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Dating Shawn Mendes - Headcannons

dating shawn mendes would include:

  • singing to you when you can’t sleep
  • 80% of his songs being about you
  • watching him work out
  • when he doesn’t have to get up early, u can bet you’re staying in bed with him the wHoLE morning
  • trying to cook something as simple as pasta but somehow burning it??
  • bLoWinG kiSsES aT YOu annd vise versa
  • ranting to you about how canada is so much better than any other country
  • trying to teach you how to play guitar
  • when he’s really tired he becomes a koala
  • head in your neck ((if u have a ticklish neck this will be hell for u))
  • his hair would kind of be across the bottom of your cheeks and in your neck and just kind of everywhere but its like REALLY ok bc his hair can stop wars
  • his lips would press to your neck during these cuddling sessions
  • his long eyelashes laying on his cheeks
  • his hair would be curlier and messier than normal
  • his skin would be kind of hot too like not warm but burning
  • he wouldn’t let u go while your sleeping either
  • he would groan if u had to leave
  • hIS GrOGGy aSS vOiCE
  • after like a month of dating and spending a lot of time together he would want you to meet his family bc they mean a lot to him but so do u and he is so proud to have found someone like u awwww
  • before he kisses you his BIG ASS HANDs would hold you face or your cheeks
  • i feel like he’s the jealous type
  • and because he’s a leo,,, he wants to be the ‘dominant’ one in the relationship whatever tf that means
  • tracing his tattoos oH LORd
  • homeboy can’t keep his hands to himself when he’s in the mod ;)
  • your friends would send him videos of u singing his songs and he would have THE MOST smug smile on his face
  • bc his gf/bf is whipped for him
  • jk
  • no probs
  • when he comes home y’all are attached at the hip for the first three days
  • telling u all the places he wants to take u some day
  • he’d be a boyfriend that would get u a promise ring bc he’s still pretty young and i feel like getting married would be;; responsible and he still wants to be young and reckless with you
  • bc he’s a giant he would sweep u off your feet a lot and carry u around no matter what size you are
  • when stuff gets intense ;) his eyes would b SUPER wide and kind of innocent looking oh lord help me after i write these
  • and his lips would pinker than normal and swollen
  • he’d breathing heavy fuehwijdks
  • his hair would be scattered in all different directions
  • god he’s a sight to look at
  • he would send u funny videos of himself when he’s on tour and away from u
  • screaming lyrics in his jeep
  • dancing together in the kitchen, bedroom, stage, bus, hotel, or anywhere really at like 2 AM
  • he would be so good to you and everyone could see that
  • and he would love you so much
  • he’s just not human and i love my baby boy ok bye this was really long,, you’re welcome…

5.28.17  ♡  32/100 days of productivity

Missed bullet journaling like this so I did it again! Cute and fast way to bullet journal when you’re lazy like me. Can’t believe there are only 2 days left before graduation omg. It’s also my birthday today so we’re celebrating them both tomorrow c:


I found out I can mix my markers together to create this lovely pale green, which is a win because I wanted a green marker like this for ages :D. Also, I started tracking my sleep… as you can see, I desperately need it - I will probably never have a “normal human sleeping schedule”. I will keep a track of it for some time though and see if I can make it any better.
Another thing I’d like to mention is that I got inspired by @studypetals to shape the light pink paper in various patterns rather than simple rectangles, she always makes her spreads so interesting by doing that (e.g. see here).
All right, that’s too many words already :D enjoy Halloween if you’re still celebrating!

6.7.17 // 9:25pm // some housekeeping spreads

just some spreads i’m using to track spending and income thie month. but i’m a little obsessed with the stamp and grey marker i used. also (too many) not so subtle hamilton refs… xoxo, m

(also just hit 5k this morning, so be on the lookout for a celebration post!)

Guys Kenny“The Cleaner” Omega just replied to me!

