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This is just the cutest engagement video ever. Love this fairytale romance.Dancing with the Stars Pro Champ Witney and her fiance Kevin Carson Mcallister are just so gorgeous together and what a story being high school sweethearts.If u look at his instagram from his last pic he had a crush on Witney since middle school that’s what his sister said.Romantic how she got engaged at the beach in Manhattan Ca. Made some gifs from the video that her good friend Mckenna Fullmer did on there engagment.Good job Mckenna on how u captured them. Also, the song that plays when he is asking her to be his future bride is You are Mine by Spencer Combs ft Holley Maher. Check the beautiful video now:

C+W proposal 10.2.15 from mckenna fullmer on Vimeo.

Check out new article and video on the engagement.E Online article Here

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I think it's fair that Ari didn't win the Social Award at the BBMAs. I mean I know the voting or something starts in March of 2016 and ends March 2017 and I know she was super active last year but she hasn't recently and I'm sure that's why she didn't win. I don't know who the hell BTS is but they have to be social with their fans to win so I guess congrats to them lol!

Yeah, she’s really not the most engaged celeb out there

although all these things are popularity contests and Ariana’s fandom hasn’t been smaller since 2012, and BTS are huuuge rn, and I am happy that they won too :)