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Hirunaka no Ryuusei Volume 12 First Week Sales

So I constantly check how well HnR does in sales and I was meaning to check it’s first week sales but was super busy back then and only managed to grab the data after extensive searching through Japanese forums. HnR went out with a bang, topping it’s previous first week sales with a grand total of….

82,852 copies sold in it’s first week!

It debuted at 13th place on the weekly chart, but it was up against some pretty big names such as Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Kyou wa Kaisha wo Yamimasu and Orange to name a few. So that’s a pretty amazing achievement. The total sales have probably increased now (I wouldn’t be surprised if it broke the 100K mark). 

And, just for your interest, the full sales report for how many copies each volume of HnR sold in it’s first week:

Take note that I listed <25,000 for volumes 1, 2 and 3 because those volumes weren’t charting on the Oricon charts (they archive the ranks 1-30) because their sales were too low.

I guess we can applaud HnR for how much it achieved these past few years, from gaining traction in popularity and love from it’s readers to quadrupling it’s first week sales throughout it’s run. I give kudos to Yamamori as that’s an amazing feat to achieve in her career.

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What better way the celebrating Mika’s birthday then the beach. Elizabeth smiled and walked up behind Mika with a handful of sunblock. She gave a small smirk and applied the cold liquid to Mika’s bare back and started to rub it in.
     “Happy Birthday Mika-chan~” She said as she pulled her hands away from his back.

“So you are the so-called Yamato Nadeshiko! I understand it now what they called as Japanese perfect beauty!”

‘Yamato Nadeshiko is a woman, you idiot. Are all the foreigners as adorable idiot as you?’

@h-a-k-u-r-y-u-u ‘s request from the 1k followers’ celebration!
Prompts: Mika and Yuu in prince’s outfits, blushing Yuu, bridal carry (of course)
I make Yuu as a Japanese prince while Mika is a… western prince, I guess (Prince Charming?)

Thank you for participating, I hope you like it, and sorry this taking so long!

it will be okay : you’re alright you know.

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i. nattöppet; detektivbyrån || ii. passenger seatdeath cab for cutie || iii. the underwood typewriter; fionn regan || iv. that green gentleman; panic! at the disco || v. celebrate [acustic]mika || vi. madison; ola gjeilo || vii. coals; modern baseball || viii. today will be better, i swear!; stars || ix. strawberries; why? || x. constellations; jack johnson || xi. fjarlægur; oskar schuster

{ 8tracks } / { playmoss }

{01} wow / garfunkel and oates
{02} life is rosy / jess penner
{03} let’s go surfing / the drums
{04} gold rays / vinyl pinups
{05} good day / nappy roots
{06} celebrate / mika feat. pharrell williams
{07} best day of my life / american authors
{08} the prince of parties / flight of the conchords
{09} good time / owl city feat. carly rae jepsen
{10} the happy song / kate micucci
{11} sweet pea / amos lee
{12} little secrets / passion pit
{13} seeing stars / børns
{14} mr. blue sky / electric light orchestra
{15} loose lips / kimya dawson
{16} go / garfunkel and oates

In celebration of her upcoming birthday, we bring you Mikaweek

Rules | Prompts | Tags

This is a week-long event spanning over February 14th - February 20th, dedicated to appreciating the character Mika Shimotsuki. Assuming it falls within the boundaries of our rules, you can participate however you see fit! Graphics, gifsets, cosplays, drabbles, fanfiction, playlists, AMVs, anything you like! You can follow the prompts closely, or just use them for loose inspiration. Likewise, you can do any prompt as many times as you like, and if you miss a day you can just catch whenever you have time, or skip it altogether ^_^. Please tag all of your contributions with #mikaweek!


#1. Happy Birthday or Free Day: -
(Make something in celebration of Mika’s birthday. Be it an actual birthday themed contribution, or just something in appreciation of her character in general.)
#2. Moments: -
(Pick your favorite moment/s pertaining to Mika and base your contribution on it.)
#3. Relations: -
(Choose a relationship between Mika and another character. This does not have to be a romantic dynamic, it could be a friend, coworker, or even an enemy. Likewise, it can be a relationship we see in the canon, or something you have developed via headcanon work.)
#4. Quotation: -
(Use a passage from a song, book, or other source as a prompt, whether by quoting something directly or just using it for inspiration. Also feel free to quote Mika herself, or to use your own original material.)
#5. AU: -
(Choose an AU setting for inspiration, whether by picking a completely different verse, or simply exploring alternate possibilities within the main verse, had things gone differently.)
#6. Consistency or Development: -
(Explore an aspect of Mika’s character that you believe has remained the same throughout all three installments of Psycho-Pass, or something that you think has grown or changed. Neither of these things need to be inherently positive or negative, though they certainly can be.)
#7. Favorites: -
(Design something based on your favorite thing/s about Mika, be it an aspect of her personality, development, something she did, or something more simple, such as her appearance or mannerisms. Alternatively, explore Mika’s favorite things.)

(Needless to say, it is a well known fact that Mika is a widely disliked character within the fandom. For those of you who do not wish to see this week, we encourage you to blacklist the #mikaweek tag. Likewise, we ask that our participants please be courteous and make a point to tag all of their contributions appropriately. Most importantly, we ask that everyone please be respectful of one another. You are perfectly entitled to dislike Mika, but a week dedicated to appreciating her is not an appropriate place to express an opinion of that nature. In keeping with this, for those of you who do like Mika, please do not use this week as an opportunity to slam those who dislike her. Thank you for reading this!)