IS MY BEST FRIEND @chucksangel‘s BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

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So if you get a chance, go wish this fantastic, fabulous, amazing girl a happy birthday!!!


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I’ll see you later bae!! We’re going to have a fantastic day, and I can’t wait to see you again next week!!

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Today marks one year since I first posted my own writing on tumblr. I remember being so nervous about posting it and it took over a week to actually post. It has totally been worth it. I just want to thank everyone that’s made this experience worth it. It still shocks me that I have 16,000+ followers. I couldn’t have ever imagined that would happen. I know I don’t really say how much I appreciate the people that reblog, like, and follow me, but I really do. I’m not sure I’d still be doing this if you all didn’t. This blog and you all have really boosted my confidence as a writer and it is truly amazing. So once again thank you to my awesome followers.

I also want you all to know that I want you to feel comfortable talking to me. I look through people’s tags and comments, it makes my day when I see stuff. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything, I’m a pretty open book. It can be about me, advice for personal things or writing, or really anything you want to say. I love getting messages it brightens my day and I’ll try my best to respond and be helpful or conversational. If you ever want to start a private chat I’m totally open for it. If you want my snapchat name, I’m not super active on my story but I snapchat like crazy. I don’t really have a lot of social media though (just tumblr and Pinterest) or I’d give them to you.

Enough about me. You guys are truly awesome and I just wanted to say that on this special day!

Here’s to you all: 

for making this experience everything it is.