Harry promising to send them letters every single day, by owl, while he hugs them goodbye, and runs towards the Hogwarts Express, waving at them until they are no longer visible.

Harry keeping his promise and telling Moony and Padfoot all about Hermione Jean Granger, and Ronald 'Ron’ Weasley, who are his new best friends, and Draco Malfoy 'who is an absolute git sometimes, but can actually be a sweetheart.’ and how Hermione and Ron managed to help him battle a troll in the girls bathroom, as well as meet Fluffy, the three headed dog, and how they played a game of wizard chess, and defeated Lord Voldemort, who was stuck on Professor Quirrell’s head, and how, when he saw the Mirror of Erised, he saw Padfoot, Moony, Lily, and James, (Or mum and dad) standing next to him, while they sat in the house. Oh and 'I’m seeker for the Gryffindors! Just like dad!’

Harry receiving a howler the next day, which was the day before Ron received it, and hearing Moony scream himself raw, 'YOU WERE TAUGHT BETTER THAN TO FIGHT WITH SEVERUS— “Moony, it’s Snivellus, Harry meant no harm, I’m sure of it.” — AND HAD ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO DISOBEY ORDERS. PADFOOT, DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY? “I’m proud of you, Harry, keep up the good work. Tell Snivellus that if he irritates you any longer, he’s gonna have to speak to me.” PADFOO-’ And the Howler ends, bursting into flames, while Ron is laughing, and Hermione smiles, while Draco hollers a “congrats Potter!” and I AM SORRY FOR TAKING UP YOUR TIME BUT I VERY WELL NEED THIS IN MY LIFE, AND SO DO YOU.

jewish, muslim, buddhist, sikh, hindu, and other religious bi women are amazing! your bisexuality and your ties to your religious and ethnic communites are all equally important, and neither of them cancel each other out. i hope you find love and kindness in LGBT spaces and religious/ethnic spaces. and if you have a complex relationship with either your religion or your bisexuality or both, know that you aren’t alone and that all of us share that sentiment with you. 


I like that, in the mornings, I can wake up, take my dog, and go grab coffee and a bagel, then bring back a box to my wife. I like that. I don’t want anything else or need anything. I have a great wife and a great life.

Happy 31st Birthday, Armand Douglas “Armie” Hammer! (August 28, 1986)

When Dorian stays up till late to study and Lavellan doesn’t care anymore where he falls asleep


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English


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“So…” Harry rubbed his eyes tiredly, “we finally caught the poachers. I have portkey for tomorrow. I’ll arrive…seven twenty your time.”

On the other side of the floo fire, Ron was holding a squirming Hugo while Rose sat patiently in Hermione’s lap, smiling shyly at Harry whenever he glanced her way.

“We should have a welcome back party,” Ron said.

Hermione gave him a look.

Ron went on instantly, “He’s been off in China for nearly three months! It doesn’t have to be long, just a chance for everyone see him.”

“I don’t know…” Harry said tiredly, he glanced to the side when someone tapped his shoulder, “I’ve got to go, other people need the international floo. See you tomorrow? Tell Draco for me, I couldn’t get a hold of him earlier.”

Ron rolled his eyes.

“Of course we will,” Hermione assured him.

Harry ducked out the fire and fought down a yawn. Nearly three months tracking down dragon poachers all across Europe and Asia. They had only caught the poachers because they got sloppy killing a Chinese Fireball. Harry didn’t envy them, the Chinese wizarding community was very protective of their dragons and was pushing for the death sentence.

Harry shook his head, rubbed his temples and went back to his cot to sleep until his portkey departure.

Harry stumbled when he landed in the Ministry’s portkey arrivals. He was ushered off the platform and into Hermione and Ron’s tight embrace while his head and stomach were still reeling. One person was noticeably missing, however.

“Where’s Draco?” Harry glanced around, “You did tell him, right?”

“Well,” Hermione said, “Ron’s idea got me thinking-”

“You guys.” Harry groaned.

“It’ll be a surprise!” Hermione insisted.

“I don’t want surprises, I just want to see Draco.” Harry sighed.

He let them drag him along to a small bar that had been rented out for the night just for them. He smiled and laughed, greeting all his friends and family that had come out to see him and use his homecoming as an excuse to get absolutely pissed. He looked up every time the door opened, his heart squeezing in his chest so tight he felt like he might die.

He finally stood from the table, tapping Hermione on the shoulder, “This has been great but I’m going home. I need to see-”

A wave of silence washed through the bar behind him and Harry heard a familiar voice that made his eyes ache.

“Just one drink. I don’t know why I let you convince me to come out, Pans. I’m really not in the mood-”

Harry turned around, the crowd pulling back as Draco and Pansy stepped inside. Draco looked too thin and his eyes were shadowed, but he was still the most beautiful thing Harry had ever seen.


Draco’s grey eyes snapped up and widened, “Harry?” He whispered, stumbling forward.

Harry’s cheeks felt like they might break from smiling as he ran to Draco wrapping his arms around his waist and lifting him briefly in a surge of adrenaline and happiness. Draco hugged Harry’s neck, burying his face in the crook of his neck.

“God, I’ve missed you,” Harry’s voice cracked.

Draco cradled Harry’s face in his hands and kissed him breathless. They were both shaking.

“You’re too thin,” Draco scolded, his eyes roving over Harry as if trying to sear every inch of him into his memory, “have you been sleeping?”

“I could say the same thing about you,” Harry said faintly.

“I couldn’t stand it,” Draco said, pressing his forehead to Harry’s, “Don’t ever leave me again.”

“I don’t wa-”

“I mean it,” Draco interrupted fiercely, “Stay with me forever, Harry. Marry me.”

“Draco,” Harry breathed in shock.

Draco’s hands slid into Harry’s hair tangling in the curls, “Say yes,” he begged.

Harry swallowed hard, his voice coming out a wobbly mess on the verge of tears, “Yes.”

The whole building shivered with the force of the cheering, both Harry and Draco startling at the realization they weren’t alone. A round of drinks was ordered, congratulations were shouted but Harry didn’t care.

Harry tightened his grip on Draco waist, “Let’s go home.”