celebi ex

Pokemon Card of the Day #644: Celebi ex (Unseen Forces)

There have been some references to Celebi ex on this blog before. You know, the one that got you any card you wanted from your discard pile when put on the Bench from the hand? Yeah, this isn’t that card. This Celebi ex was a secret rare that really had no excuse to be used. A low damage output and poor effects just didn’t cut it in such varied formats.

Celebi ex had just 70 HP. That was the lowest of any Pokemon-ex and didn’t give it much room for error. It would commonly give up 2 Prizes. A Fire Weakness just made that easier for Flareon ex and Magcargo, but Infernape didn’t even care. It would have done enough damage either way. A small positive was the Retreat Cost; 1 Energy was not expensive at all.

Spiral Leaf was a luck-based attack that cost a single Grass Energy. A coin was flipped. If heads, 1 damage counter was put on each of the opponent’s Pokemon. If tails, 1 damage counter was removed from each of the user’s Pokemon. Neither effect was that great, since it couldn’t be controlled. If it was just 10 spread to the opponent it would have been much better, but 10 healing only mattered against opposing spread decks and there was no control over the attack at all.

Time Trap did 30 damage for a Grass and a Colorless Energy, and another coin was flipped. If heads, you could look at the top 4 cards of the opponent’s deck and put them back on top in any order. If tails, you did that to your deck instead. Honestly, a tails flip may have been better, as it almost guaranteed a good card for you during the next turn, and all the searching cards lessened the impact of messing with the top of the opponent’s deck.

Celebi ex just had no redeeming value in competitive play. The one positive was that it was decently valuable as a secret rare, so you’d probably be quite happy to pull it from a pack. Sure, you wouldn’t be opening many packs of this set today, but it’s still a nice find if for some reason you were. As a competitive card, Celebi ex was terrible. As a collector’s item, it’s pretty decent.