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Hardy Friday part 1/3

For the first post of Hardy Friday, we’re going old school! This will lay the groundwork for what’s to come…

These are from a 2002 movie called ‘Deserter’.

The IMDB synopsis: “Simon (Paul Fox) fights for the French Foreign Legion, but Pascal (Tom Hardy) fights only for himself. The war-torn men question the honor, hope and morality of the people around them and in themselves.”

This is just to get us started. Wet your palate a bit. You’ll like where it’s going…♡♡♡

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“Thankyou Woody for choosing to find us. We will love you and be with you and you with us forever. Never ever ever forgotten. Your Boy tom xxx I love you beyond words. To the moon and back again and again to Infinity and beyond. Run with Max now and the Angels. I will see you when I get there. With all of me I love you. Always Thankyou for Your love beautiful boy.” - Tom Hardy (x)


Hardy Friday part 2/3!

The first post today was just to remind ourselves that the Tommy we know now has had a journey…just like we all have ♡

I’m calling this the “Then/Now” series.

These are the first 8. There are 8 more to come. I had a blast making them!

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Tom Hardy’s labrador Woodstock (Woody) at the film premiere of Legend, September 2015.

Woody was six years old, and is believed to have died from polymyositis.

“To the bestest friend ever… he burnt very very bright and those that burn very bright sometimes burn half as long. The world for me was a better place with him in it and by my side.”

Peaky Blinders co-stars Tom Hardy and Woody on the set of S4 in March. Tom has shared sad news about Woody —

He has been on many sets. Met many crews. Photo shoots premieres made many many friends he was #73 most influential animal in TIME magazine. He beat JAWS. Something we all thought was brilliant. He’s been in Peaky Blinders. Legend everyone who met him loved him. He didn’t have a bad bone in his body. All he knew was love.

it is with great great sadness a heavy heart that I inform you that after a very hard and short 6 month battle with an aggressive polymyostisis Woody passed away, two days ago.

Read Tom’s beautiful tribute to Woodstock Hardy at tomhardydotorg