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VAMPS Comment

Source:  876TV

Oakland Tribune, California, March 19, 1922

Here she is, Folks, in all her wicked wonderfulness. The Love Pirate, the Lady Vamp, gloating over her heart booty! Lovely picture, isn’t it?

Yes - and that’s all it is.

Just a picture!

This “vamp” idea has no more place in reality than the fabulous purple Sea Serpent! 

But is she a useful myth?

I’ll say she is!

What would the movies be without her and who would Tilly Jane blame for her Wilyam’s wanderings if we didn’t fondly believe in Vamps?

So let ‘em vamp, say I. It’s 1922 and we’ve been evoluting for millions and milyuns of years, but if we still want out voodoos and boogies, why shouldn’t we have ‘em. Why indeed.



Although the 100% evil vamp was exclusive of the less sophisticated audiences of the 1910s, many of them lasted well over the early1920s, and gave way to  the more realistic femme fatale, played so well by Garbo in the classic Flesh and The Devil  (1927). The vamps: from  top to bottom: posing with the big skull Virginia Pearson, the great Jetta Goudal, perverse Nita Naldi, Theda Bara in a still portrait of the self-mocking film Madame Mystery from 1926, Garbo, Olga Petrova and the leopard woman Louise Claum.


VAMPS put on an amazing show at Rams Head Live last night. I have been a fan of Hyde’s work for years but this was my first time seeing him live. His stage presence and vocals are truly something amazing that needs to be experienced in person. 

“Underworld,” their latest album, sets itself apart from their previous releases. While each album brought something unique to the table, it feels as though the band’s sound has evolved and taken on a new, more refined shape. It’s definitely a strong album that I highly recommend picking up.   

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