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There's only one person in the world who I'd want to marry but he's married and a celebrity and doesn't know who I am, halp

Depends on how old you are. Maybe that’s a little concerning if you’re like, my age, but that’s normal for teenagers. Having crushes on celebrities is a part of life.

The Interview

           She never signed up for the celebrity life, but she was willing to be a part of it for Harry. Harry never worried about the articles that came up during his meetings, because he knew that every single word were lies. The decision between two types of cheese for the dinner party was the current issue she was trying to solve. She decided to buy the cheapest cheese since Harry wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.
“Are you throwing a party tonight?” The cashier asked, swiping the two bottles of wine across the price checker.
“Yes, my boyfriend is having some friends over.” She smiled sweetly at the young girl.
“Well, aren’t they your friends too?”
That was a hard question to answer. She didn’t have much in common with Harry’s friends. She worked an office job that barely paid, she shopped in thrift stores, and she never travelled the world. Harry’s friends bragged about all of the things that she didn’t have. Harry never made her feel like she was poor, but his friends didn’t care that much.
“No, they are a different breed. Sometimes I wonder how they are friends with my boyfriend. He never brags about his wealth, but his friends do. I wonder if he did use to brag and just stopped to not hurt me.” She chuckled lightly at her world blurt.
The girl simply nodded and continued her job. In the car she sent a message to Harry that she had bought everything for the party and something special for him tonight. She couldn’t wait to see that giant doofus.
           Harry sat in yet another meeting. He zoned out during most of them, imagining what surprise his girlfriend had bought for him. He couldn’t wait to see her beautiful face. He could hardly count the minutes until he saw her. Their friends would be over, but Harry would make sure to concentrate on her. He loved the way that she got along with everyone in his life.
“Harry, did you hear the recent rumor?” Harry looked up with an eye roll directed at his manager.
“I think those are…”
“You need to see this.” His manager slid the phone toward Harry.
A young girl in a red supermarket shirt stood in front of the paparazzi. She smiled as she told the story that she had run into his missus. The next words were a shock to him. Harry cared about money too much, and made his girlfriend feel left out. His girlfriend even hated his best friends. No, this had to be a lie, but the girl knew too much for it to be false. Harry was livid that his missus would say such words about him. She knew how he felt about celebrities throwing their money around.
“I need to go home.” Harry spoke through a clenched jaw.
“Be careful, they are waiting for you.”
Harry pushed through the screaming crowd of paparazzi that shouted awful names at him. He took a deep breath before driving off. The damage was already done.
           The door opened to her surprise since Harry was due home later than this. She rushed to the hall to find him kicking off his shoes. He was mad, because his jaw was clenched and his fists were balled.
“Hey love, was it a bad day in the office?” She slipped her hands up his shirt to his tense shoulders.  He shrugged her off like he was disgusted by her loving gesture.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” She turned to look at him soon wishing that she hadn’t. His eyes were harsh and nothing like the loving man she knew.
“You told them about my life.” Harry growled lowly.
“What?” She was confused on who he was speaking of.
“You told that little girl. You told her about my life. You know what you did!” He shouted, scaring the girl before him.
“Harry, I don’t know what I did.”
“You don’t know what you did? Are you that stupid? How much shit do you talk about me? Living life with Harry Styles is such a job for you. I’m sorry that you were forced to be with me!” He threw his arms around at the lavish house he bought for them.
“Hey, I would never talk badly about you. I also helped to buy this house.” Her voice rose at his cruel words.
“Yes, you put in about five dollars into the house that I bought for you.”
“Harry, I’m sorry that I’m not rich like you. Some people have to actually work hard for what they want!” She shouted, feeling the anger rush through her beating heart.
“There it is again! I make you feel like shit because I have more money! I throw my money around. Isn’t that what you told them? You hate living with me. I thought I could trust you!” He shouted, but the last words fell short with the hurt in his voice.
“You can trust me. Harry, you know that I would never say those awful things about you. I promise that my words were thrown out of context.”
“You actually are confessing that you said that?” Harry shook his head, walking past the girl he thought he loved.
“No, Harry I didn’t say those exact words.”
“I wonder if I’m better off without you.” Harry whispered softly as he poured a glass of his hard scotch.
“Harry, please don’t say things like that. I made a mistake. I didn’t think before I said those things, but I love you. I never said that you throw money around. I said that your friends throw money around, and I wonder if you were like them in the past. I love you.”
She was crumbling before him. Tears spilled from her eyes as she struggled to stay standing. Harry’s heart broke, but he was now on full display. People saw into his life and would soon come back with harsh words to hurt him even more than he was right now. He didn’t know if it was worth it to stay with her. He loved her, but maybe she deserved someone better. She deserved to fall in love and tell people something about her lover’s life without him being furious.
“I think you deserve someone better than me.” Harry breathed out.
She broke, falling to the ground in heart wrenching sobs.
“I’ll be in the room.” He slowly stumbled to their room.
She sat there thinking about her life. She loved the man upstairs, but she had made a fatal mistake. She killed their happiness. She didn’t deserve better. He deserved someone who wouldn’t spill secrets.

