celeb: alexander ludwig


Under the cut you will find 235 330 small/medium gifs of Alexander Ludwig. If any of these belong to you and you’d like it removed please message me with the URL and I will remove it. A lot where made by macaulaywrites, and the gifs at the under the break line were made by me, please don’t claim them as your own. This gif hunt contains both solo gifs and shipping gifs. Some of these gifs contain a blood!tw. Please like/reblog this post if you found it helpful.

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“My warning cry is just reaching my lips when Clove’s knife swings out to slash away some vines. There’s a sharp zapping sound. For an instant, the trees are gone and I see open space over a short stretch of bare earth. Then Clove’s flung back from the force field.”

Quote swap | catching fire (chapter 20) | clove and cato