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You know what gets me? We wouldn't be here if they didn't want us to. There are countless closeted celebs (willingly or otherwise) who have easily kept quiet about their truth and no one bothered. Here we have two boys who have been shouting and screaming for years. They /want/ people to see, no matter what their public image is. None of us would be here if they weren't fighting against it, you know? Which is why it's absurd when someone says they willingly want this. Like? No. Not these two.

i was just told that pr teams/labels/management companies in the entertainment industry are dealing with some form of closet for 35-40% of their clients… THATS A LOT!!! 

and idk if anyone wants to willingly hide who they really are. obviously theres situations where people feel like they really need to closet themselves (and we’ve all talked about those situations)… but harry is out there wearing pride pins and louis is out there tattooing himself with triangles like, i dont think these guys willingly want this at all.. it’s just a shit situation that comes with being in that industry that apparently 35-40% of their peers are also in. but we are here because they do fight. you are right.

Okay,  yeah.  Now I really do believe that Camren was real at some point in time.  I just don’t like to jump the bandwagon with ships.  There’s so much evidence to support their relationship.  You can call me delusional all you want, but there are far too many incidences and events that happened between them to say a relationship between them never existed.  I’m just sad that they couldn’t freely express their relationship.  It makes me cry, they have to hide so much and mask how they felt about one another, had to be set up with a guy just to cover their relationship.  Can you imagine how that must’ve felt for them? Of course they know they never shared the same feeling with their beards, but seeing them with someone else must’ve hurt so bad.  I hope one day, the industry wouldn’t be so bent on further closeting their celebs.  Maybe they could get back together, but I doubt that will happen (unless ofc they’re still together and we’re just left thinking it’s over) They were cute together.  :/

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i was looking into the whole miles and brandon flynn thing, and mtv uk posted an article "confirming" that they're dating, but there wasn't any source or interview for that to be confirmed, so im wary. mtv sucks at journalism lmao. but it wouldn't surprise me if media wants to keep their possible relationship quite? ive seen maaany celebs closeted. but miles doesn't seem like the type to hide that abt himself and i feel like he'd post it online by now (bc he's had ig for years now).

i wanted to also mention that miles is effeminate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay/bi. many effeminate men are straight and we shouldn’t assume or speculate one way or another unless there’s confirmation (bc it’s disrespectful and invasive). they could very well just be close friends, who are comfortable enough with their own masculinity to kiss one another on the cheek. which should be FAR more normalized than it is tbfh. just wanted to add that! (:

Yeah, I also saw an article that said that a rep for Miles denied it and that they are just close friends. Which they very well could be. But, and I didn’t really want to go into controversial topics on this blog but I will just this once, I agree and disagree with this as a whole. Yes, close friends could kiss each other on the cheeks, they could send “xoxo” to each other and joke about blushing, take pictures with their arms around one another while looking out over the water (whatever this picture is hahaha)

oh and, before he edited the description, one of Brandon’s IG photos (the one where they’re in drag) said “ serving up lady boy realness with younggoth as the lovely theonlyalaska5000 and me as his loving and devoted sharonneedlespgh xoxo”— (loving and devoted?)  and yeah, guys should be able to be more affectionate with their friends, for sure, but I also think that we should stop being afraid to wonder “hm, maybe they aren’t straight?”. I mean, hell, I don’t think we should assume anyone is some sort of default sexuality. But if this was a guy and a girl, you can bet people would not be saying that they’re “just pals” or that we shouldn’t wonder if they’re dating.

 As for being effeminate, yeah I don’t think that we should assume that means he’s gay, as that would be stereotyping. But— (controversial opinion here) I do think, as an LGBT person myself, that gaydar actually is a thing (I mean, it legitimately is a thing according to psychology, but-). It’s not always right, but LGBT people can spot other LGBT occasionally. Now that’s not to say that we couldn’t be wrong. He could be straight. But wondering if he isn’t straight isn’t offensive. What would be offensive would be to act as if we KNOW they’re together or that they’re gay/bi/straight, what have you. 

