celeb: tom hardy

Development of Celeb Crushes
  • Me: Wow what a classically beautiful person.
  • Brain: Uh-oh...
  • Me: No it's fine, they're not my type. Ha. I can appreciate a beautiful person without having to watch their entire back catalogue of work y'know.
  • Brain: You don't have time for this!
  • Me: Relax, it's just one film.
  • Brain: It's one film now, but then there's the three hours of Google Image Searches afterwards!
  • Me: Nonsense! I just want to make sure I'm immune.
  • Brain: Oh boy...
  • Me: It's fine. I can look at them and feel nothing.
  • Brain: ???
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: Why have you spent 45 minutes looking at their pictures?
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: You're imagining lazy Sunday morning cuddles with you as the little spoon! This is it. You're gone.
  • Me: I feel nothing. Maybe I am incapable of love now.
  • Brain: *eyeroll* Batten down the hatches, lads, she's gonna go - in three... two... one...
  • Me: Shit!
  • Brain: Here we go!
  • Me: They really are beautiful! Like oh my god look at them it's like they were carved by angels!!! Oh no no no no no!!! Not this! This can't be happening! Oh no! I thought I was immune! Why you play me this way, Brain?! WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP ME BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE?!?!?
  • Brain: *facepalm*

Requested by anon

The interviewer looked at her notes before up at Tom. “So you and Y/N, you’re official now?” she asked. Tom smiled and nodded “Yes, yes we are” he answered. “Tell us and the fans that are watching, what’s she like? What does a girl have to do to get a man like you?” the interviewer asked, sitting forward in her chair. Tom chuckled lightly at her question. He began to think about you and smile “She’s beautiful, inside and out. She’s just your average girl, not an actress or a billionaire. I met her in the gym and even when she’s working out, she’s still so beautiful to me” he told the interviewer, a smirk on his lips as he thought of you. 

Tom Hardy Is at Home as Hero and Villain in ‘Taboo’ | NYT

I think as a youngster, when I started acting, there was a pressure to be or look a certain way — a six-pack, straight teeth, tan. That’s just not going to be a constant that I could ever maintain. I’m a bit wonky. Even if I had a pretty face, I couldn’t capitalize on that. That’s not where my heart is.

I do like a beard as well. Not that my whole life comes down to beards and tattoos, but there is a certain level of yeah, I’ve got something you want, so I’m going to deface it. Or maybe I’m incredibly vulnerable, so if I look like this maybe you’ll leave me alone. Perhaps that, too.