So, this post, by the lovely lifeguardlibrarian, has brought in twenty or so new followers in the last day. I’ll follow the example of my peers, then, and write a short intro post for all of y'all.

I live in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, where I work part time at a low-income, predominantly Latino public library. I’m also finishing my MLS this summer and an associated gig for the program.

On this blog, I post reflections on my work life and the wider world of librarianship. I was posting book reviews, mainly new(ish) YA, until I was derailed by morning sickness (!) a couple months ago. Now I’ve got a huge backlog and I’m trying to summon the courage.

I also run a feature more or less three times a month featuring short interviews of librarian-types. Some of them I know IRL, and some of them contact me, or I find via tumblr. When I started this blog, I was surprised by how many librarians use tumblr, but also by how many librarian-hopefuls, in their teens or college, also exist. Five Question Fridays is mostly for the latter.

For more about my personal life, including my bonkers dog, various adventures, and impending little one, hop on over to katherine.tumblr.com

Nice to meet you all!

Re: Tumblarians

If for any reason you did not want to included on the libraries/librarians tumblr blog list, please feel free to let me know and I’ll remove you ASAP. 

Although, I will say, if you’re interested in acquiring a more engaged readership, you’ll find no better bunch.

Happy Thursday!

Update: There’s probably 20 or so more blogs on there from yesterday thanks to your amazing submissions. Thanks all!