celeb: mark salling


Imagine singing a duet with Puck.

You couldn’t keep the grin off of your face as you caught your breath and heard everyone clapping. You just finished an amazing duet with Puck, who you happen to have bit of a crush on.

“Hey, Y/N, we should definitely do this again.” You looked up at Puck when he said this.

Your grin got even wider. “Agreed. That was awesome.”

To anyone defending Mark Salling or saying ‘it was a mistake’ or ‘the images might of been of girls almost legal’ lets clear this shit up now, and show the piece of human trash he is: 

  • He was arrested a couple of years ago for sexual battery on his ex-girlfriend. 
  • In this incident he forced sex on her whilst not wearing a condom.
  • A few days later when she confronted him he pushed her onto the floor so hard she injured her legs. 
  • In this instance he denied it, tried to sue her for defamation of character and then hushed it up with a large settlement.  
  • There were 1000′s of images of children on his computer. 
  • He even refused to let the police in so they had to use battering rams to break down his door. 
  • He then refused to give them his passwords so they seized his electronic devices. 
  • The LAPD don’t seize possessions or accuse people of shit like this for no reason, they know how damaging shit like this can be to celebs and non-celebs if it’s gets out and it’s false. 
  • Various news outlets are now reporting some of the images were of girls under the age of 10. 
  • A trial date has been booked, again you don’t go to trial unless theres more than suspicion. 

There so anyone defending Mark is defending a pedophile, a disgusting, evil man who has ruined the childhoods of several young girls, and has shown to have an evil temper. 

Anyone supporting Mark Salling on my dash will be unfollowed immediately. 

According to Dom Barnes, during the S2 Valentine’s episode (which was filmed just before Christmas), Mark and Naya (who were dating) had an argument and Mark got so frustrated that he called her a “vulgar word” (I’m assuming whore/bitch/cunt etc) and Naya lost it, she broke down and started crying and all the Warblers were there like ‘uhhh….’

So they went on with the scene and the minute that they wrapped the episode, apparently, Naya stood up, turned to Mark, and went “Have a good holiday.” and left.

Dom called Mark 'disgusting’. Same.