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[DailyMesprit] !!!! Pink friend!! Pink friend!! Hi hi!!! How are you?? Are you well?? Aren't Celebi usually green?? Why are you so pink!!? Pink is my favorite color, I looove it!! What's your favorite color?? OOO your eyes are really pretty!!!

“O-ohh! thank you very much..! Yes, we are pink friends!!”

“I’m not sure.. I was born like this!”


The final update for my Johto Pokemonathon! A slumbering leviathan, the radiant immortal and a time traveling sprint onion (scallion).

What a fun adventure this was! Thanks to everyone who jumped along for the ride. Stay tuned for news about the obligatory poster print. A limited edition bundle including the Johto and Kanto posters will also be available, for if you missed out on one last time. 

Thanks for all the support!