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Happy 100th, Walter Cronkite! 11/04/1916 - 7/17/2009

Iconic newsman Walter Cronkite was born 100 years ago on November 4, 1916.  His career as a broadcast journalist spanned 5 decades and 9 U.S. presidents.  From the 1930s to the 1980s Cronkite reported on the biggest news of the day including D-Day, the Nuremberg Trials, the Vietnam War, civil rights, the moon missions,  and Watergate.  It was Cronkite who broke the news of President Kennedy’s assassination, and he covered the subsequent killings of Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Kennedy, and John Lennon.

In 1972, a nationwide poll determined that Walter Cronkite was “the most trusted man in America.”  Other choices in the poll had included contemporary journalists, the Vice President, and the President. (via @ourpresidents)

Excerpted from: Warren Commission ReportSeries: Moving Images Relating to U.S. Domestic and International Activities , 1982 - 1999Record Group 306: Records of the U.S. Information Agency, 1900 - 2003

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