Also, even though Miles might not be the type to hide something like this, it’s possible that he would. You never really know, especially with him being an actor. A LOT of stars keep that a secret. And it’s not really our place to pry, but I think we can at least enjoy how cute they look together. 

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Wait, how is Thomas Dekker's situation similar to Louis'? He was forced to be married? Or was it just that he wasn't allowed to play a gay character? Let's just ignore how Louis has a kid and pretend he's getting married? So gay celebrities can be forced to be married?

The important thing to remember with larries is their inherent dishonesty with themselves and others. At no point, when talking about closeting in the industry, can they acknowledge Freddie as an example of a typical obstacle that gay men regularly face.

In their two-faced worldview, their arguments for Larry are firmly based in the 2015 timeline about management and label pressure (they don’t ever mention contractual enforcement when talking about closeted celebs either, because they know that’s not a real thing).

So their arguments are based on two huge falsehoods : first, that anyone is saying that closeting does not absolutely happen in the industry - it absolutely does, and I am well aware of the stories of the celebs who come out, not using their stories as tools to score points for my gay fetishism (see my closeting tag), and second, that what we are seeing with Harry and Louis is anything that could resemble bog standard industry closeting at play, or even something more extreme.

And that’s why no one should be taking them or anything they say seriously. They act like the world rejects them for believing in the closet while they bang on about fraudulent birth certificates and actor toddlers and faked obituaries and eternal image clauses that make 12 year olds hang out with their brother’s emotional torturers.

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Hi. If Louis were to answer that, no Larry isn't real, but if it were, what Larries are doing is not ok, that no one should treat closeted celebs like that, and that they should stop harassing Brianna, Freddie and his sisters, regardless of whether Larry is real, do you think that it would even touch sides with them, or do you think they'd take it as confirmation and continue to bully and harass all the women in Harry's and Louis' lives as they currently are doing?

I do think that would be a good response, but I think that’s a hard one to come up with off the top of your head.

It’s hard to approach questions like that on a personal level when they provoke an innate emotional response of irritation, exhaustion, frustration, because you have to deal with it in real life all the time.

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so now are we going to pretend every other woman tom dated is gay?

idk wtf this bullshit is but you can’t just go around trying to prove people are gay just so you can feel more confident about your whack ass theories that have been collecting dust since 2014. human sexuality doesn’t exist as a service to confirm your weird ass ship fetishes, and if you’re truly a part of the LGBT community then i’d think you would have a little more sensitivity, if you think someone is gay it’s not your goddamn mission to research their entire life and dating history so you can prove it to the world, the lord of gays did not send you down from gay heaven on a holy quest to find the other gays and proudly show them off to the rest of the world, everyone is not automatically gay because they are associated with someone you think is gay (not to mention that trying to prove these people are gay completely overlooks any other sexuality they might be but no apparently it’s only gay or straight, the world is black and white and there’s nothing in between!!)

i feel like i need to make a flow chart of all of the people who are allegedly gay because they’re connected to taylor, despite stating otherwise, because the numbers are out of control lmao how many people does taylor have to date before you can admit that you’re full of shit, what’s it going to take for you to understand how far removed you are from taylor and her entire industry; how long before you realize you can’t round up evidence from gossip sites and anonymous rumors and call it fact; how long before you understand that just because your life is ruled by social media activity, not everything is a ‘sign’ or a piece of evidence or some action in a plot to cover up sexuality & pr relationships; how long until you stop reaching and give up and find something else to do- go date someone yourself and you won’t have the need to participate in this shit like it’s your religion

maybe it’s time to stop putting an insanely excessive amount of effort and stalker-like dedication into a celebrity’s life, maybe it’s time to stop prying into someone else’s life so you can take a good look at your own and realize you’re sitting at home alone nearly every day writing theories about celebs secretly dating and maybe if you stopped doing that you’d actually have time to find someone who might actually think you’re worth dating even though all you do is sit around with your god-complex while insulting people and trying to use tragedies as evidence of someone’s sexuality ( “karlie didn’t post about orlando because she’s terrified of being found out as gay!!!!” really? go fuck yourself )

not everything is a conspiracy just because it doesn’t match up with the warped reality you’ve constructed in your head. 

