celebi shrine

Headcanons about Gold

So i kinda just got to thinking about him lately and here’s what i got

-A lot of the times Gold tries to ask a someone out, he panics and makes an inappropriate comment because his brain likes to randomly tell him he messed up even when he didn’t so he tries to save it, then fucks up.

-competitive videogamer

-one summer, Gold was bored and decided to try and play the ukulele his mom dug out of the attic while cleaning. He now knows how to play multiple songs on the uke.

-one of the songs he can play is the proteam omega theme song. Silver still doesn’t understand how he managed to play such a song on such a small instrument, but was happy to hear it anyway.

-when called for a jhoto dex holder meeting at the lab, Gold always shows up with a cup of coffee. There are no nearby coffee shops and no one knows how he got it without showing up 30 minutes late. His mom doesn’t drink coffee, so this is extra strange.

-Gold visits the celebi shrine often, sometimes leaving stuff there for experimental purposes. The things he leaves, depending on their value to the time travel pokemon, vanish and either end up placed neatly on his kitchen table after a day or are swapped with a neat trinket from long ago.

-Gold once was having a really bad day. Celebi decided seeing him sad was uncomfortable. Celebi brought him to its shrine, and made him look in it to see that things would get better. Gold also nearly fell into the shrine.

-Gold had encounters with Celebi long before GSC, but was too young to remember these encounters.

-Gold gets very zoned out whenever he’s feeling sad or sick. Only silver and crystal know the differences between sick and sad zone out.

-Gold gets Silver’s help if he wants to break a bad habit.

-every board game in Gold’s house is rigged in some way

-there are certain things Gold avoids, mostly because they remind him of his father. There is a room in his house he never goes in because of this.

-Gold has bad mental breakdowns every once in a while. These happen without warning most of the time, and are hard to calm him down from. What he panics about is usually the future ahead, or something in the past he regrets doing.

-even though Gold loves to gamble, he actually is afraid he’ll loose everything one day. This fear is why he never drinks when gambling and sometimes cheats.

-Gold sometimes hangs out with red when he’s bored. Sometimes even just looks around his room for fun things if he’s not around.

-Gold sometimes poses for yellow when she wants to practice drawing.

-Gold collects posters. He doesn’t care what its from as long as it looks cool.

-if Gold plays a song on his ukelela silver knows, silver (depending on his mood) will hum or sing along. The duets are pretty great most of the time.

-Gold considers himself a master prankster even though a lot of times his pranks fail miserably and the ones involving silver really blow up in his face.

-he actually really likes to hug people and cuddle.

-He has also asked Silver to keep track of howbmany times crystal has kicked him. Silv was already keeping count, and the amount is over ten.

-Gold is actually very afraid of being alone. Its the reason he usually travels with at least one pokemon out of its ball when alone.

- Gold’s bravery 40% of the time is an act. Sometimes he’s terrified but he doesn’t want his friends to worry.

-any time someone asks Gold about any family member other than his mom, he gets a strange look and he attempts to dodge the question. The only ones who managed to get something out of him on the subject was silver, crystal, and Yellow. Silver banns anyone from asking Gold such questions, and Yellow knows the most about it because Gold vents to her so often.

-Yellow is the one person Gold vents to without hesitation. She is the best at keeping his secrets.

-Gold dreams about what he saw while in the shrine. He’s convinced there’s a part of him that’s somehow still there, and he can predict only insignificant randomized events that could happen at any random moment. He doesn’t want to believe the big things he sees, disregarding them as either past events or horrible routes of the future that won’t come to pass.

-He’s always a guy to go to if you want a fun or ridiculous nickname, but he has always wanted someone to return the favor with an interesting nickname as well.

-he always makes fun of silver for watching proteam omega, but he has a large collection of manga (any genre but a lot of it is highschool setting stuff) he stashes under his bed. No one’s allowed to look under there.

-it’s actually a pretty rare thing to see the inside of Gold’s room. The only two to see are silver and crystal, and thats only because he wanted help cleaning it up.

Thats all i got for now ^-^