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well now that i think about it, yuri never learns about the events at the banquet even tho people were snapping pics and filming like crazy lol. no-one mentions it in passing to him in japan even tho he's infamous for it, and it doesn't get out on the grapevine? how likely is that given he's a celeb and plugged in to social media? rly, these textual holes of people pointedly not speaking on obvious things go back to the beginning and are galacticly huge lmao

yeah i actually talked about this one a lot in private w/ ppl? the only way yuuri could be unaware is if:

  1. all the skaters made a pact to not post those pictures. i can see this happening? they seem nice enough, and they would def recognize how much of a danger this would be to yuuris career
  2. yuuri, while being the instagator, was not the only skater involved. viktor danced a lot too, as did yurio, and chris also poledanced. that means this wouldve been a scandal beyond just yuuri
  3. b/c of that, i can see the ISU working their asses off to shut the spread of this banquet the fuck down.
  4. we know that yuuri was avoiding things related to the GPF, so he mightve missed out on news of how scandalous the banquet was - and thats giving the gracious assumption that pictures werent posted from the banquet, which, again…. could be possible? w/ enough determination from the ISU & from the skaters?

that all being said, im amazed yuuri didnt get one hell of a lecture from ciao ciao (where tf was he anyways, letting yuuri do all that get ur shit together ciao ciao) or from the ISU

plus, it was sorta acknowledged when ppl kept thinking yuuri was a bit of a pervert, were touchy feely w/ him, & werent shocked to see such a shy boy skating on love: eros?

basically if it was just the banquet that wasnt mentioned by other ppl, id be willing to keep my suspension of disbelief since they did it for a plot twist