“They all have or had an over-abundant belief that they were special, that they and they alone had the answers to problems, and that they had to be revered. They demanded perfect loyalty from followers, they overvalued themselves and devalued those around them, they were intolerant of criticism, and above all they did not like being questioned or challenged. And yet, in spite of these less than charming traits, they had no trouble attracting those who were willing to overlook these features.”

is that a psychological description of the ‘this celeb is gay & closeted & bearding’ fandoms or is it a description of what cult leaders have in common? you decide!

TL;DR get a life please for the love of god get a damn life and stop dedicating everything you have in you to your delusion that karlie and taylor are buried in a closet together just because you think they look damn good together and you wish someone would look at you the way karlie looks at tay but here you are wasting your potential to be a decent human and cheating yourself out of an opportunity to have someone to love because you’ve been too busy devoting yourself to the Church of K@ylor.

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Colton Haynes (teen wolf) just officially came out:) he reminds me of Harry where he had one foot in and the other foot out of the closet for the longest time(not saying that Harry is gay, I obviously don't know him personally) but anyway congrats to Colton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Congrats and God bless. And this is important, because his coming out dropped some truth bombs this fandom in particular needs to hear.

“I’ve had terminal anxiety my entire life. Physically ill, fainting. I’m 27 years old, and I have an ulcer. I had to step back.” Clinical anxiety and public pressure are a potent mix, but their effects may be worse for someone like Haynes – a gentle spirit in a threatening (or so he’s been told by many a casting director) build, someone who lost control of his own personal narrative somewhere along the way between Kansas and California.

How much did the closet contribute to his anxiety? How much did losing control of his personal narrative contribute to his anxiety? Those are rhetorical questions. You already know.

“I wasn’t ready to be back in the headlines,” says Haynes, who is in fact gay but has never publicly addressed his sexuality (and, like many others on his path, took advice early in his career to subdue it).

You mean there are people bts in showbiz who ACTIVELY ENCOURAGE CLOSETING??? You don’t say?

The truth is, Haynes has been out for most of his life – in high school, to his family and friends, to his cast members, to his Hollywood bosses (like Arrow creator Greg Berlanti, now one of his closest mentors). But as a green transplant in Hollywood in 2006, he wasn’t any more immune to the town’s well-chronicled discomfort with LGBT identity.

Please note that he was actively leading 2 different lives. Privately his fam, friends and colleagues all knew. Publicly, his fans were led to believe something else. Why? Because hot young celebs are pushed to be objects of hetero lust as a means of building their personal brand and because Hollywood still generally thinks queerness will cost them money.

So what have we learned here? The Hollywood closet is very real. Closeting is toxic as hell. And celebs are very good at presenting a public image that doesn’t necessarily line up with reality. Sound familiar?

Wishing all the good things for Colton and hoping other young closeted celebs will find encouragement and strength in his story. Onward and upward.

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When do you think they'll finally be able to come out? I can't imagine this seeding going on for another year! But even if it does I'll probably be where I've always been... fangirling over fonds, discreet touches, secret dates, and MIA days ;)

Sigh. Unpopular opinion time. I for one think they will be out before/during OTRA.

I agree with you that the seeding cannot go on for much longer. The HL seeding has actually started in Jan 2014. It became full force from Nov 1st and seeing how it escalated from being in the same interview to actual touching I cannot imagine that this much work is put into a glass closet.

