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“Why should I care what some celebrity thinks about politics?” well i dont know karen but considering there’s a d-list celeb who knows jack shit about politics running our country now i say we listen to what batman and captain america have to say


PUDDING: evening, barkeep! i’ll have one of those fruity looking drinks with the little umbrella, please!

BRIX: …uh, can i see some id, kid?

PUDDING: are you absurd?! do you not know who i am? THE Pudding Goon? Pumpkin, tell this imposter of my fame!

PUMPKIN: i apologize on my sister’s behalf, she recently hit 50 subscribers on her internet video website thing.


im so over people acting like celebrities arent human beings im so over people acting like celebrities dont deserve BASIC RESPECT “bc they are famous!!!! they are millionaires they dont need u defending them!!!!” im over people blaming harassment and stalking on celebs bc “"well they shouldve known better!!! they asked for this!!!” Basic human decency apparently doesnt exist when you interact with someone famous????????

The fact that it sells more to portray a celeb losing his shit and getting aggressive “"for no reason”“” than telling people the fucking truth that they were pushed to the point of snapping to DEFEND is the result of this mentality

Harry Styles is such a mature 23-year-old. He seems more mature, more even-keeled, more understanding about life and the things that truly matter than a good bit of his pop peers, even some that are older than him. And he’s never been one to be baited into fights, and when other celebs talk shit about him, he doesn’t even respond. I honestly don’t think he gives a shit. He knows what’s important, and what isn’t. 


“Do you normally associate torture with creating things? Or do you just treat it like, “I’m going to go punch in and do my job, and if I don’t figure it out, there’s always tomorrow”? Maybe ‘torture’ is too strong a word. Is misery par for the course of creating something?” - Adam Driver for Interview Magazine

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Life as a Delivery Driver..

Can be a fun but crazy job haha. I work at a restaurant that’s open late night in Los Angeles as a delivery driver. We deliver anything from pizza, deserts and pastas. I’m actually just getting off my shift and somehow stumbled upon this Group haha. We get a ton of celebs and crazy shit and always wondered how it might be for other people out there. Any crazy or cool or awful stories? Only two I can think of that was really cool and hilarious haha.

One time I made a delivery to a house during the day to some really nice house right where Beverly Hills begins. It’s like 2pm and they order a bunch of food and when I come in, I talk to some tall African American dude talking to some girl. I didn’t pay it any mind until I walk in. I see a bunch of guys coming out of the pool through the screen door and as I set the food down, they’re all getting dry. They give me a nice tip and as I’m about to leave, I realize it’s Samir Nasri (back when he was in Manchester City) and some of his friends! I flip out, his friend laughs at me and we got a photo together haha then as I walk out I realize the guy I talked to in the beginning was Yaya Toure and I’m like holy shit, but by the time I realized it, he was gone haha but definitely a fun moment!

Another hilarious moment was when I made a delivery in Hollywood. Some regular middle eastern dude who was drunk had some really hot girl (escort) come up as I was going up also. We’re both waiting at the door and this dude opens and he had already tipped me but then proceeds to tel the girl, “no tip for him?” He then makes her kiss my hand and I was like hahaha what the fuck is going on. Then I left. It was funnier than explained I think but still funny shit haha

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