@lanadelrey: We made a lot of good ones but I think we picked the best ones for the record
@asaprocky @playboicarti @boi1da

Cherry (Fan-Made Studio Version)
Lana Del Rey
Cherry (Fan-Made Studio Version)

Thank you to the user that submitted this fan-made studio version of “Cherry”; a song off of Lana Del Rey’s upcoming studio abum, Lust For Life!


Jennifer Lawrence will not apologize for having fun at a strip club.

RadarOnline tried to shame the star by posting a video of her night out, but it’s not happening.

On Wednesday, Lawrence addressed the video over Facebook, where she explained how she was celebrating a friend’s birthday and refused to apologize for having fun. What’s more, while Radar claimed that Lawrence was dancing while only wearing a bra, the actress pointed out that it was actually an Alexander Wang top.

@lanadelrey: So many songs left on the cutting room floor
but this was a special one I wrote in March called ‘Roses bloom for you’
I don’t film all my live takes but I’m glad I got this one because I was very excited about the beautiful chords my producer Rick Nowels found for this gem.