  • Harry’s womanizer image has been slowly destroyed starting with a couple of articles during the South American leg of WWA when he clinged on Ben’s neck in a way that some papers called it as not straight. Then we had a fluffy bouncy camp flamboyant Harry during the entire WWA talking about dads, policemen, lads, plot twist. Just like HE already owned it. Niall’s charity game. Let me also remind you to the ridiculous amount of gay innuendoes he did. Bandana. Wedding bracelet. Boyfriend t-shirt. At the ODE interview he had at least 4 slip ups about his bottom and things he sucks at. What kind of questions are these. WHAT CHANGED? And of course the Not that important quote got an immense amount of media coverage and the syndicated articles did not forget to mention he already denied being bisexual. These articles even went to a lot of Bollywood sites and the press from India. A couple of them brought up Larry Stylinson, Yahoo wrote a Larry masterpost and called out beards too. The seeding articles died down just in time to pick up the next quote: Don’t knock it ‘til you try it from the Sun of all papers. Again headlines came that he fuels the sexuality rumors. The next milestone event was Ellen where he denied the Taylor rumors. (It is important to say that the womanizer articles are still out there every day. But something changed. People call these out on their shit because the lothario image was pressed too hard). And then for him the next milestone was the AMA’s where he oh so passionately serenaded Night Changes to Louis and THAT was when it REALLY clicked for outsiders. Just today Yahoo wrote an article with a picture of Harry kissing James Corden in the League of Their Own. Talk about the negatives too: P ring was worn during SA, then there was 1 lunch w P and Cal, then the pumpkin pictures and now the very debatable Nadine pictures which really do not seem as a stunt to me. So in 2014 we had a very minimum actual stunting with Harry. 
  • Louis’ closet is different than Harry’s (as we have discussed already). He has a beard and his way of rebelling is to undermine and ridicule the bearding. Do the bare minimum. We basically have not heard about Eleanor for a long time in the beginning of 2014. During the South American press conference of WWA Louis was very cheeky with Dan Wooton when he asked if the gf’s will join them in the tour. There was no Eleanor presence during SA. None. Then the UK leg came and she attended some shows but not all. She was not in the VIP as the family members. Any picture of her was showing a bored girl on her phone. Fan reports say Jay went to greet her and then left to their section. Odd. WHAT CHANGED? No Elounor pictures at all. Then there were more concerts in Europe but again we have not heard about her til France. So Louis did the bare minimum again. He walked with her on the most popular street and barely held her hand. Then there was that video of her him and Niall watching McFly/McBusted from the stands and they looked collegial if anything. Then the wedding. That famous wedding. So the day started with 3 Tomlinsons including Jay posting pictures where Harry was very visibly present. This was a huge deal. Something visibly changed. WHAT CHANGED? Harry was on blacklist on any public Tomlinson-Deakin account. Then some Eleanor pictures where it was quite clear Louis was not taking it. Then the US leg started, and as expected, Eleanor showed up in NYC, there were 3 important moments here 1. Louis leaving Eleanor in the car and let her be a prey of mobbing fans, then leave the hotel in 5 minutes. 2. Louis, Eleanor and Lottie having lunch at the most open cafe of all places and Eleanor is on her phone again. 3. Lottie’s bare minimum interaction with Eleanor. 1 IG picture and that is it. (her last picture or mention of Eleanor and this is still valid at this very moment) WHAT CHANGED? Then she disappeared for a while again. There was one charity game where Eleanor was present, no Elounor pictures again. And Niall’s birthday party where Louis looked dead in the inside. Awkward or non-existent hand holding. We got Lottie interacting publicly with Gemma, and they were posting so many cute pictures, even Jay thanked Gem on her instagram for looking out for Lotts. For some reason the Styles-Tomlinson siblings could interact. WHAT CHANGED? 2-3 more concerts where Eleanor attended, no more Elounor stunts. Then fast forward to the recent events: Eleanor getting the cold shoulder on The X Factor parking lot. They then looked like friends at the “leaked” wedding pictures, then again acted friendly during the AMA’s. WHAT CHANGED? Then dagger tattoo. If we do not count Eleanor visiting Sophia in NYC, then no Eleanor presence at all.
  • The HL seeding is summarized here.

With everything taken into account I really do not see both Harry and Louis willingness to do this much longer. 

Harry is out of the closet in my eyes, and Louis is treated like “that closeted celeb”.