FindTeenPenPals - 3rd Birthday!

Hello lovelies!

3 years ago, I made the best desicion in my life - creating this pen pal blog for Teenagers. I was 15, had no idea what I was doing and no idea what a huge immpact it would have for other teenagers. I didn’t even think the blog would make it to 100 followers - now I get 160 followers a week. I didn’t think I could make a difference, in reality I helped thousands of teenagers to make friends. And now I have over a 100 sign ups for Internet Friend Meet Ups around the world! This is crazy, and I’m so happy to call you lovelies a part of my life. Thank you!

xoxo Giulia

In Another Life. Part Fourteen.

Summary: Val and Zendaya celebrate Christmas, even though he’s Jewish, and each give each other a special gift. 

Author’s Note: Sorry for the extended wait guys, was busy moving in to my new place and didn’t have really enough time to sit down and write this. But here it is! Part Fourteen! Excited things are coming folks:)

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“They have dedicated parts of their life to… to celebrating mine. Some of these kids come home from school, drop their backpacks, sign online and immediately are on a Twitter account that has my name on the handle. And they’re on it till dinnertime. And they’re on it till their mom’s telling them “Go to bed!” And then they sign off and they go to sleep and then they wake up and do the same exact thing the next day. So they’re so heavily invested in my life, I feel like I owe the same to them.” – Halsey on her relationship with her fans

Every year on the anniversary of their first kiss, Magnus does something privately to honor the memory of his friend, Ragnor Fell. After their first couple of years together, Alec discovers this by accident and asks Magnus why he’s doing it. Magnus confesses that it was advice from Ragnor that gave Magnus the courage to go to the Institute the night Alec would have married Lydia. Every year following, Alec takes part in celebrating the life of a man he never knew who helped give him the greatest happiness he’s ever felt.


1989 was essentially a celebration. I changed every part of my life. I focused every part of my life on different things than I’d focused it on before. I had new adventures and everything. And I kinda stopped caring. Like, I’m very well aware of what everyone says about me — like every single thing.The difference between now and three years ago is I honestly don’t care anymore.

Everything In Between - Part 6

HAPPY LEAP DAY EVERYONE! It’s an extra special day that only comes around once every four years so everyone make sure to celebrate it. Real life is for March. Live it up. 

Also, here’s part 6 of Everything In Between. This was the part where it started to remind me a little of Season 3 too much, and don’t worry, it isn’t the same at all, but there are… elements that are similar. 

 Hopefully you guys like it, thanks so much for reading. You all are stupendous and beautiful and I hope everyone has a great day. 