I tweeted @tapemachinesarerolling anon ask. He didn’t really answer but how can you answer this. (that wink tho)



I will be there one last time now.

My Chemical Romance (2001 - 2013)

IWGP United States Champion Kenny Omega
[July 2nd, 2017]

In perhaps the most apt weekend to do so, Kenny Omega endured a 30+ minute war with Tomohiro Ishii to become the first ever IWGP United States Champion. Omega had defeated Jay Lethal earlier in the evening, and Ishii gained a victory over Zack Sabre Jr. to move onto the finals. Omega, who kicked off 2017 by having a well-regarded bout against Kazuchika Okada that was followed by yet another great encounter only recently, staked his claim for NJPW in the United States following the tournament:

We ran a 2,000-seat building. I said screw that, we need 20,000! Next year, New Japan is coming. It’s going to be bigger, it’s gonna be better than ever, and as long as we’re piloting the ship, we will rule the wrestling world.

Following the match, Omega was celebrated by his Bullet Club and Elite teammates, including the recently crowned Ring Of Honor World Champion Cody Rhodes, who teased a staredown with Omega. Following the event at a press conference, Omega (who’s Canadian) claimed he was celebrating the victory in the most American way possible: dining at In-N-Out Burger.

Marty Scurll ~ Villains Attention

Requested by: N/A

Prompt: “Hot damn” and “well well my night just go better”

Side note: I love Marty, marty is great and I saw those two prompts and guess I’m writing a scurll oneshot now

You were a little nervous to say the least. Outside the guerilla you could hear the crowd cheering and booing the current match and then after that would be your big reveal: that you were the newest member of bullet club, the first women to ever be one.

You had revamped your entire outfit to say the least, thinking that a new you should mean new ring gear. Silver ripped leather trousers, black combat boots and a black bullet club top with a grey jacket to throw on top. The rest if the club knew you were debuting but they didn’t know about the outfit change. But to be honest you were scared of what Marty would say.

You and Marty had been getting close recently, Marty was a gorgeous man, sharp jawline and lovely blue eyes. But he was also funny and flirty, and when you first joined ring of honour a lot of girls told you to stay away from him and the rest of club due to their villainous nature. What girl in her right mind could resist a bad guy.

The bad guys are always more interesting than the hero after all. You could hear Kenny on the mic introducing you, and when he paused you stepped through the curtains with a devious smirk on your face, and the cheer you got from the crowd never made you feel more alive. As you walked down to the ring you strutted yourself, greeting cheered on by Fale, Cody and the Bucks, Kenny wolf whistled when you got onto the apron, as leisurely resting on you heard something from Tama but you couldn’t quite hear it but knowing the man it was probably quite flirtatious.

Suddenly, you back flipped over the ropes landing in a crouch, a loud “Hot damn” caught your attention, you turned around to see Marty with a wild look in his eyes and he slowly looked you up and down biting his lip. You cheekily winked back,before unzipping the jacket to reveal the bully club shirt. Kenny held up your arm “Ladies and gentlemen ___ is the newest bullet club member” He announced and you threw up a too sweet with the rest of the club.

Later you had a match against Mandy Leon, and you had to get to the guerilla soon, as you were making your way down there, you were suddenly snatched by your arm and dragged to the side. Pressing your back againist the wall, the Villian himself stood infront if you resting his arm beside your head. “Weren’t you an absolute treat earlier?” He asked, you smiled bashfully “Well I thought I would look nice for bullet club debut” you said softly looking up into his blue eyes. “Nice dosent do you credit, sweetheart you looked gorgeous” he said his tone deepening.

Causally he took a strand of your hair and twirled it “How about after the show you dress up even better and let me take you out?” He asked “As a celebration for joining bullet club of course” he said coyly yet a mischievous glint in his eye hinted that was not the case. “I look forward to it, but now I have a match” you said before sliding away.

As you walked away you couldn’t help but hear him say “Well well my night keeps on got better”.