There have been clear sings that Modest is on their way out and I do believe that Irving will take them over on/from Jan 1st. I do believe that after spending a shit ton of money to buy the band from Modest it is Azoff’s best interest to rebrand and aim for longevity. Sony will be in the same shoes, they want 1D to stay their clients, happy clients indeed. Simon let Louis wear the rainbow Apple logo shirt to his OWN SHOW. Simon = Sony. So the support is there. I just do not see how people think Azoff is not supporting the CO. This  seeding has been too well planned and too elaborate to think it is Modest’s. So if there is a new team, the rebranding is a must. Do you really honestly think they would risk the band’s credibility with PR stunts? An older audience does not need PR stunts to like their music. Do we honestly think the boys would sign anything similar as they signed for Modest? I think they are smart, they know this business better than some artists who have been here longer, and they would not take bullshit from a new team.

I know that some blogs think that Azoff will be only a bit better than Modest, but I disagree. In fact as most of us here assumed, Harry (and Louis) got advice from them about doing the bare minimum during stunts (which are definitely a contractual obligation. Fight me.) and that gives me just more confidence that the Azoffs know what to do. 

  • The seeding seemed to work because the google search for “Harry Styles gay” and “Louis Tomlinson gay” have immensely increased, there is a visual rise of the numbers of the Larry Stylinson video views on Youtube too.
  • We have a whole blog dedicated to the Everyone Knows stories.
  • Harry and Louis had not shown a single sign that they want to stay closeted, in fact, thay have been fighting against it for years.
  • Some het fans will never be ready in my opinion,
  • Harry and Louis cannot take being in the closet much longer.

They do have the negotiating power when signing a new team and I just cannot see them wanting less than being out and proud. Yes, there will be attention but do you think they would not trade a closet with a  2-3 weeks of intense media attention? If he did not want attention Harry would not have worn Michael Sam’s jersey or would not have said the quotes he did. Louis would not have worn the Apple rainbow shirt. He would not have said that the You Make Me strong signs are his most favorite, he would not have worn rainbow shirts when the Rainbow Direction did not have praticipants in the South American leg of the WWA tour. 

This is about being free and show finally who you love. That attention is a good attention, not a pain in the ass. They had so many cringe-worthy interviews, why do we think that talking about the real you, who you love and LGBT support is a pain and they would not want to go through it because it is stressful? If they could they would have spoken up during Ian McKellen’s speech about bullying. I think they would want to finally be able to speak up and publicly support LGBTQIA+ rights.

Every action they have showed in 4 years makes me believe that if they have a chance to be out, they would grab it in that instant.

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I recently joined my uni LGTB group, the other day we were talking about celebs and closeting so I decided to tell them about Larry. Not only they believed me the moment I showed them the first few pictures but for days I've been getting texts saying stuff like 'I kept digging into the 1D thing and OMG THEY'RE SO IN LOVE, IT'S SO TRAGIC' and 'I showed my girlfriend, she agrees' and 'Can't stop thinking about those poor boys'. I feel pretty smug about myself right now, I've started a revolution.

This is the best message ever.

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This "don't out them" thing is getting old. Just look at Ellen Page. A lot of her lesbian fans (me included) knew long before she came out that she was far from being straight, despite her being linked to guys like Alexander Skarsgard. Nobody believed those rumors even when they were pictured together looking like a couple. I dont think she felt like her fans who were talking about her sexuality on the internet were outing her. She was still in the closet and it took years before she came out.

It’s the same with other closeted celebs. Before a celeb comes out there are fans who pick up on the obvious clues, and other fans who deny it and rely on all the bullshit arguments we see all the time. By virtue of the fact that someone is in the closet, there will always be someone to uphold that closet, because we live a world that stigmatizes queer sexuality. And the closet is built on stigma. I’m sure Ellen Page had her fans to ‘defend’ her heterosexuality–there always are. Hell, even Anderson Cooper did.

And no, internet chatter among fans has never had an impact on the media coverage of that celebrity. The media has the power to out a celeb; fans do not. It’s not like the media are failing to report a celeb as gay because they just don’t know, and if they read what fans say they’ll realize and report. That is not how it works. At all.

I see a lot of fans deeply, deeply ignorant of the institutional powers that make the world the way it is. And they give themselves way too much power.

I see a lot of fans deeply ignorant of how power works.