Part 6:

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douggas Very Touching @j14magazine …. Glad to see my dad still being Hollywood after his life was cut short. This was a nice little pick me up after his celebration of life yesterday. Thank you to @gleeonfox family for being part of his life.. He was really proud to work with you guys for so long. Thank you @hrhchriscolfer for the flowers. Thank you Ian Brennan and Michael Hitchcock for being there it was nice to meet you both and tell me some stories how my dad worked. It was truly a great service and I’d think he’s more than pleased how he was honored :) #111715 #paulbreuninger #glee #propertymaster #topnotch #greatworkdad

Thing is, I can understand that new fans of 5 Seconds Of Summer can leave the family with the mindset that they are bad people, after reading various interviews on websites that could either be real or twisted, but the reason so many of us are staying, is because we were here in 2011 and 2012 and so on, watching their keeks and them behaving like six year olds, when SLSP wasn’t out, and they had mostly unrecorded songs on YouTube that we had to stream, we knew what they were like and how much they appreciated what has been given to them, but part of this celebrity life is having interviews and then things being blown out of proportion. The reason we are staying is because we know who 5sos are, and we don’t need an interview to tell us. We also understand that the boys are gonna have girlfriends, they are gonna get drunk and party, and we need to remember that we are not their parents, and if they need our help, they would ask us. The point is, they deserve the status that they have right now, and it’s because of us. I know that they haven’t forgotten that, because they’re still the little 7 year old Australians trying to open a Vegemite pot with their noses. Please don’t believe that because a persons words are twisted and proportioned, that it is what they say, and what they mean.

I am so thankful for Taylor.

I’m thankful that I’ve found someone who believes in me. I’m thankful that I’ve found someone who encourages me to be myself and love myself and change myself. I’m thankful that I’ve found someone who stands strong for what they believe in and expresses how they feel, in turn helping me do the same for myself. I’m thankful that I’ve found someone whose heart speaks and feels in the same language as my own. Someone who can comfort the deepest pains of my life. Someone who can celebrate the best parts of who I am and what I’m experiencing. I’m thankful that I’ve found such an incredible role model. I’m thankful that I’ve found such a strong voice to follow. I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed enough to find a best friend in the biggest name in the music industry. Thank you @taylorswift.

July, So Far
  • Early last week I paid off the remaining balance on my student loans.  When we first got married Jason had offered to help pay them off in full but, because I am insanely stubborn and prideful, I refused his generous offer. This was my debt and it was very important to me that I take care of the financial obligation on my own. And guess what? I did it! I did it all by myself and it feels fucking fantastic. 
  • This weekend I packed my car with too many cases of wine and too many kaftans and drove up to Woodstock, NY for the bachelorette party of one of my dearest friends. We made flower crowns, shibori tie dyed, hiked to a swimming hole, and drank gallons of  rose out of vintage tea cups. It was the perfect summer-camp-for-gypsy-witches weekend and I came home with an overflowing love tank. I am so, so #blessed that Jess is a part of my life and loved celebrating with her.  
  • Jason won Euro Cup tickets! (Won = bought via lottery process.)  We don’t know exactly which matches yet but SEE ME IN A VILLA IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE NEXT JULY!!!!  
  • The first half of my year was basically garbage. I was dealing with too many uncertainties and sadness with a very fragile heart. Thankfully, the second half of the year is already looking up. I have some answers and I’m okay (currently, at least) with the answers I may never have. I’m finding my peace. I’m having fun. I’m happy.  

douggas  Very Touching @j14magazine…. Glad to see my dad still being Hollywood after his life was cut short. This was a nice little pick me up after his celebration of life yesterday. Thank you to @gleeonfox family for being part of his life.. He was really proud to work with you guys for so long. Thank you @hrhchriscolfer for the flowers. Thank you Ian Brennan and Michael Hitchcock for being there it was nice to meet you both and tell me some stories how my dad worked. It was truly a great service and I’d think he’s more than pleased how he was honored