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So I was at the One Music Fest this weekend, which was fucking amazing! But ummmm I met Nicole Beharie! I actually freaked out a bit! She’s soooooooooo tiny, and nice! And freaking gorgeous! Ugh! We tried to sneak a photo at first cause we didn’t know if she would take one with us. She caught us, and was like “that’s rude to take a photo and not speak!” Lol she was like we can take a photo if you’d like! 😩😩😩😩🙌🙌 she was super sweet we told her how much we loved her in Sleepy Hollow and how amazing she was and also apologized for not knowing how to approach her. Lol then we showed her to the stage that Wale was performing at and continued to get our lives! Best weekend ever! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Boot Bae: Tom Holland x Black Reader

A long convo with @starcoleworld inspired this. She thought of it and I loved it 😂

Tom and Reader attend the VMA’s and while Ariana Grande is singing ‘Everyday’ she spots her celeb crush Tom(I’m sorry y’all😂)…I love that song ‘Everday’ and I don’t have a problem with Ariana but you have to admit that this idea is GOLD😂

You took the seats in the front with your names. You looked around and saw that you were in front with the Elite of the singing world. You sat beside Tom and felt his lips kiss your bare shoulder, “You look amazing.” He whispered, drooling over how your smooth brown skin popped with the dress. You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, hearing the cameras flash you pulled away and saw the Photographer snapping you two together. 

The show finally started and you were excited. After a few performances and the commercial break you decided to mingle. 

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Jamie was spotted at U2 concert at Twickenham Stadium, UK. [July 9th]

oobergrafik: “From.the peasants level, looking to the left at the celeb platform, spot….. Jamie Dornan, Jude Law (brown hat on), bloke from Star Wars/Blood Line, Jason Donovan, plus others I recognize but don’t know name lol #celebspotting #moviestarspotting#jamiedornan 
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The moment that Richard is signing your LLL program and you have no thought but to say “I’ve been a fan since North and South” and he says “Awww thank you” and you try to get a selfie with him but forget how to camera. STILL - pretty amazing :’)

As for the play - I loved it - lots of laughs, even though the subject matter was really quite dark. Richard played 19 through 65 like a boss. Amy Ryan was great, as were Zoe and Ben.

What a great birthday weekend in NYC! I’m angry at myself that I didn’t even think to figure out when Lee Pace would be passing by our place in Fort Greene-the marathon went directly in front of us!

Shake-ups, surprise debuts, and a 19 year old grandmother (sort of).

Television: It’s 2016 and LazyTown is trending.

⬆ No.1 in all of television? Steven Universe.
LazyTown makes a surprise debut at No. 14 thanks to the good, hard work behind Robbie Rotten memes.

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Movies: Also, it’s 2016 and Space Jam is trending.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is No. 1 in movies and title length.
☆ Beloved Space Jam (No. 11) had a slam dunk of a 20th anniversary.

Music: Welcome to music, Shawn.

Shawn Mendes (No. 15) moves from the web stuff list to the music list, just like his career path.
⬇︎ Lady Gaga falls eight spots to No. 17. Where are you, Little Monsters?

Celebrities: Congrats to Kylie Jenner, who is kind of a grandmother now.

Kylie Jenner jumps twelve spots to No. 1 after skipping the AMAs to watch her dog have puppies. Cute as heck, but it’s also cute to spay and neuter your pets.
⬇︎ Lots of celebs fell twelve spots this week: Misha Collins (No. 17), Benedict Cumberbatch (No. 19), and Jared Padalecki (No. 20).

Games: What’s the cheat code to get rich in real life?

Skyrim reaches for the stars, climbs four spots to No. 8.
Watch Dog 2 debuts at No. 20. Who’s a good video game? You are. You are!

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Web stuff: Slowly becoming more about web series and comics as web celebs become musicians.

⬆ Ahhh! Real: Monster Factory debuts at No. 15.
⬇︎ Carmilla is at the lowest it’s been in awhile at No. 12. Time to unite, Creampuffs.


Anthony Mackie and Nathan Fillion “peek” into Sebastian Stan’s autograph session at Philadelphia Wizard World on June 21