celeb: jensen ackles

“ you need to get out of here now ”
“ no, I’m not leaving you, I’m not loosing you again ”

Harper ran towards the doorway where two vamps were waiting, she killed both by slitting the throats and tossing their heads in the dumpster outside the derelict house. She was cornered by 3 vamps, having just killed 2 of them she thought she’d could take them. She was tough but not as tough as she thought.

“ come at me you sons of bitches ” Harper said with aggression & cockiness.

“ and cut ” Bob shouted relieved you got through the scene after the 50th take. Jensen was making you laugh & Jared well he was being the dork you loved. You got up from the dirty floor, brushed yourself down and was about to head to lunch.

“ Betty, you better have my favourite ” you smiled to yourself, just about the quickly go into your trailer to wash your hands.

Jensen watched you smiling to himself, Jared noticed his school boy crush he had on you for 5 years but Jensen being him hadn’t done anything and hey how’d he know you felt the same.
“ dude, will you go just ask her out to dinner, do something, I don’t think i could take them loved up puppy eyes anymore ” Jared said grinning.
“ I will, I’m just waiting for the right time ”
“ J, everyone on set knows you love y/n. The worst she could say is no, the best thing she’ll say is yes. Go get her ” He said with a grin.

Since joining the cast Jared was first to be attracted to you but you thought of him more as a best friend, yes you had them feelings there but you tried and it just didn’t work, good job it did otherwise he’d wouldn’t married to your best friend & sister Gen. Jensen on the other hand well he’d loved you since the moment he saw you, from your first scene together, to your big on screen kiss all the fans were routing for, to your first love scene which couldn’t of gone better as the episode had the highest ratings of the Season.

You had falling for Jensen but you thought it would never happen between you two because you weren’t his type and you just thought he wasn’t that close to you. All the effort you put in trying to get to know him when you first joined the cast felt like a complete and utter waste. As much as you had heat and passion on screen, you had nothing behind the cameras, media started talking and thought you were together but you and Jensen put them straight when he started dating another famous actress. You never really questioned his feelings towards you, you just assumed he just didn’t like you.

You were just about to go into the food hall when you saw Jared pointing to you to go see him.

“ what do you want J, you know what I’m like when I haven’t ate, this better be important ”

“ hey, don’t shoot the messenger, but Jensen wants to speak to you ” he said. He thought he’d get the ball moving and try and get you’s two talking.

“ and why would he want to speak to me J ” you asked confused.

“ just go speak to him, do it for me please other wise your favourite Nephews won’t be staying at your house at the weekend ” Jared said joking smiling.

“ oh their fav Auntie is seeing them ” you punched him lightly in the shoulder turning to go walk towards Jensen who was in the dinner queue.

You slowly started walking towards him feeling nervous for a second thinking back to the time where Jensen & you were babysitting Tom & Shep. You were pretty sure Gen & Jared had set the whole thing up.

“ you’ve got frosting on your cheek ” Jensen said pointing to your face smiling.

You had been baking some cakes with the boys when you got in a big food fight with them, which had led to you and Jensen been covered in flour and frosting.

“ oh, thanks ” you said giggling to yourself feeling your cheeks going red.

Jensen stepped closer, moving an escaped hair from your face, he slowly moved closer not one second looking away from your full lips. He moved his hand to your cheek wiping way some of frosting.

He was just about to kiss you when you backed off away from him, you went to check on the boys who were happily playing together whilst eating the cupcakes they’d just made.

You snapped out your daze, walking further towards him when a pretty blonde stared to flirt with him, you rolled your eyes looking back to Jared.

“ see he doesn’t need to talk to me does he, why would he want anything to do with me anyway ” saying out loud towards the direction of Jared, not realising you actually said it to the whole canteen.

“ shit, have I been speaking out load again ” you said laughing it off. You turned around and walked back to your table, you didn’t fell embarrassed but stupid, you looked up locking eyes with Jensen, you stared at him for a few seconds before he smiled and turned his attention back to the pretty blonde.


“ Harper you don’t have to leave, Dean didn’t mean what he said, just get some sleep and we’ll talk in the morning ” Sam said concerned as his hands were on your shoulders.

“ no Sam, I’m sorry but if he’s going to treat me like that then I can’t be here. I’ve tried to handle it and cope but I’ve had enough. Tonight was the tipping point. I love him Sammy, and that’s why I’m leaving. Please take care of him for me please and you too. I just can’t do this any more. I’m sorry ” Harper said with tears building up in her eyes, she couldn’t deal with feeling worthless anymore.

As Harper left the Bunker, Sam fell to one of the Library chairs with his hands in his face. He didn’t notice Dean had heard the whole thing and was crying just around the corner of where he was.

“ Sammy ” Dean composed himself, patting himself down standing behind Sam.

“ it’s your fault, she’s gone you know. After everything she’s done for us and you repay her like that. I don’t think she’ll ever forgive you and I won’t either. You know what I don’t get, we had everything right for once, you had everything and you go screw it up as per usual. Typical Dean Winchester always has to be right, always wants what he wants no matter the consequences. I just don’t get it Dean, I’m sorry but I can’t bare to look or speak you at the moment ” Sam walked away, his bedroom door slamming shut in the distance. He knows Harper wanted him to look after Dean but he just couldn’t accept it right now.


After a long day on set finishing Season 13, you & the cast decided to go out to celebrate. You didn’t know why but you were kinda nervous seeing the boys outside of work. I mean you’ve all been out together before but this time you felt more nervous than ever. You decided to slip into a tight red dress with matching heels to fit your curves and threw your hair up in a messy bun, called an Uber and met the girls there with the boys.

Waiting around minding your own business whilst sitting at the bar you saw Jared walking in with Jensen, oh god did he look handsome tonight, not feeling yourself you felt your cheeks blushing for some reason. Jared clocked eyes with you whilst nudging Jensen who’s eyes grew wider once he clocked eyes with you.

You were sitting scrolling through your Instagram and came across a recent photo Jensen had just posted.
Double clicking, the heart popped up on your screen as you smiled to yourself.

“ so are you gonna speak to him or am I gonna have to set you two up again ” Gen said removing an escaped hair from her face.

“ what tell J that I love him, that I’ve loved him since the moment I saw him ” You hesitated for a moment before blurting it out, you smiled looking at Gen noticing a sheepish look on her face.

’ he’s right behind me isn’t he ’ you thought, trying to cover your face with embarrassment again.

“ so you love me huh ” a scruffy low toned voice said behind you, chills went up your spine with hairs standing up on your neck and arms, You didn’t want to turn around, but a little part of you wanted to know what would happen next.

Turning slowly facing Jensen, You looked up slightly but before you could speak or respond to what You’d just blurted out, his lips crashed into yours pulling you closer with every movement.
You were in a world of your own where you & Jensen were the only ones alive. You didn’t want this to end and you pulled him closer.

“ FINALLY ” Jared shouted, high fiving Jensen on the way smiling coming up to Gen.

“ Took you long enough J, I’ve been telling him to tell you his feeling but know, he didn’t listen ” Jared said, being the cocky moose he is.

You looked up with your foreheads touching, Slowly moving your hands so they were intertwining with each other.

“ you know I loved you since the moment I first saw you ” Jensen said with care ness in is voice. He led you to the dance floor and you held onto to each other and danced all night not wanting the night to end.