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Here’s something I would like to see: FitzSimmons moving into their new apartment, Jemma in a messy bun and a huge sweater with sleeves that get in the way, but they haven’t sorted the thermostat yet and she’s chilled; Fitz in jeans and ratty converse and a t-shirt, which Jemma teases him about (“when was the last time your elbows saw the light of day?”); calculating the precise angles to get their new headboard through the doorway; trying to figure out how to turn on the shower; collapsing in a heap on the floor with dirt smudges on their faces that get more smudged as soon as they can move enough to celebrate their achievement. Ordinary life.

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Exactly! That's what I'm talking about, it was CONFIRMED it was our boy Jason. Do your fact-checking, journalist! I also had a bit of nerd-rage when the made a big deal about Nightwing having his own series after Robin, etc., and I'm like? Tim Drake had issues after issue of his personal journey as Robin? And then Red Robin? But, nah, selective cool story, brah.

…I honestly wonder how the everliving frick the batboys have gotten the short end of the stick as much as they have. All the batkids, really, but come on. Tons and tons of people are at least aware of Batman—so many celebrities and ordinary people say that DC is automatically their favorite comic company solely because of Batman—and yet there’s next to no knowledge of Bruce’s true personality, his large adopted family and extensive network of allies. And don’t even get me started about the misperceptions of Robin over the years; if I hear ‘liability’ or ‘damsel in distress’ one more effin’ time, Imma throw down.

Bottom line, I am massively bitter that their characters have been swept under the rug for so long, and if WB makes it even worse I shall be absolutely monstrous.

Imagines Are Starting To Become Too Real To Me

I’ve been reading too many imagines. It’s gotten to the point where it feels like I know the person and I miss them and just want them here. But then I remember that I’m not famous and I’d never get to date them and I don’t actually know them. Some peoples imagines have such raw emotions that everything feels so real. It feels like I know the person but I don’t. And it’s disappointing when I have an urge to go and text them and then I remember that’s not a thing. I need to stop reading imagines.


“The Simpsons” Co-Creator Sam Simon’s Estate On The Market, Includes Architectural Treasure

The property belonging to the estate of The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, is now on the market for $18 million. But this is no ordinary celebrity party pad; the unusual property is a showstopper even for the ritzy Pacific Palisades real estate market, and is actually comprised of two different homes. Read more >

What all blogs [tweets or Facebook posts] have in common is the host’s/author’s basic belief that his or her life or thoughts about life are worth sharing with anyone who will log on. It’s either the most astonishing universal display of narcissism or the most liberating opportunity for the ordinary and the everyday to be celebrated. On one level it looks like the liberation of the ordinary, but at another level it’s an expression of hyper-reality: it looks like we’re meeting people via the Web, but really we’re meeting only the acceptable persona that they want displayed to the world.
—  Michael Frost, “Exiles”

POST TITLE: Today’s the birthday of the man who endures… Ishigaki Koutarou

IHARA: Happy birthday, Ishiyan.
TSUJI: You don’t have to endure today. This is from us, eat it!

ISHIGAKI: Thanks! You remembered my birthday, Ihara, Tsuji…!
A typical birthday and Ishigaki-kun who feels very satisfied by that.


Today is the birthday of Kyoto Fushimi’s former ace, Ishigaki Koutarou-kun.

Ishigaki-kun who you all know and love as the man who endures.

Today, he didn’t have to endure and ate cake.

Mizuta arrived late.

And Ishigaki quips about that.

Ishigaki-kun who feels incredibly happy about celebrating an ordinary birthday like that.

Happy birthday, Ishigaki!

As for Midousuji

He went out to train as usual
And came back as usual…

Ishigaki Koutarou 2015

[BREAKING] 150107 Lee Joon revealed to be dating non-celebrity for 2 years

Former MBLAQ member, Lee Joon, has just joined a new agency, PrainTPC, but has already become embroiled in a dating scandal! Looks like he’s keeping his new agency busy from the get-go.

Multiple reports came out on January 7 and 8 in South Korea regarding a possible 2-year relationship between Lee Joon and a former classmate!  Multiple entertainment reps were recently cited by media outlets such as Sports DongA saying that that Lee Joon had been dating a former classmate since the end of 2013.

People around Lee Joon stated, “Lee Joon is dating his girlfriend well but cautiously out of concern that his girlfriend’s detailed identity might be divulged.”

Again, his girlfriend was reported to not be a celebrity but an ordinary citizen, so Lee Joon is allegedly being considerate in order to prevent any discomfort or harm to her private life.  While he was promoting with MBLAQ, the other members knew of the existence of his girlfriend, but Lee Joon was quiet to the point that the members themselves did not know the details about her.  However, when he met up with people close to him, he would occasionally appear at a public area with his girlfriend.

Stay tuned for a response from Lee Joon’s side!