celeb: alexander ludwig


-loooong hugs

-sparing matches were he goes easy on you because he would never hurt you

-play fighting

-lots of tickles

-him being the big spoon

-his chest being the ultimate source of warmth

-his hands constantly on you 

-him being super jealous

-and also super proud because you’re awesome and you’re with him

-him being sooooo lucky that you’re his

-good luck kisses

-him getting kinda mushy in interviews when asked about you

-nose kisses

-his arms wrapped around you 24/7

-piggy back rides because he’s literally a bear

-general classic ‘tough guy turns soft with his adorable girlfriend’


AU –  Clato meeting at the Combat Academy 

“I’ve been watching you for a while, throwing knives. And I must say you’re quite good for your age.”

“I guess you’re quite good yourself. Cato, right? It’s funny to see how you intimidate the masters with your sword skills. They fear you might stab them once you’re completely in your element. I just kind of noticed that.”

“Well, perhaps we should just become partners then, letting some heads roll.”

“Hmh. Sounds good.”