• other celebs: tweet and participate in the womens march, talk about equality, fight against racism, homophobia and sexism online, call out problematic behaviour and just in general use their platform to educate
  • media: who? i dont know them
  • taylor swift: i love women

I remember when the Muslim/Immigrant/Refugee Ban was first created  and there were some Black people, mostly angry Black Men making YouTube Videos saying that Black People should not join this fight and how we should worry about ourselves. (If you don’t believe me, type in Muslim Bans and go to the Black Men channels that made videos on that.)

But, there were MANY of us in the Black Community that knew better and said if he goes after one group, HE WILL  come for us All. We were right!


This EO, signed during Black History Month, will give any law enforcement the right to harass or hurt any  Person THEY feel is a threat, looks like a drug dealer or is “suspected” of drug activities. But folks (Mostly Republican Men that shut down Elizabeth Warren reading Coretta Scott King’s Letter on Sessions and his racism)  told you to not worry about Jeff Sessions.  Yet the racist is standing right there one day later as that man is signing this EO. 

Even after all of the evil things he’s done and tweeted, Some celebs had the nerve to write op eds and say to pray and work with this orange man(Tina Campbell of Mary Mary), give him a chance (Nicole Kidman)  or like  (Matthew McConahey ) that suggested it’s time for Hollywood to embrace DT.  I haven’t forgiven you Zoe for saying folks bullied a WELL KNOWN BULLY or you either Kanye, even if you changed your mind. I sure as hell won’t forgive Steve Harvey any time soon. 

But the most dangerous of them all were the folks that told Black, Brown and Young People to not Vote at all in the 2016 election.The same people that said not to protest with the Muslim Community against the Muslim and Immigration ban. Awful.

  When you don’t Vote, when you don’t protest, you don’t use your voice and This is what happens. #RESIST!!!

Social media is a tool that is used to connect an audience to the celebrity. Yes it may be different than how it was 10 years ago, but it’s how a majority of people becomes fans of a celebrity. How many people became aware of Chrissy Teigen after her tweets went viral? How many of us are learning things about Bebe through what she tweets? Steve? 

And so on and so forth. No, we aren’t entitled to having a celeb tweet when we want because you know they’re human and can do what they want. But that’s not the problem here. As someone said earlier, from a business standpoint the social media usage from Harry has not been the best and that’s a fair assumption to make. It doesn’t mean the fans that make the posts pointing it out hate him. It just means they are using logic and critical thinking.

 Listen if you go to his twitter and you know nothing about him, you can come away with many different assumptions and some of them aren’t positive. There needs to be a happy medium. I’m not saying he has to be like Niall and do Twitter q and a’s. But imo there just needs to be something a little more. 

Tl;dr: Social media is important whether you use it or not. Maybe it’s time Jeff and co should realize that instead of leaking pictures that are useless.

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I don't remember how I knew camren. I just know that when I found out about camren I became a cs right away. I love them so much 😭

You are like everyone in this fandom pretty much. Lol…😂…once you’re in you’re in. Just like the celebrities who meet one of them and then follows the other. I think the moment someone catches a whiff of their connection they become CS. No one can deny that something special exists between the two of them. I kind of want one of their celeb friends to tweet them like “fuck it, I love them and their love, camren is real” and @ Camila and Lauren. 😩😋😌