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Michael posted a video on facebook today and Tom got a nice mention, prompted by this fan question!

Q: “Are you and Tom Welling actual enemies?”

Michael: “No dude, I love Welling. I just went to his 40th birthday party at the Houdini House. Harry Houdini. It was a blast. He gave me a big hug. Almost broke me because he’s actually as strong as Superman. I love the guy, dude. I think we’re the closest of anyone else in the cast. He and I…Clark and Lex. Ironically, off camera, we’re definitely the closest I think, out of anybody.”

“Tom Welling’s awesome. He’s great. He looks great. He’s charming as hell. I love him. I’m going to get him on my podcast.”


Lois Lane + every episode
∟4x14 - Krypto

Lois: “We’re not gonna call him Skippy”
Clark: “Okay, Lois, what would you like to call him?”
Lois: “Let’s see. He’s annoying, and I can’t seem to get within ten feet of him without getting sick… I think we should call him Clarkie”

So I really want to start re watching Smallville but I dont know if I have the patience to go through 8 seasons of Clark and Lana drama, like this is my literal reaction every time they break up or get back together👇🏻

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Anyone who knows me knows how much of a Superman fan that I am. Smallville was my favorite show growing up and for a long time Tom was my superman. Even before I was heavily into Smallville I religiously watched the originally Superman movies constantly. The character of Superman shaped who I am today. That being said I hate that I can’t even go on an old video clip of Smallville on youtube without seeing some dumb comment saying “tom should have been the movie superman, this new one sucks” or anything along those lines. As a Smallville fan I get so mad at those people, because Tom himself never wanted to wear the suit for the show, let alone a movie. From what I’ve seen online he was interested in playing Superman on Supergirl but we all know how that turned out. I honestly feel like Tom wouldn’t want to be the Superman in the movie universe. For one, it wouldn’t be a continuation of Smallville, two audiences would be confused and think it was, and three the actors all wanted to move on. Again I love Smallville and I was happy enough that we even got a comic continuation of the show after it ended. I just wish people would accept that they can’t just live in the past and they have to just accept these new interpretations of the characters.

For example, I hate Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. But I have to accept that he is the new Superman on the cw. Tom is never gonna come back and Smallville is over. I’m just happy I have a version of Superman I love in the film world that I can enjoy. So I’m not gonna sit here and whine and cry about how much I want Tom back on the cw, because I’m not an entitled fanboy. I just have to accept that there’s a new version of Superman that I don’t like. 

Obviously I’m a big fan and defender of the DCEU so I hold Henry Cavill’s Superman in a special place in my heart because to me he IS the Superman of my generation. Henry Cavill and Zack get WAY too much shit online for these movies, and as a lifelong Superman fan I see so much of the Superman I grew up with but also a Superman that I can relate to. And I’ll always be thankful that I got a Superman that I resonate with so much. I’ll always love and appreciate Smallville and the two Richard Donner Superman movies, but as a fan I can’t just live in the past and expect to there to be no new interpretations of my favorite characters.